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An Interactive Marketing Experience

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1 An Interactive Marketing Experience
TM An Interactive Marketing Experience

2 Our Mission Drive our client’s business by leveraging both brand equity and promotional messages to support their marketing plans and building sales.

3 33 Million Square Feet Signs!
“Largest Form of Advertising In The World”

4 What is a Sky Billboard™
Sky Billboard™: A message reminiscent of dot matrix printing produced by our five aircraft at approximately 10,000 feet or 3,048 meters altitude. Each character stands approximately 1,250 feet or 381 meters from top to bottom. Each character takes about 4 seconds to produce. A single twenty character sky billboard™ can span up to 5 miles or 8 kilometers across the sky yet be easily read by your target audience. We can skytype in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and some dialects of Japanese and Chinese.

5 Banners, Blimps & Skytyping - Nothing Compares to Skytyping in Size or Reach

6 Sky Billboard™ Coverage
Area Calculation: 30 degree area of circle is (30/360)*pi*(r)^2 = (30/360)*3.1415*(15)^2 = 58.9 sq. miles Area of rectangle = 15*5 = 75 sq. miles Total Area = = sq. miles 15 Miles or 24 Kilometers Total Area = sq. Miles or sq. kilometers

7 Impact Map – Los Angeles
Coverage Area for a typical 20 Sky Billboard ™ flight over the top metro cities across the U.S.: Radius of Circle= 30 miles; Area of Circle = 2,826 miles2

8 Impact Map – New York Coverage Area for a typical 20 Sky Billboard ™ flight over the top metro cities across the U.S.: Radius of Circle= 30 miles; Area of Circle = 2,826 miles2

9 Skytyping is Cost Effective and Efficient
Example Market; New York, NY Market population/density per square mile = 24,408 (2000 census) Square miles covered by one skytyped message = 193 Potential viewer impressions per skytyped message = 4,710,744 Number of skytyped messages displayed = 10 Total potential viewer impressions = 47,107,440 Outdoor ad viewership factor = 65% Net viewer impressions = 30,619,836 Divided by 1,000 = 30,619 Total cost of skytyping campaign = $15, (half the cost of one spot during network news) CPM = $0.51

10 Skytyping Compares Favorably to Traditional Media Costs
Depending on the targets specified, Spot TV in NY will exceed a CPM of $30/m Local radio about $5/m

11 Why Skytyping? Reach mass audiences Appeals to all demographics
Skytyping is a one-of-a-kind aerial medium Interactive marketing experience – great recall, great retention Variable copy – not static (can even be programmed on the fly!) Access to premium events, and access to where no other advertising can be displayed Generates collateral media

12 Strategic Uses of SkyTYPING
Brand launches, brand awareness Corporate identity – have your own skytyping squadron Call to action/increase “” hits SMS SkyTexting – creating instant ROI and lead generation Guerilla marketing Use skytyping to create unique television commercials Static displays Air shows Events or geographic locations where advertising is not easily available

13 A Sampling of our Clients

14 Total Sponsorship Available

15 For International and National Skytyping campaigns or Airshow Sponsorships, Please Call: SKYTYPE. West Coast Skytypers Skytypers, Inc San Sicily Street Las Vegas Nevada Tel: SKYTYPE Fax: CEO/Squadron Commander Greg Stinis – PRESIDENT Stephen Stinis – East Coast Skytypers SNJ-2 Corporation c/o Atlantic Aviation Route 109, Republic Airport Farmingdale, New York Tel: SKYTYPE Fax: Flight Leader Larry Arken –

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