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My Projector Doesnt Project!!! …and other problems…

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1 My Projector Doesnt Project!!! …and other problems…

2 Several things can cause this…lets investigate them…..Dark Screen Does the projector power up? Can you see light coming from the projector and are the fans running? If the screen is dark, try pressing the PIC MUTE button; the projector may be muted If the screen remains dark, press the MENU BUTTON. If the menu does not appear, call for help. MENU PIC MUTE

3 The Screen is Blue and No Picture Press Computer 1 button; most projectors use this setting for all video, VGA,or other types of video formats. They are fed through the computer and/or a TV scan converter box such as a TV-9 or TV-11 box. If this does not work, try Computer 2 as a very few projectors are connected this way. Either selection should result with a computer 1 or computer2 message showing briefly on the screen. Mitsubishi NEC

4 The Screen is Blue and No Picture If you get a menu display, well go from there…

5 The Screen is Blue and No Picture If you get a menu display, check your computer. Many machines employ a dual display mode and it is accessed in the following manner on some machines. Minimize all programs and information on your computer monitor if it is working. Next, right click your mouse on a blank area of the desktop screen. If it comes up with Output to as one of the options, youre in luck! Roll your mouse over this option and set it over Dual Display Clone. It will give more choice; the one you want is Digital Display and Analog Monitor Click on this and with any luck, the monitor and projector screen will both come to life. If there is not a dual display option, sometimes there is an icon on the bottom tray on your display. If you have problems, getting this to work, contact your school engineer who can determine the best course of action.

6 Other Problems with Display Fuzzy Picture Adjust focus on lens Check computer display settings The projector can run a maximum of 1024 x 768. The computer monitor can do better but this will give you an indistinct projector display. Missing the Side of the Picture This generally has to do with an incorrect horizontal setting on the projector. Less common is an incorrect vertical setting. Note the following slides.

7 Press the menu button on your remote and highlight the Image Options setting. Note the Horizontal and Aspect Ratio setting below.

8 Once here, alternately press the right or left arrow buttons on your remote until the picture is aligned. A good backdrop is the Burke County Schools Home Page. The picture can be adjusted until the slide bars on the right side of the page is visible and the Start button for Windows is completely visible without being cut off or too much to the right.

9 The Aspect Ratio is almost always set to 4:3. Sometimes Auto may work better and if certain pictures are displayed that use a 16:9 ratio, then this can be used. The 4:3 setting almost always gives the best result.

10 Picture not Aligned, Twisted, or Too Large for Screen Area This will require that the projector, and in some cases, the SmartBoard will need to be adjusted and/or moved somewhat. Send in a helpdesk request for this.

11 KEYSTONE Vertical keystone such as shown is easily corrected by using the remote. If the picture is key stoned in a horizontal plane, put in a help desk request as the projector or SmartBoard will need to be moved.

12 On the Mitsubishi, the remote has a button marked, Keystone

13 On the NEC, assess the keystone with the remote by using the menu button. After Source is highlighted, arrow over to Setup. Then arrow down to Keystone and use the right and left arror buttons to adjust the keystone. Be sure the Keystone Save is on.

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