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Cab’s in Australia By: Jack Atkinson.

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1 Cab’s in Australia By: Jack Atkinson

2 Taxicabs in Australia. Taxi’s were originally horse drawn cabs that wandered around the city. They were most common in Brisbane, Queensland. Brisbane had the first horse drawn taxi in Australia. Even after the motor taxi’s came to Australia in 1906 Brisbane still used the horse drawn taxi until the 1920’s.

3 Motor Vehicle Taxi’s The motor vehicle taxi’s were first in Britain but soon made there way to Australia. Motor taxi’s in Australia were first in Sydney but soon made their way to other places like Queensland.

4 Taxicabs in Australia (Continued)
Brisbane put a lot of it’s cabs in front of the Parliament House of Brisbane in Alice street, and the Supreme Court of Queensland. Some larger taxi companies had telephone boxes in suburban and city banks.

5 New South Wales The state of New South Wales, has over 6,000 cabs and over 22,700 drivers. New South Wales has the most drivers and cabs in Australia.

6 Queensland In Queensland they had signs on the taxi’s that said “For Hire” on them. They are in the Yellow Cab Company.

7 Victoria All of the taxis have to be canary yellow.

8 The End.

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