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Dairy sector in Turkey Sema Yaman Livestock Central Research Institute, Ankara 16 May 2013 - Bucharest FP7 REDNEX MEETING.

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1 Dairy sector in Turkey Sema Yaman Livestock Central Research Institute, Ankara 16 May Bucharest FP7 REDNEX MEETING

2 Animal husbandry and dairy cattle sector in national economy and agricultural sector Animal husbandry has a great potential and is well placed in Turkish national economy and agricultural sector. The contribution of livestock production is 26,5% in the agricultural production value (of million TL). And the greatest contribution to livestock production value comes from cow milk as much as 42 % of it. Contribution of milk production in agricultural production is 11.2% Dairy cattle, is main and/ or side employment source of millions living in rural. Means, economically and socially vey important sector and employment source (Anonymous 2009). Anonymous 2009 : Agriculture in Turkey with economical indications 2008, AERI Pub No:176

3 Statistics of dairy sector Cow milk supplies approximatly 92% of total milk production in Turkey It is 98% and 83,5% for EU(27) and for world respectively. Proportion of sheep and goat milk in the total milk produce; 6,1 % and 1,97 %as respectively

4 Number of animals yearscattlebuffaloTotal large ruminants sheepgoatTotal small ruminats Change (%) ,3-19,325,7-0,567,31,1

5 Milk production (species and breed) Üretim (Ton) cont change Animal2010(%)2011(%) Milk Production , ,0011,2 cow , ,6711,1 Egzotic (cultured) , ,0814,7 Crossbred , ,489,9 native , ,11-2,1 sheep , ,939,3 merino , ,1810,3 native , ,759,3 Keçi , ,1317,5 Hair goat , ,1117,7 Angora goat , ,02-0,8 buffalo , ,2713,8 TSO (Turkish Statistics Org.)

6 In 2011, total milk production in Turkey was increased compare to previous years production as much as 10,6% contrary to decrease in world milk production.

7 Structure of dairy sector in Turkey size of farms Average size of the dairy farms in Turkey is small. Turkish Statistics Organization 2011 reported that farms have 1-9 head cattle is 81,1 % of the dairy farms. Size of the farms (head cattle) 1to 910 to 1920 to 4950 to ,1%12,85,4%0,7%0,0

8 Size of farms According to General Agricultural stock counting in 2001 and other work in 2006, it is not wrong to say; there are 1,1 million dairy farms and the average size of them is 4 head cattle.

9 crop and livestock production land size In Turkey 97% of livestock enterprises rearing large ruminant are doing both crop and livestock production. % of Agricultural enterprises Land size, da % Land cultivated % of cattle population 61,9<5020,547 20, ,625,5 11, ,517,85 6≥ ,4

10 genotype Various breeds of cattle are reared in Turkey, but in statistics gentype of groups are stated instead of spesific breeds name. These groups are; - Cultured breeds wich includes all breeds brought from abroud and rised in Turkey as pure, -Native breeds of Turkey, -And crossbreeds between cultured breeds and native ones.

11 Number of genotype in cattle population yearstotalNative breedsCross-breedsCultured breeds Numb.% % % , ,310138, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,7

12 genotype Selection of cultured breeds are affected by coordinated countries and dominated breed in those countries; For example, Holstein predominating breed in world dairy industry is also highly populated cultured breed in Turkey. Brown Swiss and Simmental were following Holstein population in Turkey.

13 Milk yields Considiring milk yields, there areimportant differences between regions, provinces and farms as well as differences between genotypes. Average milk yields of dairy cattle registered in national herd book is about 6 tons. There are farms average milk yields of cows are 2-3 tons as well as average milk yields of some farms per cow 11 tons too.

14 Milk yield of farms registered in breeding dairy cattle assosiation in Turkey Calving yearNumber of lactation Lactation milk yield, Kg/305 days Holstein

15 Manure management Manure production in dairy cattle is always surplus and it is very difficult to handle it. Above all most of dairy cattle farms in rural area in Turkey has no manure storage and maintenance facility. For many farms in rural area common practice of handling manure is to take manure out from barn and keep it nearby some time and after that to move away.


17 Environmental management Institutional responsibility in waste management was shared between Ministry of Environment and Urban and Ministry of Food Agriculture Livestock in Turkey. According to «Environment impact assesment regulations» 0/6/ Supervision of environmental ipmpact assesment of enterprises having production capasity of >5000 head large ruminants and 50 tons milk production capacity/ per day would be done by commissions

18 Three way aproach should be accepted to improve environmental management level according to Turkish and International standarts; 1-awareness raising 2- establishment of incentive 3- and identification of legal frame

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