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MCCEE, CaRMS, & Interviews Jocelin Desjardins McLeod.

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1 MCCEE, CaRMS, & Interviews Jocelin Desjardins McLeod

2  Plan to go back if you are thinking about it at all. (Easy to change your mind.)  If you have time, write your USMLEs.  Decide on your specialty early.  Take all opportunities to do electives/GP/PRINT in Canada and the States.  Make sure your application is NOT one- dimensional.


4  Start in 4 th year (end of 3 rd )  Come up with a study plan  Helpful resources: Toronto Notes, USMLE First Aid CK Step 2, Kaplan USMLE Step 2 Videos, USMLE World, Canada Q bank (?). Don’t use too many!  Self administered exam on MCC site  Question banks for last 4-6 weeks  Don’t study all the time!

5  GP focus (read that section of Toronto Notes), Question banks ++  Bring ear plugs  Testing Centre is in Sydney CBD  175 questions, 25 don’t count  You can take breaks if you want (but make sure to plan this).

6 Family Interview Scores of USYD Grads 2010:

7  PCRC  Medical Council of Canada  CaRMS  Ontario Family Medicine  USMLE World  Illegal Kaplan Step 2 videos  Canada Q bank

8  Start early (pre-register in August)  Organize references early (aim for 4-5 references)  Keep resume (long and short) up to date  Look at past personal statement questions and think about what you might talk about  Follow their timeline. Call them if you have questions.

9  Programs start contacting applicants in December (over a month)  Practice interview questions (especially for Family medicine)- similar questions every year!  Have examples ready for each scenario  Go to the ‘Interview day’ in Toronto in December  Go to as many interviews as you can (any programs you plan to rank).






15  IMG spots in most provinces have ROS  Manitoba – no ROS except in Remote  2 nd round- chance to have no ROS  ROS contracts changing each year- now most specialties only require you to be working outside of major cities (ex. Toronto or Ottawa)  PRP for most programs are mandatory  Subspecialties and Fellowships

16  2010 class:  ~30-35 Canadians  ~15 people wrote the EE last year  ~10 applied to CaRMS, 1 to US & Canada  7 people interviewed in Canada  3 matched to Family in first iteration  1 matched to radiology in US match  3 going into the 2 nd iteration and post match

17  MCCEE Score- 418, No USMLE exams  Experience in Canada (24 weeks in total: 8 GP in BC, 4 GP in Toronto, 4 GP in Collingwood, 4 peds in Windsor, 4 Cardio in Sudbury), Ambulance ride- outs  Rural Oz experience in Lismore and with the Royal Flying Doctors  2 Canadian GP references, 1 Nepean, 3 peds consultants for my peds programs- 2 Canadian, 1 Oz  Honours Research, awarded a Medical Deans Grant, no papers published  Final year Usyd Prizes: Obs and Gyne awards, Critical Care award, Anesthesia Prize

18  NAMSA Exec, UniMed, Surf Livesaving  Various memberships to clubs, Med Review  My years prior to med school: McGill academic all Canadian, Varsity swimming, Varsity Team Captain, Olympic Trials, swim coaching, lifeguarding and supervising  Matched to Greater Toronto Family (1st choice of 17), applied to a few peds programs, but mostly family.  Interviewed at most, but didn't get MAC peds and didn’t go to Western peds)

19  MCCEE score-346, no USMLE exams  Electives/PRINT/GP in Canada- 24 weeks total.  References: All Canadian; one psych, one GP and one Emerg.  Honours Project –clinical research, no papers published, Nepean Research Day  Masters research pre-med (included research grants, conference awards, poster presentations etc.)  NAMSA member, exec, GPSN member, Medsoc member  Matched to: Hamilton Family Medicine, McMaster (3rd choice out of 7 applied to)  Interviewed for Ontario family, but did not go to Memorial Family

20  MCCEE score 415, no USMLE exams  Electives: 4 weeks FM in BC victoria youth clinic, 4 week FM BC rural GP clinic and 4 weeks internal at Toronto general - 12 weeks total, did PRINT and GP in Oz  References: consultant of internal med at Toronto general, 2x GP in BC and renal consultant at concord hospital  Concord mentoring program, bit of research prior to med school but no published papers  Applied for only FM, all positions in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland (18 programs)  Interviewed in Ontario and Manitoba. Did not get Saskatchewan (ACLS?) and did not travel to Memorial.

21  St George University, Grenada  MCCEE score 413, USMLE step 1 and 2 CS and CK completed & did well  Electives = 4 weeks neuro at NOSM, 4 weeks FM in Sask, 6 weeks psych in BC, others in the US  Had 7 interviews in US for neurology (applied to alot of neuro programs there)  Applied for a variety of programs in Canada (psych, derm, IM, FM, urology, opth, neuro, neurosurg)- Got interviews for all except neurosur: IM for toronto, dalhousie, FM for ontario, manitoba, newfoundland, sach, neuro for northern ont, derm toronto, psych toronto  Different personal letters for each program: did them through a company on internet that edits and makes recommendations - very expensive but may have been good  ++ Canadian references  Volunteer work in grenada, no research or publications, some lab work prior to med  Friends from SGU got derm ottawa, psych toronto, 2x ER toronto, radiation onc mcmaster, 2xFM toronto, radiology toronto, fm alberta

22  Person 1: EE score 357, Unimed,Teaching English overseas, 16 weeks of Canadian ‘electives’ (PRINT and GP but not electives), Canadian references  Person 2: EE score 340, NAMSA exec, Unimed, some research prior to med, 16 weeks of Canadian electives (no PRINT), Canadian references

23  MCCEE 475  USMLE 1 and th percentile  Radiology electives in US (not Canada)  Had ~18 interviews across the US

24  Match always favours the applicant  EE score isn’t everything, but it helps  Experience in Canada is ++ important  Canadian references  Keep resume up to date (long and short)  Planning- Family Medicine vs. Specialty

25  Jocelin Desjardins McLeod  Malcolm McLeod Ps. Fly Air Canada

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