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Standard Marine Communication Phrases Cpt. (N) Robert PAWLOWSKI (PLNA) tel , bl. 123/7

fire, explosion flooding collision grounding list, danger of capsizing sinking disabled and adrift armed attack, piracy undesignated distress abandoning vessel person overboard assistance BRIEFING CREW AND PASSENGERS

SMCP were adopted in November 2001 as resolution A.918(22) IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases. It was recommended a wide circulation of the IMO SMCP to all prospective users and all maritime education authorities. The IMO SMCP builds on a basic knowledge of English and has been drafted in a simplified version of maritime English. It includes phrases for use in routine situations such as berthing as well as standard phrases and responses for use in emergency situations. Under the international convention on the STCW 78/95, the ability to understand and use the SMCP is required for the certification of officers in charge of a navigational watch on ships of 500 gross tonnage or above.

4 GENERAL INFORMATION How to communicate/report:
Positions ex. „WARNING. Dangerous wreck in position 55 degrees 44 minutes North 017 degrees 58,9 minutes East” Bearings ex. „Pilot boat is bearing 215 degrees from you.” Courses ex. „Advise you a new course of 095 degrees.” Speed ex. „My present speed is 14 knots” Distances …expressed in nautical miles or cables, ex. 7,8 Nm Time …expressed in the 24 hour UTC notation, ex UTC Geographical names – …should be those on the chart or in Sailing Directions

5 Spelling of letters, digits and numbers
A - I have a diver down; keep well clear at slow speed. B - I am carrying or discharging dangerous goods. H - I have a pilot on board. AC - I am abandoning my vessel. IT - I am on fire. MAA - I request urgent medical advice. MAB - I request you to make rendezvous in position indicated. MAC - I request you to arrange hospital admission.

6 DATA to be used during the exercise
MV Risky Business MV Brita Position 55 degrees 44 minutes North degrees 58,9 minutes East ETA at 1430 UTC Drifting at 3 knots to NE

7 EMERGENCY SITUATION – fire, explosion
I am on fire/ after explosion in position... Where is the fire? … fire is on deck/ in engine-room/ in hold Are dangerous goods on fire? Is there danger of explosion? Is fire under control? 1

I am/ MV ... is flooding below waterline I/MV ... cannot control flooding What kind of assistance is required? … I require pumps/ divers 2

9 EMERGENCY SITUATION – collision I have / MV … has collided
… with MV …/with unknown object/ with iceberg/ with seamark Report damage I am/ MV … is not under command 3

10 EMERGENCY SITUATION – aground I am/MV … is aground
What part of your vessel is aground? … aground forward/ amidships/ aft/ full length Warning! Uncharted rocks in position … I/MV … will jettison cargo to refloat 4

11 – list, danger of capsizing
EMERGENCY SITUATION – list, danger of capsizing I have/MV … has dangerous list to port/starboard I am/MV … is in danger of capsizing (list increasing) 5

I am/ MV … is sinking after collision/ grounding/ flooding/ explosion I am/MV … is proceeding to your assistance ETA at distress position within … hours/ at … UTC 6

13 EMERGENCY SITUATION – disabled, adrift
I am/ MV … is not under command/ adrift/ drifting at … knots to … 7

14 EMERGENCY SITUATION – attack by pirates
I am/ MV … is under attack by pirates What kind of assistance is required? I require/ MV … requires … medical assistance/ navigational assistance/ military assistance/ tug assistance/ escort 8

15 – undesignated distress
EMERGENCY SITUATION – undesignated distress I have/ MV … has problems with cargo/ engine/ navigation MV … requires tug assistance 9

16 EMERGENCY SITUATION – abandoning vessel
I/ crew of MV … must abandon vessel after explosion/ collision/ grounding/ flooding/ piracy/ armed attack. I require assistance What is your position? My position is … 10

17 EMERGENCY SITUATION – person overboard
I have/ MV … has lost persons overboard in position … Assist with search in vicinity of position … All vessels in vicinity of position … keep sharp look out and report to … I am/ MV … is proceeding for assistance, ETA at … UTC/ within … hours. Aircraft ETA at … UTC/ within … hours to assist in search Can you continue search? Stop search. Return to … What is the result of your search? What is condition of person? Report injured persons Number of injured persons/casualties... Person picked up is crewmember/ passenger of MV … 11

18 Match characters with a numbers
D2 E1 F6 G8 H11 I4 J10 K7 L9 M12 N13 MARITIME ACRONYM FULL TITLE B CPA / TCPA 1 Estimated Time of Arrival / … of Departure C DSC 2 Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon D EPIRB 3 Digital Selective Calling (in the GMDSS) E ETA / ETD 4 Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre F GMDSS 5 Closest Point of Approach / Time to … G (D) GPS 6 Global Maritime Distress and Safety System H MMSI 7 Search and Rescue I MRCC 8 (Differential) Global (Satellite) Positioning System J OSC 9 Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit K SAR 10 On-Scene Coordinator L TEU 11 Maritime Mobile Service Identification Number M UTC 12 Universal Time Coordinated (ex GMT) N VTS 13 Vessel Traffic Service 12

19 BRIEFING CREW AND PASSENGERS announcement on the PA system - example
This is your Captain speaking. We have a minor flooding in hold #2. There is no immediate danger to crew, passengers or vessel – and there is no reason to be alarmed. However, for safety reasons I request all officers report to the bridge; watchkeepers remain at stations until further notice. Damage control teams continue to fight the flooding. We have radio contact with two vessels in vicinity. As soon as I have further information I will make another announcement – there is no danger at this time. 13

20 BRIEFING CREW AND PASSENGERS announcement on the PA system - example
This is your Captain speaking. I have another announcement: The flooding is not under control yet. Leave the engine room, superstructure, your stations and your cabins immediately – close all openings. Take lifejackets with you. Take your emergency equipment with you according to the muster list. All crew members to assembly station on the afterdeck on the port side. The route to the assembly station on the foredeck is not clear, therefore the escape route will be via superstructure. I repeat, assemble on the afterdeck on port side. 14

Standard Marine Communication Phrases, IMO, July 2000. Standardowe zwroty porozumiewania się na morzu, AM w Szczecinie, 2005. 15


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