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Grow Our Garden Unitarian-Universalist Church of Roanoke Annual Giving – 2013-2014.

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1 Grow Our Garden Unitarian-Universalist Church of Roanoke Annual Giving –

2 Fruits of Last Season What your support provided in

3 Fruits of Last Season Hired Rev. David Owen-O’Quill to help us develop and prepare for our next settled minister Hired Dawn Rees-Blakeman as Director of Lifespan Faith Development to help update and improve children’s programming as well as reinvigorate our adult programs Hired Christina Adams as our Youth Director to build upon the momentum in our Youth Group What your support provided in

4 IT IS TIME TO PLANT OUR SEEDS FOR THE FUTURE What will our garden grow in the coming year?

5 Conduct the search for our new settled minister -- or -- Continue transitional leadership with an interim minister to serve another 1-2 year term (after 2014) This giving season, we need to: 1 When we search for a new minister, candidates will look carefully at our stewardship levels and our financial health. Stewardship levels indicate financial health and sustainability. The outcome of a future ministerial search depends on our shared financial commitment today.

6 Address longstanding inequity in employee benefits; bring salaries & benefits into parity Support our growth in community involvement, outreach, and new social action initiatives Improve programs and services to members Increase (replace curricula) for Lifespan Faith Development Increase number of guest speakers Make services more available to the hard of hearing This giving season, we need to: 2 34 Support youth group

7 To meet our goals, we need to increase our fund-raising by $37,500 above last year’s revenue

8 WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO GROW OUR GARDEN AT UUCR? What is takes is faith – in one another in the promise of this community We ask that you commit to this place knowing what a difference we can make if we commit together. Ask yourself: How do I feel about my previous giving in relation to the gifts that I have been given? Have I been giving until it feels good? Can I increase my gift to the next giving level?

9 Supporter - The congregation is a significant part of your life, and it supports your spiritual growth. Sustainer - The congregation is central to your identity, and you are committed to sustaining the programs and ministries of the church. Visionary - You are committed to both the present and future growth of the congregation “Tither” – You designate 10% of your income as a way of living out your spiritual principles

10 How to make your annual gift: 1 See a member of the Annual Giving team after services March to pick up your pledge card If you cannot pick up, your card will be mailed to you 2 Listen to input and discussion during the Annual Giving events Reflect on your gift level and commitment to UUCR – talk it over with other members in your household 3 On April 7, return your pledge card at the worship service Alternatively, Pledge online at:

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