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Computer Viruses By Aylmer Or.

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1 Computer Viruses By Aylmer Or

2 Computer Viruses Origins What is a virus?
Types of Viruses and How they work Prevention

3 Origins Widely seen in 1980s because of many factors.
Factors Include: Spread of Pc, Bulletin Boards, Floppy disk People Create Viruses - Why? - Psychological Aspects - Thrill ride - Bragging Rights

4 What is a virus? Defn: It is a program or code that is designed to infect your computer in files, programs or memory without your awareness. Viruses are created with malicious intent and it can spread within your computer or between computers.

5 Types of Viruses Worms - Example: Blaster Worm E-mail Virus
- Example: Iloveyou, Melissa Trojan horses - Example: Any Computer Programs Other Viruses

6 Prevention NEVER OPEN E-mail Attachments!!! Firewall
Back up your files Common Sense Antivirus Software McAfee, Norton Antivirus, Panda, Kaspersky Recommend: AVG (It’s free and effective!) ( Scan, Update, Schedule

7 Questions?

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