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Role of Occupational Therapy with Children and Youth in School-Based Practice.

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1 Role of Occupational Therapy with Children and Youth in School-Based Practice

2 Occupational Therapy Practitioners promote functional abilities and engagement in daily routines....the occupation of life skills…

3 Areas of Occupation Work Leisure/Play Social Participation ADL/ IADL Education Used with permission from D. Woodyard

4 Under Part B of IDEA Services are provided through the IEP to promote academic success and social participation…

5 access, progress, and participate in the general curriculum in the least restrictive environment.

6 OT is designated as a related service under Part B of IDEA and is considered a pupil service under NCLB.

7 Definition of OT in Part B Regulation Occupational therapy (i) Means services provided by a qualified occupational therapist; and (ii) Includes (A) Improving, developing, or restoring functions impaired or lost through illness, injury, or deprivation; (B) Improving ability to perform tasks for independent functioning if functions are impaired or lost; and (C) Preventing, through early intervention, initial or further impairment or loss of function. (Pub. L. 108-446)

8 Through collaboration, team-based, individualized goals are established to: promote school success reach outcomes…

9 …Outcomes are related to: Classroom skills Playground and sports participation Self-help skills Social participation Mobility Social-emotional learning Assistive technology needs Sensory regulation Prevocational and transition needs

10 In school-based practice, occupational therapy practitioners support all children, with or without disabilities, to fulfill their roles as students.

11 Through… Early Intervening Services: Response to Intervention Positive Behavior Supports

12 Early Intervening Services Provided when occupational therapy practitioners support students in general education before they are referred to special education.

13 Occupational Therapy in Action Examples of service or support that a school–based occupational therapist might offer include:

14 Evaluate the students strengths and abilities through observations, and other formal and informal methods Used with permission from Claudia Mielach

15 Promote independence & function Identify services and modifications necessary for the child to actively participate Used with permission from Jan Emerick Brothers

16 In the classroom Seating/positioning modifications Classroom management Handwriting Used with permission from Jan Emerick Brothers

17 On the playground Social participation skills Motor skills for engagement in activities Self-advocacy skills Copyright AOTA

18 In the lunchroom Promoting independence in self-feeding Developing peer relationships Organizing self and materials Used with permission from Kathy Adams

19 Safety Seating needs Evacuation procedures On the school bus Copyright AOTA

20 Through the hallways Geographical orientation Locker management Self-care in bathroom Copyright AOTA

21 Occupational therapy practitioners support all childrens ability to succeed throughout their daily routines in school.

22 Addressing sensory needs Self-regulation Tolerating sensory input Alerting/attending Copyright AOTA

23 Addressing social-emotional needs Managing and expressing emotions Turn-taking skills Impulse control Copyright AOTA

24 Offering transition plans and services Prevocational training Leisure activity analysis Community mobility Copyright AOTA

25 Providing supports through assistive technology Used with permission from Chris Ruggerio

26 Providing adaptations or modifications necessary for participation Used with permission from J. Schoonover

27 Occupational therapy practitioners work collaboratively with the team for school success of all students. Used with permission from J. Schoonover

28 How can we help you? Direct service Consultation Training and development

29 To learn more, contact the American Occupational Therapy Association 301-652-AOTA (2682)

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