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In order to check acts of harassment and crime against tourists, Several states have already deployed or are planning to deploy tourist police, like.

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3 In order to check acts of harassment and crime against tourists, Several states have already deployed or are planning to deploy tourist police, like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Goa, Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh, which give tourists information on Law, customs, culture and attractions in the local community. In India, Kochi in Kerala has become the first city in the country to have a tourist specific police station established in year 2010.


5 Sukhna Lake






11 Over the past 10 years, India has been working to develop a nationwide Tourist Police organization. As one of the fastest growing industries in India, tourism has brought new jobs in the hospitality, construction, and services sectors. This increase in travelers has also brought a rise of unfortunate incidents involving foreign nationals. Most common are schemes designed to fleece tourists of their money or valuables. The following issues needs a separate Tourist Police in Chandigarh Territory :-

12 One of the fastest growing industries in India is the Tourism Industry. Hence, there is a need of separate personnel to look after the needs of the tourists. To manage the tourist enquires and complaints and ensure that the language barrier doesnt hamper the enjoyment or security.

13 To create a hassle free, secure, safe & memorable experience to all tourists within Chandigarh. To build up confidence for the tourists regarding their safety. To entertain tourists & their complaints courteously, record complaints and implement necessary actions in a professional manner. Contd- -

14 Conducting surveillances and gathering information regarding the misconducts done by the tourists and monitoring the dishonest organizations linked within the tourism trade. To associate with the tourist service providers and introducing safety measures for the tourists for their travel within Chandigarh. Contd--

15 Conducting awareness programs for the various sorts of the Tourist Service Providers in order to minimize issues which are being risen for better improvement of tourism in India. --

16 Aimed to develop knowledge and attitudes among Police officers on under mentioned aspects ; Orientation of foreign languages Awareness of the law enforcement related to the tourism

17 Awareness of following sectors in order to minimize practical issues; Immigration procedures Existing custom procedures Import-Export procedures


19 Total Strength-19 (Const.s 15+ L/Const.s 4) Incharge (Inspector) Duty Roaster maintained by MHC (Head constable) at PHQ-9

20 ISBT-43 I/C PP-ISBT-43 Strength (ORs-4 ) Sec.17-Plaza I/C PP-Neelam Strength ( 2 ORs) PP- Lake I/C PP-Lake Strength (ORs-6 ) Rose Garden I/C PP-Neelam Strength (ORs-3 ) Rock Garden I/C PP- Lake Strength (ORs-4)

21 Avoid harassment to the tourist by touts. Help tourist in getting transport and lodging at appropriate rate and without much hassle at Railway Station, Airports Bus Terminals, important tourist places, malls etc.

22 Provide safety and security against cheats and bag lifters etc. at these places. Contain crime like pick pocketing, eve-teasing (harassment), drugging etc. Provide information related to the city or region and other adjoining tourist places.

23 Guide the tourist about the location of tourist places, distance and available transport to reach desired destination.

24 Help tourist in procuring tickets for museums, resorts, transports, movies and also to protect them from touts and black marketers..


26 Help tourists in general problem solving regarding their stay in the city. Guide tourists about local of Art and Culture, Shops, Banks, Phones etc. Guide tourists on local conditions of law and order, security and hazards and places of medical help.

27 Guide tourists on matters relating to passport, visas, exchange of currency, and immigration issues. Help sorting out matters like sickness, loss of theft of belonging, assault or involvement in criminal cases. Guide with local custom and tradition. -.-

28 The tourism police will help the tourists in case of any emergency and will provide safety and security against unscrupulous people. The special squad would also guide the tourists on maintaining local law and order and help them on matters concerning medical help, passport, visas, currency exchange, immigration issues and residential permits.

29 In Chandigarh, the Department of Tourism sponsors the special squad to train at Chandigarh Institute of Hotel Management. They are provided the basics of English, Italian and French language to help them effectively interact with foreigners coming from different parts of the world. The training module covers subjects like hygiene, self grooming, stress management, leadership, motivation, social mannerism, basics of the tourism and tourism action plan of the city.

30 Proper training is being imparted to 30 more ORs at Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management, Sector 42, Chandigarh in order to strengthen the Tourist Police Unit Tourist Police Counters may be established at ISBT -43 & ISBT-17, Chandigarh.

31 Proposals may be made to constitute tourist counters at Airport, Railway Station and Art and Museum Gallery Sec. 10, Chandigarh. Separate uniforms and insignia may be provided to Tourist Force to distinguish them from General Police. Coordination to be developed to exchange informations with Tourist Agents and Foreign Tourist Guides.


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