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Additional Compensation

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1 Additional Compensation

2 Office of Academic Personnel
Stephanie Jordan x3445 Intercampus transfers, additional compensation Karen Moreno x5429 Social Sciences, Creative Studies, Academic Programs, Education, Humanities and Fine Arts (except depts listed below) Viktoriya Filippova x5428 Physical Sciences, Bren, Library, Engineering, Depts of Art, Dramatic Arts/Dance, English, MATP, Religious Studies Cindy Doherty x8332 General policy questions

3 Agenda What is additional compensation?
Compensation from outside the University Additional compensation during the Academic Year Additional compensation during the Summer Helpful hints Quiz

4 What is Additional Compensation?
Reference: APM 660, Red Binder Section VI-10 During the summer quarter, allowed for an academic employee paid on a 9/12 basis. Maximum of 3/9ths per summer. Can be paid even if a person is on leave without salary. Any salary paid to an academic appointee by the University in excess of their full-time salary. During the academic year, only for duties not directly related to the employee’s recognized University duties. Limits vary dependent on kind of payment and type of academic appointment held.

5 Compensation from outside UC
APM 025, Red Binder I-29 Conflict of Commitment and Outside Professional Activities All senate faculty must report 39 day limit Categories: I: Appear to be conflict; Prior approval required. Must report II: Unlikely to be a conflict. Must report III: No conflict. Allowed, not reported. Samples: I- employee at another institution. II- consulting, serving on board of directors, III- reviewer or editor of journal

6 Additional Compensation during the Academic Year
University Extension teaching Faculty consultant services Lectures and similar services Extramural Funding Housing allowance Administrative stipends

7 University Extension teaching
Reference: APM 662, appendix B-1; Red Binder VI-17 Teaching beyond the regular assigned teaching load that takes place through the Extension Counts towards the 39 day limit. A day equals “six contact or podium hours”. Input done by Extension During the summer, counts towards the 3/9ths limit DOS code is ACX Title code is 3570: University Extension Teacher

8 Faculty Consultant Services
Reference: APM 664; Red Binder VI-17 Consulting or participation in projects that do not fall within the normal duties of the individual. Rate is negotiated. Limited to daily rate when state funds are used, or the daily rate plus 30% if grant funding is used. Daily Rate: 9 month employees, annual salary divided by 171. 11 month employees, annual salary divided by 236.

9 Faculty Consultant Services (continued)
Allowed during both the academic year and the summer months. Can overlap with other payments in summer. During the summer, the compensation counts toward the 3/9ths maximum. The DOS code is FCA Title Code is 3700: Faculty Consultant Indicate days used in comments, use full month for payment Can pay on MO positive or exception Can pay on BW, positive via LX

10 Sample faculty member

11 Faculty Consultant (EAPP)

12 Faculty Consultant (comments)

13 Intercampus one-time payments
Reference: APM 666; Red Binder VI-15 Lectures or similar services given on another UC campus. Can not be paid from state funds. Allowed up to $1,500 per event (up to $3,000 by exception), total of 10% of the faculty member’s annual salary. Payments during the summer count toward the 3/9th limit. Payments are made using a one-time intercampus payment form. No PPS entry is involved. Payment is issued by the home campus.

14 Intercampus Payment Forms— Where do they go?
Is your department the host or the home department? Prepare an Intercampus Payment form by contacting home campus for information on home campus appointment. Fund source must be authorized for payment. Send form to Academic Personnel office (UCSB). Assist host campus in completing form by supplying information as requested. Host Home Academic Personnel office will forward the original form to the department for approval. Academic Personnel office will review form and forward to Academic Personnel office at home campus. Once approved, return form to Academic Personnel, who will forward to accounting for payment. Home department will sign form and forward to payroll for payment.

15 Extramurally Funded Research
Red Binder VI-14 Release to grant: grant funds used in place of a portion, or all, of the regular state funded salary for a limited amount of time. May be referred to as “course buy-out” Not additional compensation. Use Professional Research title, the same basis and at the same pay rate as the Professor appointment (9/12). Professor title distributions reduced to accommodate the Research appointment. DOS code is REG.

16 Title Codes for Release to Grant
Salary Scale Tables 13 & 3 Professional Researcher 9/12 basis General Engineering Asst. Researcher Assoc. Researcher Researcher

17 Release to Grant (Screen 1)

18 Release to Grant (Screen 2)

19 Release to Grant (Screen 3)

20 Housing Allowance Given as part of start-up for rental deposit or down-payment. Does not count as additional compensation. DOS code FHA, PRQ code of EA Title code 3993 Can pay on MO positive or exception Can pay on BW, positive via LX Consult with Payroll

21 Housing Allowance

22 Administrative Stipends
Reference: Red Binder VI-17 Department Chairs and Directors. Approved on an annual basis by the Executive Vice Chancellor or Vice Chancellor for Research Paid as a stipend, DOS code STP 7/1 through 06/30 on an 11/12 basis.

