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Text? #dahphdie Feb 14 th 2012 Mike Cosgrave,

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1 Text? #dahphdie Feb 14 th 2012 Mike Cosgrave, UCC @mikecosgrave

2 Follow on from last week Price, Kenneth M., “Edition, Project, Database, Archive, Thematic Research Collection: What’s in a Name? “ Digital Humanities Quarterly, Summer 2009 Volume 3 Number 3 “1) a strict definition of database — as a technical term in an electronic context database refers primarily to a collection of structured data that is managed by a database management system, most commonly based on a relational model; and 2) a looser use of database that employs the term on a more metaphorical level.” “As Folsom notes, "Whitman formed entire lines as they would eventually appear in print, but then he treated each line like a separate data entry, a unit available to him for endless reordering, as if his lines of poetry were portable and interchangeable, could be shuffled and almost randomly scattered to create different but remarkably similar poems" [Folsom 2007, 1574-75]. What do we do with text and technology?

3 Coding.. PoliticsFamilyReligionEducationLife StagesEventsVoluntary Org’s Politics.. Were in my family; for generations Politics... were in my family; for generations.. remember thinking about politics when I was seven I was ten when I went to Australia where my uncle was an MP RemarksLine Numb er CodingCodes His political career seems ‘written for him’. Didn’t he ever rebel against the orthodoxy or look at alternatives? No mention of Damascene events Social and political engineering? Is Wilson being entirely truthful or is this post-facto justification to appeal to readers? 001 002 003 004 Harris: Some men go into politics almost as a matter of course and some form of personal Damascus Why are you in politics? Wilson: I suppose the short answer is because politics are in me, as far as I can remember. Farther than that: they were in my family; for generations before me, as they were in the families of dozens of members of the Labour party. The first time that I can remember thinking systematically about politics was when I was seven. I was in hospital with appendicitis. My parents came in to see me the night after my operation and I told them not to stay too long or they’d be late to vote – for Philip Snowden. Then when I was ten I went to West Australia where my uncle was an Australian MP and later President of the Upper House. That was my first visit to a politician. P F P, Lc Fm, Ff Pm Lc, Fa

4 Content Analysis Discourse Structural Semantic Narrative Text mining News Analysis (Kremlin watching)

5 Busa, Index Thomisticus Concordancing Lemmatising etc (amo, amas, amabuntur, amavistine?...) From no digital tools to more sophisticated tools

6 Tools: Tapor (now Voyeur) Collins Path to Freedom Connolly Labour & Easter Week

7 Tools Catma Juxta Nvivo

8 Price – What are we creating Edition, database, project…? McCarthy “patterns of coherence..” Renear (OHCO) v McGann (performance) What are we working with and what are we doing with it? Can we collaborate?

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