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Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 The first EPR under Construction in Finland International Nuclear Forum 2008 ”Bulgarian Nuclear Energy – National, Regional and.

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1 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 The first EPR under Construction in Finland International Nuclear Forum 2008 ”Bulgarian Nuclear Energy – National, Regional and World Energy Safety”

2 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 2 Olkiluoto 3 project status

3 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 3

4 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 4 Focal operating areas in 2008:  Preparation and review of design documentation and approval procedure: continues in full extent over to 2009, turbine island documentation to be completed in the autumn  Fabrication: major part of main components to be completed and the key components to be shipped to Olkiluoto during 2008. Fabrication of auxiliary equipment continues actively throughout the year Progress of work at OL3

5 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 5 Focal operating areas in 2008:  Construction: work to continue at reactor plant over to 2009. Turbine building about to be completed, other turbine island buildings will be completed in the autumn  Installation work: installation work in turbine island to be completed to a large extent by the end of the year, installation work has started in the reactor island, work intensity will increase during the year Progress of work at OL3

6 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 6  No safety, quality or (major) technical non- conformities  Refabrication of reactor coolant piping continues, five new pipes have been completed with approvable results. Two more pipes will be completed during the summer, and the last one in the autumn Conformity / Quality assurance

7 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 7  Refabrication of four so-called cross-over pipe sections (bent reactor coolant piping) continues according to plans  Rework on generator water cooling system has been completed with approvable results. Factory acceptance tests about to start Conformity / Quality assurance

8 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 8  General site occupational safety index has remained at a good level  One fatal injury on the site in September 2007 Occupational safety

9 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 9 Occupational Safety Index

10 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 10  More than 1900 direct subcontractors from 28 countries (about 40% from Finland)  Manpower on site about 3100  Polish workers constitute the largest group with 40%, followed by Finnish with 26%, German with 13%, French with 5%, Slovakian with 4%, Estonian with 3% Manpower

11 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 11  Manpower in construction work has reached its maximum, the share of installation work is on the increase, the number of electrical installation crew will also grow after summer 2008  All major work on the site carried out in shifts  Recruiting of operation and maintenance personnel under way, for example shift supervisors and licensed operators Manpower

12 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 12  The present delay is approximately two years  Cold tests at turbine plant to start at the beginning of 2009  Turbine plant ready to a great extent in summer 2009 OL3 Schedule

13 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 13  More than 50000 technical documents submitted to TVO for review, examination and approval  Submittal of further documentation to continue over to 2009  Contracts concluded for all key deliveries  All large components of reactor island in manufacture, final tests about to start (e.g. reactor pressure vessel will be shipped to Finland in late autumn) Equipment and Component Fabrication

14 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 14  Turbines have been completed, last inspections under way. Generator factory acceptance tests start this month  All but one steel liner ring sections have been produced. The fabrication of the dome section nearing completion. Liner sections 4+5 were erected in the reactor building at the beginning of May  Large moisture separators / reheaters have been shipped to the site Equipment and Component Fabrication

15 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 15  Reactor plant level +7.44 has been poured. The first internal form of the reactor pool has been erected in place  Second pouring section in the external wall of the containment has been completed. External wall stands now at level + 27 m and internal wall at level + 10 m  Work continues in auxiliary and other buildings  Approximately 127,000 m3 of concrete poured so far Construction

16 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 16 February 2008April 2008 Construction of the Reactor Building

17 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 17

18 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 18 The First Internal Form of the Reactor pool

19 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 19  First containers installed in reactor building  Installation of condenser completed  Preheaters, main condensate pumps, some containers, other pumps and low-pressure piping installed in turbine building  Installation of cable trays as well as lighting and ventilation systems continues in switchgear building Installation

20 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 20  Large moisture separators / reheaters delivered to site, installation in the turbine building takes place in May  Overhead bridge crane now in operation in the turbine building Installation

21 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 21 6.5.2008 Main Steam Valves

22 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 22

23 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 23 29.4.2008

24 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 24 OL3 status May 2008  Focus on construction in the reactor plant  Focus shifted to installation in the turbine plant  Deliveries of large components to site have continued  Training of operating personnel continues  Commercial operation of plant unit to start in 2011

25 Antti Piirto 12.9.2014 25 What is different from OL1 / OL2 projects?  Finnish Nuclear Safety requirements and European utility requirements vs. US Reg. guides  New regulatory reguirements related to severe reactor accidents and airplain crash  Strict Regulatory control  Number of subcontractors very high -> project management and quality control more demanding  No strikes

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