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My Little BrotherBrandon!My Little BrotherBrandon! By: Samantha Smith.

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2 My Little BrotherBrandon!My Little BrotherBrandon! By: Samantha Smith

3 My Little Brother Brandon By: Samantha Smith


5 W hat is a brother's place in a family? To a younger brother or sister, he may be a guide to help traverse the complicated path of growing up. To an older brother, a little brother may be seen as a tag along and pain in the neck. As much as siblings squabble when they are young, this is not a sign that they do not love each other. Most siblings would lay down their life for each other. As children grow up, they usually find it easier to get along and relate to each other in rewarding ways.


7 Y ou've always been here for me, But now I am about to leave. I know we fuss and fight, But I love you with all my might. You are my little brother, And there is no other. No one can take your place, And when I leave, There will be this big empty space. I'm really grateful for the 14 years I've lived with you. You’ve made me laugh, You’ve made me cry, You've even helped me hide some lies. “I love you” is something I don’t tell you enough, But I want you to know When I leave it will be really tough. But promise me without a doubt, You will never forget me Back home.


9 I know sometimes I may whine But deep down I really find you somewhat divine You are smarter than you think. Smarter than me – in some ways Wiser than you know - You have experienced pains and joys Some twice your age have never seen Because of all of this you are three times the man. Brother of mine, I could be no prouder, I could love you no more, I will always be here for you. No matter what occurs No matter what is said or done, I will never be too far away No matter the distance You’ll always be in my heart.


11 A s young kids, we had a bittersweet relationship. I used to love playing with you but as soon as my friends would come by, I wouldn’t want to even acknowledge you were there. But no matter what I did to you, you were always there for me in my time of need! Now that I’m leaving to go off to college, I really wished I could go back in time and just play with you and take all those memories in--Wow! I am really going to miss you! Who will be there when my heart is broken?

12 I got your back through whatever

13 M y little brother means the world to me. I know that I can tell him everything when he was just a little lad. We didn’t get along very well, but now that we’re growing up, I need him more than anything. I have all these big plans in my life, and while I’m trying to decide on what to do, without his support or comments, is a little hard. Whenever I need something, he is always there to help me both emotionally and mentally.


15 I remember when we were younger, every Halloween we use to trade candy. I loved dumping out my candy bag on the bed, while you dumped yours out, and then we traded. Even when I took some extra pieces, you didn’t get mad! Who am I going to do this with again?


17 I just want to be a big part in his success as well as he will be in mine. I can just remember fighting and arguing with him because he used to always break my Barbie dolls’ heads off. Our imagination as children were crazy. Sometimes I wish we could go back in the past and relive one moment when we played. I’d make it the best memory of all time.

18 A true friend sees the first tear, catches the second, and stops the third. Not only are you my little brother but your also my best friend! To the outside world we all grow old But not to brothers and sisters We know each other as we always were We know each others hearts We share private family jokes We remember family feuds and secrets, family grief's and joys We live outside the touch time.

19 B randon keeps all my secrets to himself. I love being able to talk to him! He’s the most amazing young man in my life. I believe he’s the reason I want to do more, so that he has someone to admire. I go to him for everything! It’s so hard going through stress, but whenever he’s around, he helps and the stress eases up.


21 W e used to get in so much trouble when we were younger. We always made these big BANG AND BOOM sounds. Mommy would always say, “You kids better cut it out!” We were always scared, so we said, “Mommy, you’re as pretty as a soft love song.” Just so she wouldn’t be upset.

22 A brother is a friend god gave you, A friend is a brother your heart chose!

23 B randon Blaine Bethune Jr., I just want you to know that no matter what we go through, I will love you no less, and I will be here with you even if I’m ten states away. Just call me, and I swear by the sister oath, I will rush to you without a doubt, baby boy. I love you so much, and I’m going to miss you so much! Who will take the blame when I get in trouble? Wow! Time flew so fast---I love you, baby boy!

24 Samantha Smith is a Senior at Lawrence County Career and Technical Center. Her home school is New Castle. She will graduate June, 2013. I dedicate this book to my brother Brandon for always being there for me no matter what. I’ll miss you when I leave for college. I love you with all my heart and no matter what you do in this world I want you to know that I support you one hundred percent of the way!

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