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Topic: British Schools.

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1 Topic: British Schools

2 Цели и задачи урока: Обучение аудированию по теме «Британские школы»; Активизация и совершенствование навыков говорения, чтения и письма; Обучение построению монологического высказывания о британских школах с опорой на образец, используя вводные слова и выражения.

3 PLAN: 1.Education system in England; 2.School day and school subjects;
3. Extra – curricular activities; 4.State and independent schools.

4 Vocabulary : Science, religion, geography, history, literature, primary, independent, state, secondary, boarding, football, rugby, badminton, netball, uniform, on average, education, training, a wide choice, a break, examination, canteen.

5 (Before watching) Ex. 1 Put the Words below into the correct columns
(Before watching) Ex. 1 Put the Words below into the correct columns. What is the Odd Word? Geography, badminton, science, primary, literature, uniform, netball, boarding, religion, history, independent, rugby, football, state, secondary. Give Key – Words.

6 School subjects Extra – curricular activities Types of Schools 1 2 3 4 5

7 (Before watching) Eх. 2 Agree or Disagree
1. Most children start primary school at the age of About 20% of 18 – year- olds go to university. 3. At most schools students wear a uniform. 4. There are about 22 students in a secondary school class. 5. Students begin learning a foreign language at Most parents in Britain pay for their children/s education. 7. All students have music lessons.

8 (While watching) Sequence №1 Try to complete the table with the words and numbers from the box.
Training University 70 secondary Advanced Primary Certificate

9 Age Education Most children go to school. They all go to school. In England they take GCSE examinations (General of Secondary Education) ---% of students continue at school. At 18 they take A – Levels ( level examinations.) ------ About ---% of 18 – year – olds go to Another --- % of 18 year – olds go on to other kinds of education and

10 Sequence № 2 Watch the episode & number these pictures in the correct order.

11 Sequence № 3 Watch the episode & cross the incorrect answer.
Students have a break of an hour / half an hour for lunch. More / Some students bring sandwiches for lunch School finishes at four / five o’clock. Students also play rugby / chess.

12 Sequence № 3 Watch the episode without sound & tick the activities you see.
football cooking hockey badminton netball athletics rugby music chess lunch

13 Group 3 -- about state & independent schools
(After watching) Work in groups Group introduce information about the education system in in Britain; Group Introduce information about school day , school subjects & extra – curricular activity; Group about state & independent schools Who Is the best ?

14 YOUR TASK : Write a letter to Your pen friend telling him or her about Your school & Your life at school.

15 LIST OF SOURCES R. MacAndrew «Window on Britain» Oxford University Press, 2007 – учебное пособие

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