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Gas station solutions CONVERTEAM World Leader in Power Conversion

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1 Gas station solutions CONVERTEAM World Leader in Power Conversion

2 GE Energy completes acquisition of Converteam on September 2, 2011
Converteam is now part of Energy Management Business within GE Energy Converteam becomes GE Energy’s centre of excellence for power conversion innovative technology GE Energy and Converteam: Complementary strengths to create a winning platform for success Complementing GE Energy’s portfolio with capabilities in energy conversion, industrial, automation, and process efficiency Broadening electric powered systems’ offering: Integrated solutions Entire value chain from power generation and static power conversion to power quality and energy storage

3 Regional organization for customer proximity
5,488 employees Rugby 1.553 28% Massy 1.158 21% Northern Europe 845 15% Central, Eastern Europe and Russia 568 10% North America Berlin Asia 556 10% Pittsburgh Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa 527 10% Shanghai Belo Horizonte 195 4% South & Central Americas 86 2% RoW RoW A highly educated company 60% of the workforce with a Bachelor or Master’s degree minimum Partnerships with Universities, Engineering schools Permanent education as a key success factor: 80% of workforce trained at least yearly Competency management: our priority Permanent screening of key competencies and development plans to secure long-term availability Knowledge management systems in place College of Experts and Converteam Academy We make our competencies available to our customers locally

4 Our global footprint 8 Converter factories 4 Electrical machines factories 45 Regional Business Centers Nancy, France Established in 1898, new factory in 2002 ; Manuf. area: sqm UK Kidsgrove Glasgow 12 Engineering Centers Rugby, United Kingdom Established in 1889 Manuf. area: sqm FRANCE Massy GERMANY Berlin Yantai, China Established in 2009 Manuf. area: sqm USA Pittsburgh BRAZIL Belo Horizonte Minneapolis, USA Established in 1897 Manuf. area: sqm CHINA Shanghai Chennai INDIA BRAZIL Belo Horizonte 100% of our engineering and production sites certified ISO 9001, 100% certified ISO or on the process.Total safety including our customers and suppliers

5 Our playground We provide power conversion solutions
Renewables Oil & Gas & Offshore 11% 23% Power Renewables Power Marine 18% Industry Oil & Gas and Offshore 18% Industry Services Services 18% 12% We provide power conversion solutions across all energy infrastructure markets


7 Global design for VSI Drivers
Think about system efficiency on the Electrical Network Moto-compressor Converteam helps customer to design switchgear MV7000 drive with IGBTs 700 drives built High frequency waveform adapted to motors 6 KV Switchgear Transformer High technology 35KV Designed by Converteam Designed & manufactured By General Electric team Harmonics filter Not necessary with VSI solution VSI = Voltage source inverter PWM= Pulse width modulation

8 Local battery (Inside C shelter)
Etrez project France (2 x 8.5MW rpm) Shelters D & C Shelter Drive Shelter Control Local battery (Inside C shelter)

9 Roussines France 3 x 13MW 1700rpm

10 Saih Rawl project OMAN (4 x 27.2 MW 1500 rpm)

11 Cherré France 4 x 6MW 10000rpm Replacement of Gas Turbine by VSI Electrical Drive

12 Gas transport & storage in France
Since 2002: 40 Converteam systems already ordered Our french references (18 gas stations) Cherré (1) units units Laneuvelotte (2) units Roussines (3) units Chemery (4) unit Cuvilly (5) units OSCAR1 Courthezon (7) units OSCAR1 Auvers (8) units OSCAR1 Evry Gregy (9) units Laneuvelotte 2 (10) units Lussagnet (13) unit Sauveterre (14) unit Beynes (11) units OSCAR2 St Victor (12) 2 units OSCAR2 Fontenay (15) 2 units OSCAR2 St Avit (16) units St Illiers(17) units Céré La Ronde (18) unit Beynes (11) 2011 ext 2 units Etrez (6) units Cuvilly (5) ext 1 unit 17 5 10 11 15 9 2 1 8 4 18 3 6 12 16 14 7 13 1994 premier MGV à Donges raffinerie de Total

13 Gas references in Europe (transport & storage)
MGV HIGH SPEED SOLUTIONS NORWAY (subsea project) 1 high speed motor 12,5MW at rpm UNITED KINGDOM 12 high speed motors from 5 to 10,4MW between 8000 to rpm GERMANY 25 high speed motors from 2 to 9MW NETHERLANDS 16 high speed motors from 3 to 7MW between 8000 to rpm AUSTRIA 9 high speed motors 7.7MW Between 7000 to 11800rpm FRANCE 20 high speed motors from 5M to 9MW Between 7000 to 11000rpm

14 References above 14 MW

15 Thank you for your attention
CONVERTEAM - World Leader in Power Conversion This document contains confidential and proprietary information of Converteam and must not be used for any purpose other than that for which it is supplied by Converteam. Its contents must not be disclosed to any other person nor copied in whole or in part without the prior written consent of Converteam.

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