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COMPARATIVE by Patricia Galien.

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1 COMPARATIVE by Patricia Galien

2 Use the comparative form of an adjective + than to compare two people, places, or things. COMPARATIVE ADJECTIVES Remember that comparative adjectives are adjectives, so you will need to use be verbs or linking verbs in sentences of comparison.

3 live/photos/000/002/cache/american-crocodile_219_600x450.jpg nsis_9,_St._Marks_NWR,_20041016.jpg crocodile alligator COMPARATIVE ADJECTIVES What is the difference between a crocodile and an alligator?

4 Crocodiles’ jaws are the same width. Alligators have wider upper jaws than crocodiles. COMPARATIVE ADJECTIVES

5 Alligators are darker than crocodiles. dark COMPARATIVE ADJECTIVES

6 Crocodiles are more dangerous to humans than alligators. COMPARATIVE ADJECTIVES dangerous

7 FORMS OF THE COMPARATIVE Analyze the four groups of adjectives and write four grammar rules for the comparative. Group 1 old older young younger tall taller dark darker long longer Group 2 talkative more talkative punctual more punctual beautiful more beautiful interesting more interesting helpful more helpful Group 3 curly curlier happy happier friendly friendlier hungry hungrier busy busier Group 4 handsome handsomer, more handsome simple simpler, more simple quietquieter, more quiet friendlyfriendlier, more friendly

8 For most short (one-syllable) adjectives, add –er to the adjective. Add only –r if the adjective ends in e. COMPARATIVE GROUP 1 COMPARATIVE GROUP 1 10/11/mean-boss.jpg staff-free-cruises-all-around/ My new boss is nicer than my old boss. old boss new boss is Use the be verb with adjectives.

9 COMPARATIVE GROUP 2 COMPARATIVE GROUP 2 For most adjectives of two or more syllables, add more before the adjective. old jobnew job 0967c.jpg My new job is more interesting than my old job. ws/_SLIDESHOWS/Americas_Best_Jobs_2011/SS_best_jobs_of_ 2010_dentist.jpg

10 For adjectives that end in y, change the y to i and add –er. COMPARATIVE GROUP 3 COMPARATIVE GROUP 3 I was busier at my old job than I am at my new job. 9/05/lazy-guy-on-computer.jpg 113/images/paperwork.jpg old job new job was am

11 Quiet, simple, handsome, and friendly are examples of two-syllable adjectives that can follow the pattern of one or two syllable adjectives. COMPARATIVE GROUP 4 COMPARATIVE GROUP 4 friendly-with-your-coworkers/ photo/getty/article/81/11/78228571_XS.jpg old coworkersnew coworkers My new coworkers are more friendly than my old coworkers. My new coworkers are friendlier than my old coworkers.

12 Tired, bored, and fun are one-syllable adjectives that follow the pattern of long adjectives. COMPARATIVE EXCEPTIONS COMPARATIVE EXCEPTIONS content/uploads/2012/10/teenagers-excuses.jpg 18/entertainment/17933207_1_gordon-ramsay-gender- equality-kitchen Cooking is more fun than cleaning.funer

13 The adjectives good, bad, and far are irregular. COMPARATIVE IRREGULAR COMPARATIVE IRREGULAR AdjectiveComparativeSuperlative good bad far g_than_when_you_were_there-460x307.jpg content/uploads/2012/09/boring_class.jpg better the best worse the worst farther the farthest My 4 th grade class was bad, but my 9 th grade class is worse.

14 Why is a salad more expensive than a Big Mac? The orange is heavier than the apple. The boy on the right is taller than the boy on the left. Batman is more handsome than the joker. handsomer 1. 2. 3. 4. Practice Work with a partner. Write comparative sentences or questions about the pictures. taller.jpg cipes/cooking- recipes/five-winter- soups-salads-recipes /wp- content/uploads/2012/01/m cdonalds-big-mac-with- reflection.jpg heavy why / Big Mac / salad / expensive tall Batman / Joker / handsome

15 Less is the opposite of more. LESS + ADJECTIVES Group 2 talkative more talkative punctual more punctual beautiful more beautiful interesting more interesting helpful more helpful less Medication was less helpful than physical therapy. Physical therapy was more helpful than medication.

16 MUCH + COMPARATIVE She looks much older since she started smoking. before smokingafter smoking

17 He is much fatter since he started using the internet. Practice Write a sentence. Use much and the comparative.

18 my new carmy old car Practice Write a sentence. Use much and comparative adjectives. cars_67688306.jpg /images/media/images/fc_2012-maserati-sports-car_lead1/1501757-1- eng-US/fc_2012-maserati-sports-car_lead1.jpg My new car is much safer than my old car, but it is much more expensive. safe expensive

19 Use a little to make comparisons weaker. A LITTLE + COMPARATIVE The yarn on the right is ____________ darker than the yarn on the left. a little The yarn on the right is ____________ more expensive than the yarn on the left. a little Group ___ 1 2

20 The apartment on the right is a little more expensive than the apartment on the left because it is bigger. Practice Write a sentence. Use a little and the comparative. expensive big

21 I have less money than you do. Rita has fewer children than Roberta. Use more with count and noncount nouns. Seattle has more rain than Chicago. Chicago has more buildings than Seattle. Use fewer with count and less with noncount nouns. You use more than, less than, and fewer than with nouns. What are the two rules? Q3zC9HrI/AAAAAAAAAg4/_w_tRUwboa8/s1600/seattle-in-the-rain.jpg COMPARATIVE WITH NOUNS

22 Complete the sentences. Example: I am __________ than you are. (busy)busier 1. My sister is __________ popular than my brother. 2. He is older ________ his brother. 3. My old apartment was too small. My new apartment is ________ bigger. more than much 4. Palos Hills has __________ people than Chicago. fewer 5. Florida has __________ snow than Chicago. less Practice

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