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Free Time. Tiempo Libre To go shopping Ir de compras.

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1 Free Time

2 Tiempo Libre

3 To go shopping

4 Ir de compras

5 Do you want to come with me to..??

6 ¿Quieres acompañarme a..?

7 Yes, I would love to

8 Sí, me encantaría

9 busy

10 Ocupado/a/s

11 To rent a video

12 Alquilar un video Remember that this is a verb. In your book, it is presented as “alquilamos un video?” which means, “should we rent a video?”

13 Would you like?

14 ¿Te gustaría?

15 Of Course

16 ¡Claro que sí!

17 happy

18 Alegre

19 Sad

20 Triste

21 Angry/mad

22 Enojado/a/s

23 Calm

24 Tranquilo/a/s

25 Worried

26 Preocupado/a/s

27 Content/pleased/happy

28 Contento/a/s

29 nervous

30 Nervioso/a/s

31 sick

32 Enfermo/a/s

33 To go to the movies Remember that in your textbook it is presented as “van al cine”

34 Ir al cine

35 The movie

36 La Pelicula

37 tired

38 Cansada/o/s

39 The movie theatre

40 El cine

41 To play sports Remember that in your textbook, it is presented as “practica deportes” because the subject is “la comunidad” or “the community” therefore it is conjugated as “practica”.

42 Practicar deportes

43 Excited

44 Emocionado/a/s

45 Depressed

46 Deprimido/a/s

47 I’ll treat you to..

48 Te invito

49 A concert

50 Un concierto

51 With

52 Con Remember that this preposition can be used with all the subject pronouns (él, ella, ud., nosotros, ellos, ellas, ustedes) with the exception of “with me” – “conmigo” and “with you” – “contigo”.

53 Video games

54 videojuegos

55 football

56 Fútbol Americano

57 Every day

58 Todos los días

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