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Examples of Missing Links in European Trans Border Rail Connections Michal Len 25/01/2012 Brussels.

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1 Examples of Missing Links in European Trans Border Rail Connections Michal Len 25/01/2012 Brussels

2 Presentation structure Main aims of the project Methodology Quick guided tour of the map Next Steps

3 Motivation behind the project The EP asks the Commission to set out a selection of examples of regional trans-border rail connections, which have been dismantled or abandoned, favouring especially those which could interconnect with TEN-T § 40 in EP resolution P6_TA(2009)0258 of 22 April 2009 - TEN-T Green Paper

4 Project objectives To identify missing links in regional cross border rail connections outside of the TEN-T Focus primarily on EU-27 Represent findings in the form of a map

5 Method Used 2010 base map provided by Eurogeographics and a number of freely available online sources to identify and describe trans border rail connections – Sources included, EGTRE, EPF... – Idea not to reinvent wheel but add value to information available Out of 346 links identified, 126 were excluded from the scope as they are part of TEN-T. Identification of TEN-T crossings in cooperation with DG Move Classification system devised to group remaining connections to identify missing links

6 Classification of missing links Classification Number Explanation 0No reported issues at cross border connection 1Line intact but out of order/closed 2Line exists but PAX must change trains to cross the border 3Line used to exist but physical infrastructure lifted 4Cross border connection never existed but stations on either side of the border < 20 km of each other 5Connection exists but local intermediate stations no longer served by train 6Unknown Status 7Speed restrictions exist on the line 8Transhipment 9Bogie Change Description for mapClassification number Missing Links1, 3, (4) Problematic Links2, 5, 7, 8, 9 No Issues Reported0

7 Selection of information gathered for each crossing Assigned an ID number Names of closest border stations either side of the border Is the connection in TENT or not? Missing Link Category What is/was the purpose of the track i.e. PAX, freight, or both Number of trains using crossing/day Notes (i.e. From external verification, information sources etc) Links to sources Verification: Once criteria filled in to best of ability, data sent to external sources for verification. Verifiers included infrastructure managers, operators, research institutes etc. All notes/comments duly noted and sourced within main dataset. Not all links verified externally at the moment, however, links to sources of information can be used to triangulate data Data for each connection

8 Dataset and Map Tour In total 83 Missing links identified (i.e. closed/abandoned/dismantled lines) 27 interesting examples of missing links chosen based on evidence of campaigns to reopen such connections Data mapped using GIS Maps then transferred from GIS into Google Earth Now lets take a look!

9 Next Steps... Short term: Available on Greens/EFA website in form of files which can be opened in Google Earth Long term: integrate Google Maps into Greens/EFA website for direct viewing Will make explicit that it is a work in progress and will be periodically updated Will complement ongoing initiatives and studies

10 Thank you

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