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The Renaissance and Reformation

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1 The Renaissance and Reformation
Chapter 12 Review

2 What does the word Renaissance mean?

3 Rebirth or renewal

4 He was an excellent example of Renaissance Italy’s social ideal because he was a painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, and mathematician.

5 Leonardo da Vinci.

6 The war between France and Spain for control of Italy ended when the the
Italian people rose up and drove out both armies French army occupied Nice in 1494 Spanish mercenaries were let loose to sack the city of Rome Medici family negotiated a peace that divided up the country and left themselves in control of Sicily.

7 C; Spanish mercenaries were let loose to sack the city of Rome.

8 True or False? Luther supported the peasants in their rebellion against state authorities.

9 False; peace was needed to spread the ideas of the Reformation.

10 He was the Holy Roman Emperor.

11 Charles V.

12 This was Luther’s attack on the abuses of the Church that he posted at the Church of Wittenburg.

13 95 Theses

14 True or False? Renaissance artists sought to imitate nature in their works.

15 True.

16 Which Renaissance master painted, “The Last Supper”?

17 Leonardo da Vinci

18 This was a key intellectual movement during the Renaissance.

19 Humanism

20 The belief that God determined in advance who would be saved.

21 Predestination.

22 True or False? Liberal studies were designed to produce individuals who would be wise and virtuous.

23 True

24 To declare a marriage invalid.

25 annulment

26 Release from punishment for sin.

27 indulgence

28 Believers in adult baptism and separation of church and state.

29 Anabaptists

30 Meetings of the Catholic Church that reaffirmed Catholic teachings.

31 Council of Trent

32 Language spoken in the people’s own region.

33 vernacular

34 The division of Christianity in Germany into Catholic and Lutheran states was recognized by the ___________________.

35 Peace of Augsburg.

36 Renaissance women were educated in
Mathematics Rhetoric Religion and morals hunting

37 C; Religion and morals.

38 According to Castiglione’s Book of the Courtier, a noble should do all of the following EXCEPT
Fulfill certain ideals Perform military exercises Gain a classical education Farm the land

39 D; farm the land.

40 Painter of the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

41 Michelangelo

42 This was issued by the Church condemning Martin Luther
This was issued by the Church condemning Martin Luther. It was mostly ignored

43 Edict of Worms

44 Painting done on fresh, wet plaster.

45 fresco

46 “Father of humanism”

47 Petarch

48 He wrote the Divine Comedy.

49 Dante

50 Author of Canterbury Tales

51 Geoffrey Chaucer

52 What do we call the study of grammar, rhetoric, poetry, philosophy, and history collectively?

53 The humanities

54 The first Protestant faith.

55 Lutheranism

56 Parents in Renaissance Italy carefully arranged marriages, often to
Prevent their sons and daughters from marrying below their class, Have attractive in-laws. Strengthen business or family ties Product the perfect child

57 C; strengthen business or family ties

58 He founded the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits.

59 Ignatius of Loyola

60 What were three key characteristics of the Renaissance?

61 Urban society; secular/worldly An age of recovery Higher regard for the value of the individual.

62 He wrote the book, The Prince.

63 Niccolo Machiavelli

64 Machiavelli encouraged rulers and would-be-rulers to believe that
Human nature was self-centered Human nature was to be truthful Women were superior to men The Church should be discredited

65 A; human nature was self-centered

66 King Henry VIII of England asked parliament to pass this law in 1534, making him head of the Church of England and officially splitting with the Catholic church in Rome.

67 The Act of Supremacy

68 Henry’s Catholic daughter was nicknamed this for her cruelty toward Protestants.

69 Bloody Mary

70 Sum of money given to the groom by the wife’s family.

71 dowry

72 Adulthood was granted to Italian Renaissance children when their fathers formally freed them before a ______.

73 judge

74 The Church of England is also called the _________Church.

75 Anglican

76 Belief in the ability of humans to reason and improve themselves

77 Christian humanism

78 What three Italian cities played a crucial role in Italian politics?

79 Milan, Florence, and Venice

80 Dominican preacher who was critical of the ruling class in Florence
Dominican preacher who was critical of the ruling class in Florence. When he attacked the corruption of the Church, and angered the pope, he was accused of heresy and sentenced to death.

81 Girolamo Savonarola

82 Items associated with saints.

83 Relics

84 “Warrior Pope” . He sent armies against his enemies.

85 Julius II

86 What helped Martin Luther’s to spread all over Germany?

87 The printing press.

88 _______________were the wealthy class that made their fortunes from trade, industry, and banking.

89 Patricians

90 Swiss reformer, a followers of Luther, who was killed and dismembered when war broke out in October 1531 between Protestant and Catholic states in Switzerland.

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