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Impact of Globalization on Tradition and Culture

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1 Impact of Globalization on Tradition and Culture
Lesson 6

2 What is culture?

3 A shared system of behaviors and customs passed from one generation to the next.
Language, religion, family systems, recreation, and education that a group of people share. All cultures have some unique forms of communication. Cultures are complex and evolving they change over time. External forces can also have powerful influences of culture, including economic and political forces.

4 The impact globalization has had on culture is harder to quantify than the impact in other areas such as prices or rates of economic growth. It is difficult to measure, however, we can see it happening.

5 Two views… Critics point to the rapid loss of local languages, art, and music as direct consequence of globalization; local and national cultures have been ‘crowded out’ by western popular culture as depicted in music and movies.

6 Proponents of globalization… maintain that because of free trade, local and national cultures are allowed to extend beyond geographic and political boundaries therefore increases the variety of products and cultures available in all nations.

7 For example, when it becomes easier to trade with Morocco, or to travel to and from Morocco, people around the world are able to purchase and enjoy Moroccan art, which allows Moroccan artists to prosper and reach new audiences.

8 Defining Culture Lesson 6 Activity 1

9 Your School Culture Lesson 6 Activity 2

10 Global Impact on Youth Culture
Lesson 6 Activity 3


12 Coca-Cola

13 Red Cross

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