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Using Luminis Groups - Introduction Portal.uoh Training.

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1 Using Luminis Groups - Introduction Portal.uoh Training

2 Introduction 12/2/2009 2  The Group Studio application gives students, faculty, or employees at your school the ability to create and manage groups.  Groups can be for Committees, Faculty Projects, Departments, temporary projects, student clubs and activities for example.

3 Types of Groups 12/2/2009 3  Public Open for anyone to join  Restricted Membership is restricted  Hidden Not displayed for guests

4 How to Request a new Group 12/2/2009 4  Open Group Studio  Click on “Request a Group”  Fill in the requested Group’s Information.

5 How do I join a Group? 12/2/2009 5  Open Group Studio  Click on “Groups Index” tab  Browse/search for group you wish to join  Click “Join Group” button.  If the group is:  Read & Agree to the policies & you can join immediately.  Read & Agree to policies & wait for Group Approval message

6 Using Groups 12/2/2009 6  See following slides for  Enter your group  Announcements  Sharing Files  Message Board  Delegation

7 Enter your Group 12/2/2009 7  Open Group Studio.  “My Groups” tab shows your groups.  To enter a group click on its name to see the group’s homepage  You re now inside the group!

8 Group Announcements 12/2/2009 8  Click “Announcements” in Group Tools Menu.  Normal user:  Just see the group’s announcements  Group Leader:  Use “send announcement” to post new announcement to the group.  Click on “Manage Group Announcements” to delete/edit existing announcements.

9 Sharing Files 12/2/2009 9  Click on “Files” in “Group Tools” Menu to browse the Group’s files.  Group Leader:  Use Manage Files in “Content Tool” menu to manage the existing files  You can submit a file to add, and wait for the Group Leader to approve

10 Message Board 12/2/2009 10  Click on “Message Board” on the Group’s menu to:  Read the posted messages.  Post a message to the group  Group Leader:  Use “Manage Message Board” on “Content Tools” menu to manage the existing posted messages.

11 Task Delegation 12/2/2009 11  Group delegation means that the group leader can give a special permission to specific user. 1.Using “Permission” in “Configuration Tools” menu. 1.Show the active applications for the group 2.Click “Edit” on the desired application 3.Select the desired members to give them the permission.

12 Thank you! 12/2/2009 12  Thanks for viewing the presentation  This is the end of our Portal.uoh Groups Introductory Training  There are many more things you can do with groups – like build a home page, chat synchronously. Check with your group leader to find out more.

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