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Dr. Soe Win Director-General, Department of Higher Education(Upper Myanmar) Ministry of Education and Aung Than Tutor, Department of Statistics, Meiktila.

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1 Dr. Soe Win Director-General, Department of Higher Education(Upper Myanmar) Ministry of Education and Aung Than Tutor, Department of Statistics, Meiktila Institute of Economics Ministry of Education

2 Introduction The Republic of the Union of Myanmar situated in South Eastern Asia total land area is 677,000 China, Laos, Thailand, India and Bangladesh are neighbors enjoys a tropical monsoon climate population is estimated over 59 million in 2010 with almost 70% of the population living in rural areas

3 Myanmar Administration Democratic Government Administration in two tires: Union government State or Regional government 5-year periodically election Union of 7 states and 7 Regions with seats of government located in the central city, Nay Pyi Taw.

4 We emphasize on - From Agro-based Economy to Industrialized Economy To Strengthen Scientific Knowledge and Technological Development Building of modern industrialized nation through - the agricultural development and all-round development of other sectors of the economy; developing the electric power and energy sectors to be in conformity with the developing trend of industries; having continuous development for the infrastructure sector and realizing balanced economy and all-round development of the economy

5 Statistical System in Myanmar Central Statistical Organization (CSO) functioning on a national level since 1952 Some ministries set up their own planning and statistical departments. Other ministries have separate statistical units in Ministry level as well as Department level.

6 Science and Technology Indicators Cannot get S&T Indicators directly because there is no institution responsible for collecting them. Respective ministries conduct required surveys and collect data. By using these data, we can extract the related data and collect the S&T related indicators.

7 Sources of data, generally Primary Source Administrative Records of Related Ministries Secondary Source Statistical Yearbook Handbook on Human Resources Development Indicators Soci0economic Development in Myanmar

8 Research and Development Myanmar produce R&D statistics and indicators indirectly. Rarely to do R&D Survey because each ministry compute the statistics according to their requirements. Ministry of Education conducts research in the field of social sciences, arts and natural sciences.

9 Research and Training Centers under the Ministry of Education Universities Research Center Asia Research Center Marine Science Research and Training Center Set-se Aquaculture Research Center Myanmar-India Center for English Language Training Myanmar-India Entrepreneurship Development Center

10 30-year Long-term Education Development Plan 2001/02 FY – 2030/31 FY The six core areas under focus are:  Development of human resource  Utilization of technology  Expansion of research  Development of a lifelong learning society  Promotion of the quality of education and  Preservation of national identity and national values.

11 Researches under Ministry of Education Source: Ministry of Education, 2011 Note: UsRJ means Universities Research Journal. MAAS means Myanmar Academy of Arts and Sciences. URJ means University Research Journal which is published by each university. Types FinishedOperating Published FieldsUsRJ 1UsRJ 2UsRJ 3MAASURJ 1URJ 2Total Arts1987958287734208154123624 Natural Sciences 174798674120795501621211106 Social Sciences291788133551814111 Total402520221102101168133342581841

12 Number of Higher Education Institutions to Corresponding Ministries Sr. No.Name of MinistryNo. of Institutions 1.Ministry of Education64 2.Ministry of Science and Technology61 3.Ministry of Health15 4.Ministry of Defense5 5.Ministry of Co-operative5 6.Ministry of Transport2 7.Ministry of Culture2 8.Ministry of Border Affairs2 9.Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation1 10.Ministry of Live Stock and Fisheries1 11.Ministry of Environmental Preservation and Forestry1 12.Union Civil Services Board2 Total161 Source: Ministry of Education

13 Graduates by Fields of Science and Technology 2002-032003-042004-052005-062006-072007-082008-09 Medical and Health Sciences Bachelor's Degree883127419072329248241683808 Diploma60963012401434147612861224 Master's Degree213272231291296219270 PhD8791415137 Engineering and Technology Bachelor's Degree2603470417171690340039670 Diploma74317617221010432576103 Master's Degree11791465175817201405300755 PhD4688192132425195298 Social Sciences Bachelor's Degree1665532589665750572257935156 Diploma1345301225149138113231445 Master's Degree1191091142021861175791 PhD002101886 Agricultural Sciences Bachelor's Degree49143854851643129627 Master's Degree4431 18133417 PhD---662- Art and Natural Sciences Bachelor's Degree14057276260153758109927900169044894457 Master's Degree2636188250586013268149962669 PhD in Arts51734145329210169 PhD in Natural Sciences64112267226586563448 PhD Total69129301371915773617 Source: Statistical Year Book, 2009 and Ministry of Education

14 Study abroad by the fields of study Field of Study20042005200620072008 Medical Science137287611762 Engineering3091254979147 Social Science357293205332310 Education203122163269 Agriculture460472250356423 Natural Science1091863974158 Humanities and Arts12132530 Fine Arts and Culture575615 Others15111642 Source: Statistical Year Book, 2009

15 Researchers in Higher Education Sector Type of Institution2004-052005-062006-072007-082008-09 Medicine13221537153116381552 Dental Medicine217209273274263 Medical Technology101951359498 Nursing149269245247218 Pharmacy79831158276 Community Health9451585975 Technology345464686727874 Myanmar Aerospace and Engineering8879877083 Economics437496 445433 Education219250251227374 Agriculture136140151148171 Forestry3638345557 Veterinary Science5856587459 Computer Science and Technology367335275272234 Computer67710006278961297 Art and Science Universities9596103791011797629484 Total1392115481151391507015348 Source: Statistical Year Book, 2009

16 Research, Current and Capital Expenditures of the Ministry of Education Source: Ministry of Education Financial Year Types of Expenditure 2005/062006/072007/082008/092009/10 Upper Myanmar Research Expenditure4.485.808.4411.1714.25 Current Expenditure1850.002420.008100.007970.008192.69 Capital Expenditure3486.553348.625534.563459.001898.27 Lower Myanmar Research Expenditure8.8310.058.6010.809.92 Current Expenditure3200.004150.0011859.0011311.6012062.49 Capital Expenditure4937.824091.056656.197790.402900.65

17 Innovation is needed for a Nation’s development, Myanmar also try to do the best.

18 Main Obstacles 1. High cost of the innovation project 2. Lack of financing 3. Need more co-ordination and collaborat ion. 4. Dedicated institutions are needed.

19 In future, we are going to promote Research and Development Activities and Innovation. As a consequence, we will collect R&D and Innovation statistics and conduct R&D and Innovation surveys appropriately.

20 Thank You

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