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PLEASE......fill out all sections marked with ** while you wait.

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1 PLEASE......fill out all sections marked with ** while you wait.

2 Nancy Law 607 255 9046 203 Barnes Hall FRESH 2012 Kindly turn off all cell phones and computers CORNELL CAREER SERVICES Remember to check your spam/junk box for emails from Nancy and the Extern Program

3 TODAY An Overview of the FRESH Program Our Procedures and Expectations Guidelines for Student Preparation Problems/Cancellation Procedures Follow-up Procedures after Externship

4 ORIENTATION Expected to stay the whole meeting If you leave, name in upper right hand corner of your completed hold harmless form, and leave in the folder on my chair at front desk. Rigid Procedures High level of student behavior is expected


6 FIRST FLOOR LOBBY OF SPONSORS DOWNTOWN MANHATTAN BUILDING Plan to leave a good first impression. Leave your loved ones at the curb. HORROR STORIES

7 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OF A MAJOR ART MAGAZINE Unprepared to ask intelligent questions Did not demonstrate enthusiasm or motivation. Be prepared and willing to have a good experience.

8 HORROR STORIES One student thought he might be sick the following week. It would be YOUR responsibility to contact the sponsor, and copy us in the apology letter.

9 HORROR STORIES BANKING BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Fell asleep during a conference call and during a client meeting Didnt come prepared and had no questions or input. Sponsor got impression that only Juniors/Seniors are mature and focused enough for shadowing.

10 HORROR STORIES PRODUCER OF TWO LONG-RUNNING BROADWAY SHOWS Passive and shy, and had done no research on the Theatre or the very popular shows the sponsor produces. Take advantage of the opportunity, because sponsors will notice!

11 HORROR STORIES HAVE BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF OFFICE ETIQUETTE If unsure, ask for or to clarify instructions…dont assume you know protocol.

12 HORROR STORIES CROSS-COUNTRY CORPORATE EXTERNSHIP Did not complete the assignment Insisted on using his cell phone, claiming it was his mom. Take experience seriously, it reflects poorly on Cornell, and is disrespectful.

13 HORROR STORIES SPONSOR IN NEW ENGLAND FOR WEEK- LONG EXTERNSHIP Last-minute cancel saying car was not adequate to make the trip; Sponsor forced to work overtime to finish planned research project Plan ahead and dont make excuses.

14 HORROR STORIES OVERNIGHT WITH SPONSOR Respect sponsors personal property including food, phone, pets, books/magazines, cleanliness… Ensure a communication method… Have your sponsors cell number! Meeting off- site ? Lost?

15 HORROR STORIES HIGH LEVEL INVESTMENT BANKER INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW Student began asking rapid- fire questions one after another, as if a reporter or hyper job seeker. Informational interviews are relaxed interactions; seek a mock interview in your college.

16 EXPECTATIONS Your actions influence the way Cornell is viewed by the sponsors colleagues and organization. REPRESENT CORNELL WELL!

17 EXPECTATIONS FULFILL YOUR OBLIGATION S Seemingly benign mistakes can affect you, the organization and Cornell.

18 EXPECTATIONS COMMUNICATION Follow instructions for contacting your sponsor, and remember to communicate in a business-like manner.

19 WHAT TO EXPECT Communication Prepare questions/ideas Discuss activities in advance with sponsor Request an agenda

20 Request 10-15 minute discussion about the organization/industry Reaching your sponsor – it may take a dedicated effort WHAT TO EXPECT Expect Date/Activity changes – if a sponsor cancels: Contact Career Services immediately to attempt to find a replacement, and follow up in writing to sponsor (copy to us) to apologize and thank them for the opportunity.

21 PROBLEMS DURING 2-DAY VISITS Communication is key Call us for advice Discuss/Negotiate with sponsor

22 NOT ENOUGH TO DO? Ask permission to speak to others Read feedback (snapshots online), know expectations

23 Career field meet your interests? Activities as ideas and not expectations CAREER EXPLORATION Build a network of career contacts

24 ASSESS YOUR FIT Work atmosphere Corporate vs. start-up culture Physical workstation (Cubicle? Computer? Travel?)

25 the FRESH Program is not a job search service REMEMBER

26 FOLLOW-UP Send a thank- you note to sponsor within one week of externship. You may confirm your interest in the field, not put the sponsor on the spot for jobs.

