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GRISSLEHAMNSSKOLA My Cat Lussekatten He likes chrimps water and catfood.

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3 My Cat Lussekatten

4 He likes chrimps water and catfood.

5 His mom was scary and crazy.

6 He is a farmcat.

7 A bird took his mother and after 1 week she was back whit big wounds. She was crazy when she was back.

8 My cat

9 My cats Name is morsan and she is 8 years old.

10 She is black and have a white paw and a little white on the chest.

11 Morsan likes to lay in the sofa by my side and get pet.

12 She eats normal cat food.

13 Morsan do not like noise like a vacuum cleaner.

14 My pet Lancelot

15 About My cat’s name is Lancelot. He’s 7 years old and his birthday is in july. He is a bit afraid to be outside because of an homeless cat that we feed. They once had a fight when he was outside. We got him in October 2013. They’re both males. He has green eyes. Homeless cat Lancelot

16 From The lady who had him before us got him from a home for cats but she died and a relative of hers called my cousins. They said that we might’ve been interested and then they called us. He came to us one weekend in October to test and we’ve had him ever since. He likes to sleep under the sheets in my mom’s bed on the days.

17 Food Lancelot’s main food is friskies which is a kind of dryfood. He also drinks milk. He’s a lot like our other cat, Flisa, because both of them like cheese and lightly smoked bologna sausage. Sometimes he stands on his back legs when it’s dinner and tries to see the food. He also likes vanilla ice cream.

18 What he likes He really likes to cuddle and is really cuddly. He likes to explore outside but is pretty scared. He sleeps all days when we’re not home and also when we are home he sleeps a lot.

19 Friends I think he’s friends with our other cat, Flisa. They get along pretty well and if I hold Lancelot while I’m sitting on the floor besides Flisa, Flisa sometimes licks his ear.

20 My pet! Benny Here is my rabbit Benny. His colour is blue.

21 The food hi likes…  Benny like carrots, fruits and vegitables.  But hi think the best food is candy food.

22 Benny is in love whit my other bunny Sally.. In april Sally and Benny will have bunny babies.

23 Here is Benny and his brothers..

24 When i got him  I got Benny from a bunny farm cald Kolartorpet..  Hi was the cutest bunny I ever seen..

25 MY PET! Hoppsan!

26 We were seposed to just take a look and maby bye later, but than i saw a rabbit that i REALLY liked! I tok him home in oar car. They have’nt got any box left, so he was gonna have to sit in my arms. WHEN I GOT HIM!

27 I played with hoppsan al the time. I build a hop path for him and he was a tallanted jumper! HOPPSAN IS DOING TRIX

28 The food he used to eat was: rabbit food, cucumber, tomato, pears, carrots and he LOVED apples. FOOD Hoppsan loved to eat, as the most othetr rabbits dose.

29 HE LOOKED LIKE… Hoppsan was brown and black speckled, on hes paws he was white.

30 WHAT HE LIKES! Hoppsan used to be inside with me sometimes. He sit in oar sofa and in my bed, but he also used to be a little scared.


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