23 Title Codes for Chair and Director Stipends
0910: Assoc. Director 1096: Dept. Chair 1095: Acting Dept. Chair 1094: Dept. Vice-Chair

24 Chair Stipend

25 Additional Compensation During the Summer
Summer Session teaching Dates, Calendars and Charts Summer Research

26 Summer Session Teaching
Reference: APM ; Red Binder VI-17 Payments count towards the 3/9ths maximum that may be earned during the summer. Payments are figured on the 06/30 pay rate, paid as flat amount based on Summer Session formula DOS Code SSC or SST depending on DCP contribution status. Paid on the MO pay day (schedule available on Summer Session web site) Summer Session staff has access and enters into PPS

27 Available Dates for 2014 Additional Compensation
Month Number of Days Percent Time June 16-30 11 .5789 July 1-31 23 1.2105 Aug. 1-31 21 1.1053 Sept. 1-26 20 1.0526

28 Summer Months 2014 JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER S M T W F 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
JULY S M T W F 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 AUGUST SEPTEMBER

29 CHART #1 - "19-DAY CHART" (Daily Factors) Red Binder VI-12
# of Working # of Working Days used Dist % days used Dist. %

30 Summer research payments
References: APM 667, Red Binder VI-14 Each day during the summer only used once (up to 100%). Faculty Consultant and housing allowance exceptions. 3/9ths is equal to 57 working days (1/9th is equal to 19 working days). Paid at the salary rate in effect at the time of payment; i.e. June pay is at the June rate May be requested in terms of days or percent time of the period.

31 Summer research payments
References: APM 667, Red Binder VI-14 Researcher title on a 9/9 basis at the equivalent rank and step. Dos code is ACR Time is reported and may be in excess of 100% for a month (distribution line will not necessarily reflect percentage reported).

32 Title Codes for Summer 1/9ths
Salary Scale Table 14 Professional Researcher 9/9 basis 3225: Asst Res 1/9th 3215: Assoc Res 1/9th 3205: Res 1/9th Salary Scale Table 3 Professor (Eng/Econ) 9/9 basis 1986: Asst Res Eng 1/9th 1984: Assoc Res Eng 1/9th 1982: Res Eng 1/9th 1608: Lecturer SOE 1/9th

33 Sample faculty

34 1/9th payment (EAPP)

35 1/9th payment (Comments)

36 2/9th payment (EAPP)

37 2/9th payment (Comments)

38 Flat rate or specific percentage summer research payments
Recruitment and Retention commitments May be paid out over multiple summers. Can be awarded in terms of 1/9ths or flat amount but always paid on percentage basis. 19 days at the percentage vs. less days with modified percentage Example: pay $5,000 in summer salary for work in July

39 Flat rate: example 1 (payment of $5000)

40 Flat rate (comments)

41 Flat rate: example 2 (payment of $5000)

42 Flat rate (comments)

43 Time Reporting Research summer salary does NOT pay automatically. (Variable - Z) % in Dist. Line is for your information and pps history. Print out comments screen and report time based on those calculations each month.

44 Time Reporting (roster or LX)

45 NIH cap and other limits
Rate maximum changes each January 1 and is dependent on start date of award; set by NIH January 1, 2012 monthly maximum is $14,975 so effects faculty with salary over $134,775. Less than 3/9th max on NIH: pay with ARC. NIH supplement uses dos code AAC, TC 3998 NSF limit of 2/9ths per summer Other award or funding limitations

46 Helpful Hints The title used must correspond to the type of additional compensation being paid. For summer 1/9th payments, use the 9/9 pay rate rather than the 9/12 pay rate. The basis paid over fields for most additional compensation should be 9/9. If the payment is on a variable sub, the F/V code must be variable, and on line time reporting must be completed. Be sure to report correct percentage (not necessarily the distribution percentage).

47 More Helpful Hints Entry of Department Chair and Director stipends should not be processed prior to approval of the appointment and compensation. Housing allowance and Chair/Director stipends should not be counted against the summer 3/9ths total. All additional compensation is paid on the MO payday. Late pay can be done via LX on the BW payday.

48 Strategies and Best Practices
Coordination when multiple departments are involved Record keeping Documentation of faculty requests and retro changes Pay should as closely as possible reflect the actual service period and effort Requests in days vs. percentage of the period If in days, use the actual days If in percentage, can either break into days or divide over the 19 day period; i.e. 50% of 1/9th, 50% of 19 days or a percentage of 10 days

49 Strategies and Best Practices
Make sure your documentation is clear: If the faculty member requests “one month” do they mean “a calendar month” or “19 days for 1/9th effort?” Document “interpreting” done by the department Understand the “day limits”; 57 days per summer (38 days for NSF) Not 19 days per month; i.e. can work more than 19 days in a month Advise faculty to consult with their tax advisor if they are concerned about the withholding amounts over the summer

50 Quiz In which of the following situations might a faculty member earn additional compensation? (There is more than one right answer.) How would each be paid? Professor Smith teaches an evening class through Extension. Professor Jones mentors two graduate students on their theses. Professor Davis is an invited speaker at a consortium at another UC campus. Professor Martinez of Statistics is asked by Film Studies to assist in designing and implementing a statistical survey on some aspect of film studies. Professor Chang is awarded a grant that will supply him with 33% of his salary for one quarter.

51 Quiz Professor Harris serves as Department Chair for his department.
Professor Kanobi serves on a search committee for her department.

52 Quiz Your department has asked Professor Seismic, from UC Davis to give a lecture on “Earthquakes in the 21st Century” to a group of UCSB students. By what method will Professor Seismic get paid? Who will initiate payment? Which of the following is true? It is acceptable to pay Professor Seismic $2500 for his lecture. It is acceptable to pay Professor Seismic using state funds. The payment will count towards Professor Seismic’s 3/9th limit.

53 Quiz Can a faculty member hired 07/01/13 be paid 3/9ths in addition to their housing allowance over the summer of 2013?

54 Quiz 4. You have heard rumors that Professor Jones will be the new Department Chair. What do you need prior to entry into PPS? A letter from Professor Jones indicating how much compensation he is expecting for serving as Chair. A letter from the Executive Vice Chancellor approving the appointment and compensation for the Chair. A petition signed by the graduate students in your department agreeing to the appointment

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