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Animal Experimentation – an Introduction Made in the interest of Animals by FIAPO. Please direct any queries to Alokparna Sengupta at

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1 Animal Experimentation – an Introduction Made in the interest of Animals by FIAPO. Please direct any queries to Alokparna Sengupta at Alokparna Sengupta Coordinator, FIAPO

2 Animal Experimentation

3 RegulatoryEducationBasic research Educational institutions Government research Private institutions Private Discovery Government research CRO Pharmacy Veterinary Medical Schools Life Sciences



6 Basic Research Fundamental biological and medical research –Drug discovery –Discovery of other products such as pesticides, cosmetics, vaccines Developing new treatments for diseases Preparations of natural products used in medical research and treatment Study of genetic disorders Development of new diagnostic tests for diseases In biology and medical education




10 Education Animals are used in secondary and higher secondary school - Dissection Animals are experimented on in Undergraduate studies  Life Sciences  Medical courses  Veterinary courses  Pharmacy courses



13 Regulatory Testing Regulatory testing is such that is mandated by the Government authorities in India This mandate is for 2 purposes: –Clinical or Human Testing –Marketing

14 Toxicity testing

15 What is Toxicity testing? Toxicity testing or safety testing is defined as the study of the adverse effects of chemical and physical agents on biological systems. Toxicity testing can be of various kinds - In vitro, In vivo or In silico.  Scientists themselves are open and encouraging about this  Alternatives are already present and are still in the development process  After NAS’ 2007 report of “Toxicity testing in the 21 st Century: A vision and a strategy”  HSUS, HSI and HSLF, along with NIH, CAAT and various other stakeholders are working together  A global campaign to promote greater reliance on proven non-animal testing methods  India’s participation starts with the Toxicity paper Why is it prevalent?




19 Animal Experimentation Since March, 2011

20 FIAPO-HSI Toxicity Paper Titled the “ Status of Toxicity Testing in India”, the paper focuses on toxicity safety testing regulations in India The aim of this paper is to:  Identify stakeholders in toxicity testing work.  Identify toxicity testing requirements for regulatory approval in India of Biologicals, Drugs, Foods, Pesticides, Cosmetics and Industrial Chemicals in the country.  Identify key individuals and agencies involved in chemical safety regulation and in toxicity testing.  Identify progressive Indian scientists

21  Research - Books, articles, journals on Toxicity  Online research  Interviews with scientists  Enrolling into various “lab animal courses” at various research institutes  No Indian data available  RTIs sent to specific 35 research institutions and plan to continue to cover more institutions: 30,000 animals among only 4 institutions.  Met with Dr Andrew Rowan for a briefing  Draft presented in September, 2011  Paper reviewed by experts  Final paper ready. FIAPO-HSI Toxicity Paper Process

22 Where the paper directed us…  Regulatory authorities  Scientists, scientists and more of them  Seminar series- Look all around to bring in experts for knowledge and information and India’s involvement in the global revolution  The public - to spread awareness FIAPO-HSI Toxicity Paper

23 Regulatory authorities:  Ministry of Health & Family Welfare  Bureau of Indian Standards  Central Insecticide Board, Ministry of Agriculture  Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments in Animals (CPCSEA) FIAPO-HSI Toxicity Paper Scientists:  Long meetings with scientists to understand the ever evolving regulatory change taking place  Initiation of a network of Indian scientists from promoting welfare in animal experiments  First meeting held in January  First presentation in February at a one-day conference in Hyderabad (LASA)  Next presentation in April at Hyderabad at a 2-day conference (LASAI)

24 Seminar series:  First Seminar series held in December with Dr Thomas Hartung, Director, CAAT, Johns Hopkins University  Half day sessions at Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow and National Institution, Hyderabad  More than 300 participants at these events  Recruited some Network participants here too  Great opportunity for networking and furthering our regulatory procedures too  Second series last week with Dr Andrew Rowan, CEO, HSI FIAPO-HSI Toxicity Paper Public outreach :  Cosmetic Testing campaign – Awakening the public to a new view, petitions, demonstrations, promotion of cruelty free organizations  Household testing campaign  Pesticide campaigns - Bring about awareness to the public with mailers and petitions when the time is appropriate  Involving the animal welfare community – Regular fortnightly updates, petitions, exercises, surveys, etc  An annual report also in process

25 Seminar by Dr. Thomas Hartung

26 Seminar by Dr. Andrew Rowan


28 Q&A

29 Thank you!

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