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Book by: Christopher Paul Curtis Powerpoint by: Marshall Testa

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1 Book by: Christopher Paul Curtis Powerpoint by: Marshall Testa
Bud, Not Buddy

2 My review of the book Bud, Not Buddy is a really good book, on the subject of the great depression. It is about a boy named Bud looking for someone who loves him. It is full of intense, funny, and emotional moments sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. I really do recommend this book, as it is very educational and fun novel. You will all love Bud, Not Buddy!

3 About Bud Bud is an Orphan stuck in the middle of the Great Depression. Even in such a situation, he does have a lot going for him. He is the author of Bud Caldwell’s Rules and Things for Having a Funner Life and Making a Better Liar Out of Yourself, he has a personal suitcase full of special things, and one pretty good idea about his father, Herman E. Calloway and his band, the Dusky Devastators of the Depression!!!!!! Bud is a skinny kid, but don’t be mistaken, he can put up a fight! What he lacks in education, or size, he easily makes up for in his street smarts! Bud is also very polite, a little bit paranoid, and a great friend.

4 About Herman E. Calloway
Herman E. Calloway is an old, fat grump. Upon meeting Bud, he is very angry about someone claiming to be his son. He always pushes Bud to work, but it doesn’t do the job very well… Even though he seems very strict, he is a soft man on the inside, and is very capable of love. He also is the leader of his band, The Dusky Devastators of the Depression!!!!!! (Or the Knubian Knights, I have no idea what their name is anymore.)

5 About Lefty Lewis Lefty Lewis is a labor organizer in the depression, among other things. He is also a loving grandfather, and is very funny as well. He first met Bud on the side of the road, in Ossowa, Michigan, at 2:30 in the morning. He not only helped Bud, but gave him food, and also put up with Bud’s theory about him being a vampire. Lefty Lewis is black, just like Bud, and Bud first saw him as a “cop”.

6 About Bugs Bugs is the friend, and “brother” of Bud Caldwell. He got his name from the time there was a bug in his ear, talking to him. He looks up to Bud, and regards him as a hero. Though he tried to bring Bud with him on the train, he didn’t succeed, though they did become “brothers”.

7 Settings that played key roles
The Great Depression- Because this story took place in the Great Depression, many people were pressed for money, including Bud himself. Without the Great Depression, Bud most likely would have never started his adventures, and nothing would have happened. Some other settings: Home: Bud was brought to the Amos’s. Amos’s home: It caused Bud to leave out of dislike. Hooverville: Bud lost Bugs and went to the mission. Library: Bud got directions to Grand Rapids. The side of the road, in Ossowa, Michigan at 2:30 in the morning: Bud met Lefty Lewis and was brought to Herman. Log Cabin: Bud met the band and was reunited with his “father”. Grand Calloway Station: Bud found out who Herman really was, and finally found a home.

8 The plot- Part 1 Bud is a poor boy in the depression. After being sent away from the home, he is put with the Amos’s, a black family who HATES him. He leaves their place, after getting his revenge on Todd and hiding their shotgun. He then goes to the Mission, where a family takes him in under the name Clarence. He then leaves the Mission, in search of Miss Hill. She’s not at the library, so he goes to sleep. Bugs wakes him up, and they go to Hooverville. There, Bud meets Deza Malone, a girl who doesn’t know the whereabouts of her father. She kisses Bud, who then epically fails at jumping the train. Bugs made it, however. Back to the Mission! After eating, Bud goes back to the library. He sets out to Grand Rapids with a grilled cheese sandwich. While walking through Ossowo, Michigan, a car stops and the man inside, Lefty Lewis, stops Bud. Bud thinks that he is a vampire, due to the blood in his car. After driving about 10 feet, the car stops and Lefty Lewis agrees to bring Bud to Grand Rapids after feeding him. They go to Lefty’s daughter’s house, and then set out for Grand Rapids. On the way, they are stopped by the police, who are looking for labor organizers. (Hint: Lefty Lewis is one.) They then arrive at the Log Cabin, where Herman and the band are. Bud is on his way.

9 The plot- Part 2 Bud walks up to Herman and the band, and Herman isn’t too happy about someone claiming to be his son. The rest of the band accepts him, and he earns a trip to the Sweet Pea, the nicest restaurant in all of Grand Rapids. There, he meets Miss Thomas, the band’s female vocalist who treats him like a son. He starts to travel with the band, and finds himself in Grand Calloway station. There he is forced to sleep in a dead girl’s room. Herman keeps on pushing Bud like a doge. However, Bud enjoys the work, as he has just been awarded with a recorder and his new name, Sleepy LaBone. He then experienced the band playing, and loved it. After that, he goes on a trip with the band, and sees Herman E. Calloway writing on a rock. Bud has very similar ones, so he shows them to Herman, and they are 25 years old. After a bunch of questioning towards Bud, they figure out that Bud is Herman’s grandson. Herman finds out that his daughter is dead, and cries for hours on end. Also, the room Bud was sleeping in is his mother’s. Bud gets practicing on his new sax, and strives to catch up to the rest of the band.

10 Conflicts in the story One external conflict in the book is the train leaving without Bud. This was a big problem because he needed to get west to Herman E. Calloway, but the train didn’t have mercy. This problem was solved by going back to the library. Bud got directions to Grand Rapids at the library, so the problem was ultimately solved. One internal conflict in Bud, Not Buddy is Herman being Bud’s father. Bud is faced with the realization that his father is a old, fat jerk. This is resolved when he finds out that Herman is actually his grandfather. He than was very relieved, as his father wasn’t so mean.

11 Credits Shaq-
Jaden- Jaden 2- Will.I.Am- Dusty farm- Train- Obama child- Fiddle Dude- Sandwich kid- Recorder-

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