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Meanings in Eid al-Adha al-Mubarak. What is Eid al-Adha? The lunar calendar has 12 months. ^Eid-ul ad-haa is celebrated on the 10th of Dhul Hijjah which.

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1 Meanings in Eid al-Adha al-Mubarak

2 What is Eid al-Adha? The lunar calendar has 12 months. ^Eid-ul ad-haa is celebrated on the 10th of Dhul Hijjah which is the 12th month of the Islamic Calendar. This blessed day follows the best day of the year, which is the 9th of Dhul Hijjah. That day is when pilgrims performing hajj gather in the grounds of ^Arafah close to Makkah in present day Saudi Arabia.

3 When does Eid Begin? The beginning of a new month is not determined by calculations, but rather by actually sighting the new crescent in compliance with the ahadeeth of the Prophet sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam. The Prophet sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam informed us that the lunar month is either 29 days or 30 days. One looks for the new crescent after the sun has set on the 29th day, if one sees it, then the next day is the first of the next month. However, if due to cloud one does not see it, then one completes 30 days and the next day is “automatically” deemed to be the first.

4 Recommended Sunnan on Eid There are many recommended matters (sunnahs) that one is encouraged to observe on this day. Amongst them is to have a bath. The time of this ghusl starts at the middle of the night and it ends by the sunset and it is better to take this ghusl after Fajr, after the appearance of the dawn. It is Recommended (Sunnah) to fast the 9th day of Dhul-Hijjah. But it is haram to fast on the day of ^Eid.

5 Meanings behind Eid al-Adha Eid al-Adha or Feast of Sacrifice is the most important feast of the Muslim calendar. Eid Adha is on the 10th day of Dhul-Hijjah, which is the last month in the Muslim calendar. The 9th day of Dhul-Hijjah is the day when Hujjaj (pilgrims) stand on the mountain of ^Arafat.

6 Meanings behind Eid al-Adha Eid al-Adha concludes the Hajj journey (Pilgrimage) to Meccah Eid is followed by 3 days called “Days of Tashreeq” Eid al-Adha commemorates Prophet Ibrahim's willingness to obey Allah by sacrificing his son. Muslims believe the son to be Ismail and not Isaac (Ishaq) as told in the Old Testament.

7 Prophet Ibrahim’s Story Ismail who later became a Prophet, is considered the forefather of the Arabs. According to the Qur’an, Prophet Ibrahim was about to sacrifice his son by slaughtering him. Although the knife was sharpened, but when Prophet Ibrahim came to slaughter Ismail, the knife would not cut anything. He tried to stab with the knife, but it would not cut at all, all by the will of Allah.

8 The knife would Not Cut The knife would Not Cut because everything that happens isby the will of Allah. Nothing happens except by the will and power of Allah. Because Allah created everything, and He does not need anything. Everything else needs Him. And Allah Exists without a place. Allah existed eternally, this means he existed before the creations. He is not like the creations in anyway. Allah cannot be imagined in the mind. Because: “Whatever you imagine in your minds, Allah is different from it”.

9 Feeding the Poor & Needy So Allah did not will for that knife to cut or harm prophet Ismail. Allah protected Prophet Ismail and granted prophet Ibrahim a ram as a sacrifice instead. Today millions of Muslims sacrifice sheep and give them away for the needy and poor people for the sake of Allah. The Muslim family eats about a third of the meal and donates the rest to the poor. The time of the ‘Udhiah or sacrifice begins at the sunrise of the Eid day and ends at the sunset of the third day of the days of Tashriq.

10 Obeying & Respecting Parents Notice how Prophet Ismail quickly obeyed his father and told him: “O father, go ahead and do what Allah ordered, you will find me insha’Allah patient and obedient”. We hope that this story will be taken as a lesson to us and our children, to be kind and generous, as well as Obedient & Respectful to our parents. May Allah bless all the Muslim parents and their children, and may Allah accept our good deeds.

11 اللهُ أكبرُ اللهُ أكبرُ اللهُ أكبرُ، لا إله إلا الله اللهُ أكبرُ أللهُ أكبرُ اللهُ أكبرُ، ولِلهِ الحَمد اللهُ أكبرُ كبيرا ، والحمد لِلهِ كَثيرا وَسُبْحَانَ اللهِ وبِحَمدِه بُكْرَةً وأصِيلا لا إله إلا اللهُ وَحْدَه صَدَقَ وَعْدَه وَنَصَرَ عَبْدَه وَأعَزَ جندَه وَهَزَمَ الأحْزَابَ وَحْدَه لا إله إلا اللهُ ولا نعْبُدُ إلا إياه مُخلِصينَ لهُ الدينَ وَلوْ كَرِهَ الكافِرُون اللهم صَل عَلى (سيدِنا) مُحَمد وَعَلَى ءَالِ مُحَمد وَعَلَى أصْحَابِ مُحَمد وَعَلَى أنصَارِ مُحَمد وَعَلَى أزْواجِ مُحَمد وَعَلَى ذُريةِ مُحَمد وَسَلمِْ تَسْليماً كَثيرا ربِّ اغفر لي ولوالدي، ربّ ارحمهُما كما رَبَّياني صغيراً

12 Allahu Akbar-ullahu Akbar-ullahu Akbar La ilaha illallah. Allahu akbar-ullahu akbar, wa lillahi-hamd. Allahu akbaru kabira Wal-hamdu lillahi kathira, Wa Subhanallahi Wa bihamdihi Bukratawwa asila. La ilaha illallahu wahdah, Sadaqa wa^dah, wa nasara ^abdah Wa 'a^azza jundahu, Wa hazamal ‘ahzaba wahdah La ilaha illallah, Wa la na^budu illa Iyyah. Mukhlisina lahud-Dina Wa law karihal-kafirun Allahumma salli ^ala (sayyidina) Muhammad, Wa^ala ali Muhammad, Wa^ala as-habi Muhammad, Wa^ala ansari Muhammad,Wa^ala azwaji Muhammad, Wa^ala dhurriyyati Muhammadiw- wa sallim tasliman kathira. Rabbigh-fir li wali-walidayya Rabbir-hamhuma kama Rabbayani Saghira.

13 How to Pray Eid Prayer: 2 Rak^ah cycles, just like any other prayer except it pertains more Takbirat (Saying Allahu Akbar). First Rak^ah 7 Takbriat before al-Fatihah (Not including first Takbiratul-Ihram). Second Rak^ah 5 Takbirat before al- Fatihah. In between every Takbir say: Subhanallah, Wal-Hamdulillah, Wala ilaha illallah, Wallahu Akbar.

14 اللهم صل وسلم على سيدنا محمد وعلى ءاله الطيبين الطاهرين وازواجه امهات المؤمنين وصحابته الغُرّ الميامين

15 The End

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