27 GUIDELINES Please turn to Page 11

28 GUIDELINES Name of extern(s) matched with sponsor Sponsors gender Preferred address and phone SPONSOR CONTACT SHEET

29 GUIDELINES These are not exclusive Do not let a week go by with only one attempt SPONSOR CONTACT SHEET Preferred method of contact and best time to reach Pay attention to this to facilitate conversation

30 BEWARE OF E-MAIL Guide on p. 6. Ensure communication is positive. Due to his grammar mistake, Wilbur found a position. It just wasnt the one he wanted.

31 Negotiating Dates: Plan to have at least 3-5 business days open for negotiation. You want to fit into your sponsors schedule. GUIDELINES SPONSOR CONTACT SHEET Two Sponsors - Contact both Does one already have a date in mind? If not, Schedule longer one first.

32 Externship Length is specified by sponsor. If you cannot do the time on the form, see us TONIGHT instead of calling/negotiating with sponsor. GUIDELINES SPONSOR CONTACT SHEET

33 Research the organization. Information available on the web, the Career Services library, and JGSM library. Gain more from the experience. Request information from the sponsor. GUIDELINES

34 SPONSOR CHANGES/CANCELLATIONS Sponsor schedules change – If changes create traveling issues, discuss with sponsor or contact us. Externship canceling - Be understanding of security/liability standards, loss of job, etc. Come see us right away for an alternate placement. Nancy Law 607 255 9046 203 Barnes Hall

35 DONT FORGET Proof of vaccinations may need to be provided for certain externships. Proof of Citizenship, if sponsor requires it. Your sponsors contact sheet information.

36 Elevator speech: Introduce yourself and interests, not full statistical summary of your life About the time of an elevator ride Could meet the company president! INTRODUCTIONS & HANDSHAKES

37 LOGISTICS Call the sponsor between February 28 th -March 7 th. Review special contact info: follow any notes, alternate contacts or numbers, or updates to your sponsors availability that week.

38 FIRST CONTACT Suggest what you would like to get from your externship. Review your essays so you remember what YOU said, and the sponsor read! Have in mind your suggestions for dates that might work for you PREPARATION

39 If you get sponsors voicemail, Speak slowly, give your name, phone, email Ask for a good time to call Do not mention for them to call you back FIRST CONTACT VOICEMAIL

40 Introduce yourself. Use their formal name Discuss/confirm date(s) of visit Learn particulars: dress code, security clearance, required forms, and first meeting place Discuss content of externship FIRST CONTACT GOALS

41 Directions to extern site (parking and fees) Meeting place for the first day Arrival and departure times for work hours FIRST CONTACT OTHER PARTICULARS

42 Expected attire Lunch options/arrangements (check in advance what money you will need; dont assume the sponsor will pay). Special arrangements (insurance waivers, security checks, liability clearance, etc.). FIRST CONTACT OTHER PARTICULARS

43 PREPARE EARLY THEY might call you

44 CONFIRMATION LETTER Letter summarizing: The details of your externship, date(s), time, location, first meeting, your interests and what you hope to gain from this experience. Send the letter as soon as possible after the initial call (while conversation is fresh in your mind).

45 CONFIRMATION CALL One week before the externship begins, call to confirm dates, times, and directions. Give your sponsor any change in information about where you can be reached. Check you are on their calendar.

46 PRIVATE PRACTICE PEDIATRICIAN Student waited until 3 weeks after the contact period to reach out to sponsor because he had gotten busy. Sponsor did not receive message well and cancelled. Student did not realize he was being inconsiderate, but finally learned that as a pre-med, he had to be more responsible.

47 INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW PLANNING Planning logistics: Exactly where/when will you meet? Get their cell phone # Be relaxed, treat as a conversation TUTORIAL:

48 INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW PLANNING Types of Informational Interviews Skype/phone In/out of office Over coffee, lunch, or dinner READ: How Does an Informational Interview Work? Kate Lorenz, Editor

49 KEY ELEMENTS IN PLANNING EXTERNSHIPS Be ready to be open about your ideas Know about current campus events/recent construction What to ask your sponsor: What resources to use to research in advance? Basic information about the sponsor (interests, background, career choices/changes)? Do NOT wait until your externship to request informational interviews outside sponsors area.

