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Book by Adeline Yen Mah Monika Flores Period 5 11/13/13

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1 Book by Adeline Yen Mah Monika Flores Period 5 11/13/13
Chines Cinderella Book by Adeline Yen Mah Monika Flores Period 5 11/13/13

2 Introduction True story of an unwanted daughter
Most of her family never loved her Only aunt baba (her Niang’s (mother) best friend) Nai Nai (grandmother), and Ye Ye (grandfather) Her second Niang despised her the most Family thought she was bad luck Her Niang died the day she was born Grew up in many places in China Tianjin Shanghai Hong Kong She never had a good life because she wasn’t loved by her family

3 Setting Tianjin Hong Kong Shanghai Adeline was born
Moved from there at age 4 Hong Kong Lived there until the age of 11 Had a lot of friends that loved and cared for her Niang started to hit the children Shanghai Was sent away to Shanghai Went to school there without family Didn’t really have friends – Girls bullied her Hong Kong

4 Characters Protagonist Adeline Yen Mah Antagonist Niang (Step mother)
Nice little girl who lives a miserable life. Second youngest out of & total children (2 siblings are half sibings) Often lonely and sad. Always had a kind heart. She is a super smart student. When she was in kindergarten, she was the top of the class. When she moved and went to the other school, she skipped a lot of grades. By the age of 14, she went to collage. Antagonist Niang (Step mother) Niang is a caring step mother, at first. When someone special in he family dies, she becomes violent Instead of a heart, she has a black hole inside her. She starts to hit her step-children and even her own children if what she ordered in not done right or at all. Is a young 21-yeaar-old women that always gets her way Loves fashionable clothes and items of any sort. Gives great things to her own children (2 out of 7 total) and poor things to the other 5. Especially Adeline.

5 Other Characters Aunt Baba Nai Nai Caring Loving
The one in the family who took care of Adeline Older sister of Adeline’s father One out of three people who love Adeline Nai Nai Loves Adeline Special Dies when Adeline is 4 Tightened feet Pretty sad childhood

6 More Characters Ye Ye Father Nice Caring
Third and final who loved Adeline Very strict on Chinese culture Father Mean Never talked to Adeline until she was Worse father EVER!!! Forgot her name Forgot her birthday Always gives stuff to his other children except Adeline Always forgets she is even born

7 More Characters Lydia (Big sister) Big brother (George)
Older sibling Mean sister Talks a lot of English Maries at age 14 with 30-year-old Hardly talks to Adeline Big brother (George) Second oldest sibling Mean Bullies Adeline Goes to college with second brother Second Brother (Edger) Ignores Adeline a lot Makes her cry a lot

8 More Characters Third Brother (James)
Mean to Adeline When siblings an parents are looking Nice to her when not Only sibling Adeline was close to Bullies her a lot Goes to college with Adeline Fourth Younger brother (Franklin) Half brother Doesn’t like talking to Adeline Niang’s first son of her own Really mean Little sister (Susan) Half sister One of Niang’s pride treasure Talks o Adeline a little bit Mean/nice Cutest in the Family

9 Favorite Character Aunt Baba Brave Always Caring Nice
Only one who cared for Adeline Brave Stood for Adeline for everything Never let her cry alone Never let her down in her life

10 Beginning Adeline comes home from school Nai Nai tells a story
Only Aunt Baba welcomed her home Siblings start to bully her at dinner Nai Nai tells a story Her feet got shrunken to be “Attractive” If feet were small, they would be attractive. Normal an big feet wouldn’t Nai Nai Dies Children slept with her dead body that night Chinese Tradition Moves to Hong Kong Niang, Father, and Third brother only at first Rest of family moves in couple years later Niang Starts hitting her children Everybody knows the new one in charge

11 Middle Niang sends the children to privet schools
New rules (Very strict) No friends are allowed o the new house Except Niang’s own children No one is allowed to go to friend’s house Adeline Goes to Shanghai Sent away by family School Spends her life there with no family Has no friends – Enemies

12 End Ye Ye dies Father decides to let Adeline go to collage
Adeline goes back to family for that one event for second time Father decides to let Adeline go to collage She is only 14 years old and skipped a bunch of grades Father felt bad for what was happening to her Naing knows nothing Niang never knew about her from there (In this book at least)

13 Recommendation I truly loved the book. One of he best books I have ever read. Sad and troubling Parts that seem hopeful A lot of pain (sad pain) Lots of hope in the end I recommend it To people who love sad books

14 Theme Life is never easy Sad events will always come your way
Never let yourself down in harsh times Good will come your way one day Sad events will always come your way Miserable life is part of life Something will go your way Never give up Life is harsh, but you have to pass all the bad things in life to get to the good

15 Adeline Yen Mah Doctor Lives in California Author
Graduated Medical School in England Lives in California Has 2 children and Husband Author Writes books about herself Writes in California and England

16 Books Adeline Wrote Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society
Chinese Cinderella: The Mystery of the Song Dynasty Painting China: Lands of Dragons and Emperors Falling Leaves Watching the Tree A Thousand Pieces of Gold

17 Other Books in Series A Thousand Pieces of Gold
Shares the wealth of Chinese civilization with Western readers Adding stories from her own life. Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society Takes martial-arts school and joins a secret dragon society Take a dare to rescue troops from WWII Bravery lives in her

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