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Its a SNAP! Helping Seniors Eat Right When Money Is Tight.

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1 Its a SNAP! Helping Seniors Eat Right When Money Is Tight

2 Hello, my name is Bonnie. I want to share my story about how I found the help I needed to purchase more nutritious food.

3 Sometimes I dont have enough money to buy the foods my doctor wants me to eat. Im on a fixed income. What can I do..?

4 I found out about SNAP a program that helps seniors eat right when money is tight!

5 SNAP Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

6 I called 1-800-Safe-Net and they told me how to find my local senior services office.

7 There are several ways to find an SNAP office near you: Dial 1-800-Safe-Net (1-800-723-3638) Dial 211 from any phone Visit Visit (type: SPD offices)

8 I was surprised to find out how high my income could be and still receive SNAP. Single person: up to $1,679 per month. Two person household: up to $2,268 per month. Three person household: up to $2,857 per month.* * Household income gets higher with each additional member.

9 I called my local Seniors and People with Disabilities (SPD) office and talked to the receptionist. He asked me a few questions and I was given an appointment.

10 I found out that I did not need to go into the office. I could choose to have my interview over the phone.

11 If I chose to apply by phone I would need to copy my documents and mail them to my worker…

12 But I needed help right away, so I decided to meet with my worker in person.

13 Social Security Security number Identification Proof of all income (including Social Security) Proof of out-of-pocket medical expenses I was asked to bring 4 items to my first appointment:

14 I met with a worker and my interview in her office was confidential and private.

15 The questions she asked were easy to answer. I found out that resources such as my home, car, bank account and retirement fund did not affect my eligibility.

16 My worker checked to see if I qualified for other help, such as: telephone assistance medical coverage

17 My worker told me I qualified for $93.00 a month! * *Benefit amounts for an individual range from $16 to $200 a month.

18 She gave me my SNAP debit card right there at the office and a brochure that explained how to use it.

19 And then I went shopping!

20 My SNAP card can be used at most stores that sell groceries.

21 Checking out was easy!

22 I swiped my SNAP card like any debit card.

23 I entered my private 4 digit code…

24 And I was done!

25 I can also use my SNAP card at many Farmers Markets and some local farm stands.

26 Farmers Market I took my SNAP card to the information booth. I told them how much I wanted in wooden coins or tokens. The tokens are used like cash to pay food vendors.* *This process may vary with each Farmers Market.

27 I can even purchase edible plants, seeds and starts so that I can grow my own food.

28 I found out I qualified for Farmers Market vouchers, which will stretch my food budget even further.

29 1). SNAP benefits are put on my card at the beginning of each month. 2). I can call the number on the back of the card to find out how much SNAP money I have in my account. 3). If I dont use all of my SNAP money each month, whats left will remain in my account for up to one year. How my SNAP benefits work:

30 At 6 months I may need to complete a report form. All I do is fill out and return a form my worker sends me. At 12 months I will need to reapply by either going into the office or interviewing over the phone. My worker is available if I have any questions. Maintaining SNAP is easy!

31 I found out by using SNAP I have helped Oregons economy. Last year more than $1 billion federal dollars were returned to Oregon communities. It is nice to know Im doing my part to help local businesses and farmers.

32 The only question I have is - why did I wait so long..? Now, I have groceries to make myself a nutritious meal.

33 Helping seniors eat right when money is tight! SNAP!

34 More information:

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