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Silicon on Insulator Advanced Electronic Devices Karthik Swaminathan.

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1 Silicon on Insulator Advanced Electronic Devices Karthik Swaminathan

2 Reasons for SOI Replacement for SOS Need to extend Moore’s Law Commercial Availability of SOI wafers

3 Advantages of SOI Reduced Source and Drain to Substrate Capacitance. Absence of Latchup. Lower Passive current. Denser Layout  Low cost.

4 SOI Wafer Fabrication Bond and Etch Back SIMOX (Separation by IMplantation Of oXygen) SIMON(Separation by IMplantation Of Nitrogen)

5 heat silicon BOX SIMOX

6 Fully Depleted (FD) SOI This is what you expect. FDSOI MOSFET Depleted channel.

7 Partially Depleted (PD) SOI What if active Si layer is thick ? Body in channel floating  Floating body effect.

8 Is SOI just in the textbooks ? 1987IBIS’s commercial SIMOX wafers (3’’ – 6’’) 1988HP’s 2GHz CMOS circuit 1989TI’s commercial 64k SRAM March 2004Apple’s Xserve G5 End 2004AMD 90nm processor

9 Novel SOI Devices Dual gate SOI. SOI Single electron transistors.

10 Double-Gate SOI MOSFET ITRS roadmap – dual gate SOI at 15nm. Thick gate oxide to ensure equal thickness on both sides. IEEE Tran on Elec. Dev. 50,3,March 2003,Ultimately Thin Double-Gate SOI MOSFETs Thomas Ernst et al.

11 Issues – Negative resist for EBL PMMA resist is a good positive resist for EBL. Do we have a good negative EBL resist  high resolution. NO  alternate techniques.

12 Negative Resist – SOI ? EBL. Plasma oxidation. Etching of amorphous silicon. BOX removal.

13 Negative resist – silicon ? EBL Plasma oxidation Electron cyclotron resonance chlorine etching of silicon.


15 TEM image of trenches

16 AFM image of SET

17 Conductance Oscillations Vds = 10mV

18 SET by pattern dependent oxidation

19 Pattern dependent oxidation

20 Thermal gate oxidation. Oxygen diffuses through the BOX and reaches the pattern edges which are oxidized. Stresses due to volume change prevent oxidation of the island.

21 Conductance Oscillations Ld=50nm Vds = 1mV

22 Conductance Oscillations Ld=70nm Vds = 1mV

23 Conductance Oscillations Ld=100nm Vds = 1mV

24 Gate capacitance vs Ld

25 Summary Future devices will involve SOI. SOI provides certain benefits over bulk CMOS for smaller gate lengths. SOI SETs may become a promising technology in the future.

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