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CLIC-ILC collaborations on detectors F. Richard LAL/Orsay PAC Valencia May 20101.

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1 CLIC-ILC collaborations on detectors F. Richard LAL/Orsay PAC Valencia May 20101

2 Introduction 1/2 In the recent past the CLIC detector effort has been growing fast with about ~10 FTE being already active at CERN CLIC has joined ILC R&D teams formally signing MoUs with the major collaborations The cooperation with ILD and SiD is progressing well CLIC has decided, in view of its CDR due beginning of 2011, to adapt these two validated concepts to its needs (including the push/pull scheme) PAC Valencia May 20102

3 Introduction 2/2 CLIC has already benefited from the tools of ILC used for simulation/reconstruction for physics analysis and detector optimization It is hoped that CLIC and, more specifically CERN, will help ILC detectors in various ways ILCSC recognizes these synergies and encourages the RD, S. Yamada, to promote such collaborations Here I will try to review the situation recalling the context PAC Valencia May 20103

4 Some challenges for detectors at CLIC 0.5 ns between bunches which requires aggressive time stamping (10 ns for µvertex) At 3 TEV, large beamstrahlung induced  background in the forward region Tight IR stabilization tolerances (~ILC/100=0.5 nm) which requires a special support for QD0 HCAL jet containment requires a W absorber Detectors for CLIC SiD’ ~+20% 5T ILD’ ~+10% 4T PAC Valencia May 20104

5 SiD’ & ILD’ PAC Valencia May 20105

6 Common CLIC/ILC challenges and synergies Driving costs are EM calorimetry (mostly ECAL) and the coil R&D on coil (meetings Oct 2009 year, next on 18 May) is being discussed at CERN Help is asked from CERN on negotiations with industry for Si sensors for the ECAL PAC Valencia May 20106

7 Other topics of collaboration Push pull (CERN specialists on CMS), QD0 stabilization and forward detector detector integration Development of common software tools (PFLOW) for detector performance studies at 1 TeV and beyond Test beams: CERN is considering hiring a dedicated person Participation to CLIC CDR: main editors are Harry Weerts (SiD), Marcel Stanistzki (SiD), Akiya Miyamoto (ILD) and Lucie Linssen (CLIC) PAC Valencia May 20107

8 The CLIC/ILC working group on detectors ILCSC has encouraged formation of a CLIC/ILC General Issues working group on detectors by the two parties with the following mandate: – Promoting the physics and the detectors of the Linear Collider – Identifying synergies between the detectors of ILC and CLIC in performance studies, detector R&D, and software tools – Discussing detailed plans for the ILC and CLIC efforts, in order to explore possible collaborations on issues such as critical R&D on sub-detectors, coil studies, push-pull mechanism and MDI aspects – Discussing a possible format of collaboration between the ILC validated detector groups and CLIC PAC Valencia May 20108

9 Composition In practice the RD has called a 1 st informal meeting after LCWS10 in Beijing with the CLIC-ILC working group on detectors: S. Yamada (RD, chair), L. Linssen (CLIC/CERN co-chair), M. Demarteau (R&D panel SiD), F. Richard (RD EB), F. Sefkow (CALICE/ILD nominated by CLIC), M. Stanitzki (SiD), M. Thomson (ILD) Further phone meetings are planned In the future, the conclusions of the working group will be reported to the ILCSC and CLIC Steering Committee PAC Valencia May 20109

10 A World Wide Study issue Up to now there were separate detector/physics workshops for ILC and CLIC The WWS thinks that for the next workshops on Physics & Detectors there should be CLIC detector representatives in the Program Organizing Committee This is (and was) already true for the ECFA regional workshop (next ECFA WS October 18-22 at CERN) Will become true for Asian and NA workshops and for the international LCWS organized by the WWS –OC PAC Valencia May 201010

11 Towards a Common Strategy ? Combine our scarce resources avoiding duplication Promote a LC as the next HEP machine, avoiding conflicting strategies and delivering clear messages to the community Ultimately the chosen technology should depend on physics (LHC/TeVatron) and technical feasibility ILC TDR+DBD and CLIC CDR will be used in 2012 to update the CERN strategy on Linear Colliders Note also the recent initiative from CERN opening a position for a Linear Collider Studies Leader for both the accelerator and detector studies, which also points in the direction of a common strategy PAC Valencia May 201011

12 Conclusions Continuous progress on CLIC-ILC collaborations on detectors with large synergies around the same detector concepts To achieve more, we need to draw the whole picture of what is happening and of what can be planned in the future To do this, the CLIC-ILC working group has just started From now on, the regional and the global workshops on LC detectors will be organized with the participation of CLIC representatives PAC Valencia May 201012

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