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1 & #noiOnDemand If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please visit to read frequently asked webinar tech questions. Welcome! We will be starting the training session shortly.

2 & #noiOnDemand MANAGING VOTER REGISTRATION DATA Sam McCabe ISSI Facilitator: Elizabeth April, NOI

3 & #noiOnDemand INTRODUCTIONS NOI On Demand Norms You



6 & #noiOnDemand Presenter: & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand Sam McCabe Sam has worked in politics for the last seven years, consulting on or managing on over 80 political campaigns. He is from Texas where he began working on campaigns and currently resides in Washington DC and works for ISSI Data as the National Data Coordinator.

7 & #noiOnDemand OBJECTIVE In this session, we’ll discuss strategies to collect and manage data from voter registration drives.

8 & #noiOnDemand AGENDA Introduction Review of Soft & Hard Reporting Finding Voters to Register Collecting Voter Registration Data Voter Data Tools Soft Reporting on National Voter Registration Day Q&A

9 & #noiOnDemand


11 & #noiOnDemand SOFT REPORTING Organizers and volunteers self-report Quick allocation of resources Day-to-day accountability Narrative feedback from the front lines HARD REPORTING Results attached to names (volunteers, supporters, donors, registrants) Long term strategic resource allocation Verify soft reporting, increased accountability HARD AND SOFT DATA


13 & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand Vap (Voting-Age Population) Census data Reverse Voter Registration Canvass Locations FINDING UNREGISTERED VOTERS


15 & #noiOnDemand To know effectiveness of registration program For election protection Track for future programs like GOTV REASONS FOR TRACKING

16 & #noiOnDemand Voter File SoS -> Vendor -> Program Election Board Processing Registration accepted or denied Fill out Registration Data Enter and Turn in REGISTRATION PROCESS

17 & #noiOnDemand Restrictions on: –Who can collect registration cards –Turnaround time to give to Election Board –What can be collected from the registration form Know your state law and rules! STATE LAWS

18 & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand Must haves: Name (First, middle and Last) Address, City, State/Zip Gender Registration Date Date of Birth (or Year – check state law) Should get as much as possible VOTER REG FIELDS TO TRACK

19 & #noiOnDemand What is a pledge card? When should you consider pledge cards Types of pledge cards –Proxy voter registration Fields to included on pledge card –Name, email, phone, text message –Included address, city, and zip code Use data to build future GOTV programs PLEDGE CARDS

20 & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand Information about how the card was collected Examples (Batch Sheet): Canvasser Date Office Location METADATA

21 & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand 1)Collect Forms 2)Data Entry 3)Submit Original Forms 4)Match to existing Voter File –VAN –Catalist –Other 4) Wait for new Voter File DATA FLOW

22 & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand Options: 1)Staff or volunteer –Preferably in to a tool like Voter Registration Tool in VAN 2) Paid vendor DATA ENTRY OF PAPER FORMS

23 & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand QUESTIONS?


25 & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand On the VAN - State Voices: federation of state c3 tables Tool to data enter and track registrations Voter Registration Tool Matches and adds new “Applicant” records in VAN Voterfile immediately VAN VOTER REG TOOL

26 & #noiOnDemand.

27 &

28 &

29 &

30 & VRT can support your data entry workflow Double checking and submitting batches can be limited by user account Workflow to double check batches before submitting Data entry only accounts can be created PROCESS AND QUALITY CONTROL

31 & #noiOnDemand Data can be bulk uploaded in to the VRT if using a different data entry system (like a paid vendor) VRT can be submitted to Catalist BULK UPLOADS

32 & #noiOnDemand & & DATA ENTRY VENDORS

33 & #noiOnDemand Forms are sent to data entry firm –Either paper copies, or electronic images Firm “keys” data from the form Computer file is returned with all the data PAID DATA ENTRY

34 & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand Quality of keying: –Prefer “double keying” or “key and verify” Timing: –Turn around time, including shipping and setup! How data is returned to you Return or destruction of materials Pricing up front, all fees explicit and clear THINGS TO WATCH FOR

35 & #noiOnDemand Data should be matched against a Voter File –Use VRT and/or send to Catalist Check that all fields are being keyed –How much is “illegible” –What the vendor does with illegible fields Do counts of forms submitted vs records returned RETURNED DATA

36 & #noiOnDemand Project of ISSI, makes working with a paid data entry firm easier and more cost effective ISSI is a not-for-profit corporation providing on data management, targeting and research analytics to clients across the country Our clients include some of the largest progressive charities, advocacy groups and political organizations in the country DECC

37 & #noiOnDemand DECC = Data Entry Consolidation Center Process Quality Assurance Pricing Timeline Data Management and Uploads OVERVIEW OF DECC

38 & #noiOnDemand Collect a “batch” of cards in the field Fill out Intake Form for batch –get shipping label for batch / or send images Vendor is informed of incoming batch DECC adds batch to tracking program Vendor receives cards, notifies DECC Paper forms can be scanned if requested Data Entry is done PROCESS – SUBMITTING DATA

39 & #noiOnDemand Returned data is verified and cleaned Data is loaded to VRT, or sent to client Invoice is sent to client for shipping and data entry charges Paper forms can be returned or securely destroyed, scans can be returned PROCESS – RETURNED DATA

40 & #noiOnDemand Spot checking of batches Tracking shipments and delivery of cards to vendor Check counts of cards expected, card received, and records returned Use experienced and high quality vendors: –Vendor uses “key and verify” system QUALITY ASSURANCE

41 & #noiOnDemand Cards submitted and returned in batches Records are “address standardized” before being returned Returning Data: –Through VAN VRT –File sent directly to Client DATA MANAGEMENT

42 & #noiOnDemand DECC process requires accountability from the client: Designated staff to authorize shipments and new batches –Allows client to track numbers and goals for voter registration and pledge cards from all offices and locations Guidelines for submitting batches must be followed –Proper packaging of paper copies –Proper scanning for digital images Client is responsible for compliance with state voter registration rules and regulations –How to conduct voter registration drives; –How to complete and submit voter registration forms; –What can be copied or not copied from the forms EXPECTATION OF CLIENTS

43 & #noiOnDemand Reduced price per card from volume –Scanning at additional fee –Secure destruction at additional fee –All shipping charges at cost Clerical charges possible if cards submitted without following instructions PRICING

44 & #noiOnDemand Easy process- talk to Carmela Isabella 1)Fill out client information form 2)Fill out data intake form for each batch when ready Carmela Isabella 202-281-8127 SIGNING UP

45 & #noiOnDemand & & TRACKING DATA IN EXCEL

46 & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand Manual data entry in excel file Data Hygiene –Maintain accuracy in excel field Standard fields headers Quality control How many fields are missing? EXCEL

47 & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand QUESTIONS?

48 & #noiOnDemand & & REPORTING YOUR SUCCESS

49 & #noiOnDemand

50 & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand QUESTIONS?


52 & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand Interdependent Leadership (aka the Snowflake Model) Interdependent Leadership HOW CAN I SUPPORT?

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