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Call us for Instant Tech Support NOW! Toll Free :

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1 Call us for Instant Tech Support NOW! Toll Free : +1-800-439-2178

2 Get Instant Help to Fix Canon Printer P02 Error Message

3 As a Canon user, you might encounter a P02 error message that appears more frequently. It appears due to multiple reasons even when you use it very little or less. It jams the cartridge rail, makes printer stops to print and many more. Here you should see the entire entry by using Ctrl+F shortcut and move further. Besides this, you can also take help from the experts of our customer service that are dealing with all sorts of problems and provide support for Canon Wireless Printer Setup, printer configuration, and other functionality.

4 Below is the tutorial, we have mentioned different methods that will help you to overcome the P02 error message easily-

5 Restart the Canon Printer device Firstly you need to turn on the Canon Printer power OFF and then ON it accordingly After this simply move the Carriage from right to left Look for the foreign particles inside the Printer Here you need to check that there is no third party material present inside the Printer like a piece of paper, paper clip. Clean up the encoder strip Here you have to clean the encoder strip and then use only dry lint-free cloth Encoder wired or transparent tape across from the left to the right side the printer located past the printer carriage. Clean the ink splashes if any’

6 Get in touch with our support service for any help for your Canon printer by dialing our toll-free Canon Printer Tech Support Phone Number – (1-800-439- 2178).

7 Here you will find instant help and support from the professionals who are experienced in dealing with all sort of problems related to Canon printer. The number is available 24/7 round the clock so that the customer could easily connect us and attain reliable assistance.

8 +1-800-439-2178 (Toll Free)

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