50 KEY ELEMENTS FOR SUCCESSFUL EXTERNSHIPS Be Responsible - Prepare answers to questions by researching/using experience. Be Outgoing – But not gushy or annoying. Dont force sponsor to engage you in conversation. Self-Assessment Questions – Sell yourself.

51 TIPS AND ADVICE It takes clearance for employees to have visitors, (often requires 3-4 weeks advance notice). Lead the conversation if necessary.

52 TIPS AND ADVICE Be willing to learn all you possibly can. Do not focus on only one aspect or topic of the work situation.

53 VP OF GOLDMAN SACHS Student did not show up nor call the sponsor. The sponsor had confirmed the date. He waited to hear from the sponsor, and never tried to call himself. He lost out on the experience.

54 CULTURAL EXPECTATIONS? If you are new to the American business environment… Or travel cross-country for the externships… Dont assume that cultural norms are the same as you expect! Research!

55 BAD INITIAL PHONE CALL SITUATION Please see us immediately if anything makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy. They wont sponsor again.

56 WHAT DO SPONSORS LOOK FOR IN A STUDENT? Courtesy Professionalism and Preparation #1 Interest and Enthusiasm

57 VP OF MAJOR CORPORATION TOO casual, asking unrelated questions (time for golf). Take opportunity seriously. Use as a learning opportunity.

58 DRESS APPROPRIATE FOR THE BUSINESS SETTING Be aware of the environment and act accordingly. Respect people and their time. Vs. Check and change: ringtones, voicemail, and email signatures!

59 TRAVELING? FIRST IMPRESSIONS DO COUNT! Be sure to review your suit and clothes from the front AND the back!

60 NUTRITIONIST AT A MAJOR HOSPITAL Not all fields are FUN. Be attentive and interested in the opportunity.

61 BUSINESS ETIQUETTE (PAGES 5-6) Email – Spell check and remove signatures. Calling - Do not interrupt a call with Sponsor. Leave productive messages, and be persistent. Voicemail - Check your messages for professionalism. Wireless Etiquette - Cell phones, pagers, Blackberry iPods -- NOT appropriate in the workplace. Dont be too informal.

62 PLASTIC SURGEON IN CALIFORNIA Student lack of commitment and irresponsibility. Take responsibility for your mistakes. Be respectful and mindful of your actions. Timeliness: Ask in advance and BE ON TIME.

63 BUSINESS ETIQUETTE (PAGES 5-6) Respect: Confidentiality Privacy Personal Space


65 EXPECTATIONS OF YOU Behavior Respect basic rules of the field and your Sponsor. Know that you are a guest. Professionalism


67 BUSINESS ETIQUETTE Networking - Meet people, keep in touch. Ask for business cards and send thank-you notes to all involved with you. Consider making a contact card to give to colleagues who ask (not very expensive!).


69 BUSINESS ETIQUETTE Enjoy Yourself! - In a responsible and professional way representative of Cornell.

70 FOLLOW-UP PROCEDURES Resumes: may include the externship experience under other or relevant experience, accurately listing the length as one day/week.


72 KEEP IN MIND: Tell us: contact sheet errors Be patient with sponsor and schedule Attempt to schedule a time to talk, even if email preferred Sponsor does not have Guidelines, may be less prepared Ask pronunciation of names

73 STATEMENT OF PARTICIPATION Cancel: explain in writing in advance, and will copy the Extern office on the message Complete the written student evaluation. Understand that I am NOT covered by Cornell insurance, and may or may not be covered by the employer, in the event of injury, accidents, personal loss, or other occurrences during the externship. If do not follow through, I will lose future externship eligibility.

74 REMEMBER...fill out all sections marked with **

75 CONTACT SHEETS A-K: Front of room L-Z: Back of room

76 CONTACT US Rita Boratav 607 255 6399 Nancy Law 607 255 9046 Or stop by 203 Barnes Hall!

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