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Cannabis plant (marijuana) Plant Dried Cigarette/joint Blunt Pipes Contains over 400 chemicals High chemical: delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinal (THC) Marijuana.

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2 Cannabis plant (marijuana) Plant Dried Cigarette/joint Blunt Pipes Contains over 400 chemicals High chemical: delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinal (THC) Marijuana tobacco is made from plant leaves and flowers THC content per plant: *1960s & 1970s >>> 0.3% to 3% *Today >>> 5% to 30% Stored in the bodys fat cells for weeks and months Marijuana smoke is similar to tobacco smoke and contains the same toxic and cancer causing chemicals ** Each joint deposits into the smokers lungs 4 to 5 times more tar than a regular cigarette 3 to 4 joints = 11 tobacco cigarettes Frequent use often impairs the smokers maturity psychologically, socially, professionally and spiritually Of people who begin smoking after 18 years of age, 10% will become dependent. The number is higher for those starting younger than 18 years.


4 I wanted to see how Id feel. I wanted to be part of the group. I didnt want to be a nerd. I just wanted to have some fun. I like to take risks. Im no baby. I can make up my own mind. I like to experiment with new things. I wanted to feel grown up.

5 Acceptance into a Peer Group Escaping painful problems, relationships or a sense of personal failure or rejection The need to separate from family and find ones own personal values Marijuana, almost magically, seems to catapult a teen out of childhood and into greater maturity

6 So now we know what marijuana is and why you might use it, lets talk about how it can affect your life. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

7 Lets start with…

8 Talking to each other… How? Say Hello to a family of nerve cells that supervise brainwork by… It all begins with electricity


10 Communication between two nerves cells (neurons) happens when a small electrical impulse races away from the cell body. When the impulse reaches the terminal bundle; it causes a special chemical (a neurotransmitter) to be released. This chemical transmitter finds a receptor site on the next nerve and delivers its message within 5/1000 to 7/1000 of a second before most of it is sucked back into the original neuron to be recycled and used again. This is How Nerve Cell Communication Really Happens Your Brain is ECO friendly!

11 Check out how a bit of the neurotransmitter (chemical) briefly sticks to the surface of the next nerve cells receptor site. (like docking with the space station) Each receptor is designed to receive a matching neurotransmitter… like the right key for a lock. Every neuro- transmitter (key) either stimulates an action (opens the lock) in your brain or blocks an action (locks the lock). Confused???

12 Its very simple…. Just Think About Your Nose. Thats Right, Your Nose Some of the molecules of orange fragrance land on the orange nerve receptors in your nose and tell your brain that you are smelling an orange. This is the action. All other smells are blocked from your orange receptors. If you close your eyes when an orange is freshly cut, You might say our nerve cells communicate with each other through smelling each others fragrances.

13 A Healthy Brain depends on maintaining a delicate balance among many complex chemical neurotransmitters New research has discovered Anandamide; an endocannibinoid not found in marijuana. This good guy is a natural neurotransmitter that partners with your brain to regulate mood, memory, appetite, pain, understanding and emotions. Anandamide comes when he is needed and stays just long enough to get the job done. He helps keep that healthy balance in your brain. Because one system of nerve cells produces naturally occurring cannabinoid neurotransmitters that closely resemble the THC (more about THC later) in marijuana, our brains are pre-wired to respond to the chemicals found in pot. Endocannabinoids = cannabis-like molecules naturally produced within the brain.

14 S o What Does This Have to do with My Brain on Marijuana? BEWARE – You are about to meet… The Intruder:

15 The Intruder THC The Intruder THC When you smoke marijuana you invite The Intruder, THC into your brain. Being 4 times stronger than the good guy, Mr. A, The Intruder shoves Mr. A off the receptor sites and hits those sites like a meteor; bombarding them with THC. At the beginning of this attack, to protect themselves, the receptors go into hiding within the nerve cells. THC But, if this THC meteor storm continues, the sites begin to come apart until what was a beautiful landscape of receptor sites changes, into, well… see for yourself…

16 Picture a Balanced Brain as a Beautiful Landscape with Many Receptor Sites Incoming Marijuana smoke THCExplosion RECEPTOR SITES THC after a continuous THC storm

17 Imagine THC meteor storms in all these parts of your brain. What are these parts that are so greatly affected by THC?

18 Your Brain is a complex organ with many different structures; each with a specific job. Every labeled structure you see is affected by the THC in marijuana So much to remember! Lets look at a few affected sites, bit by bit…

19 THE HIPPOCAMPUS The Center for Learning New Information The Hippocampus helps us with short-term memory, like being able to finish a sentence, remember what we studied for a quiz, a new football play or the name of that hot new student. The Hippocampus also boosts some short-term memories into long term memories. THC disrupts the ability of the Hippocampus to help you learn new information, remember what you have studied and even have a conversation with your friends. THC She must have forgotten that Hippocampus is Latin for Seahorse. I wonder if her brain is THC affected? Now, how did that new cheer go? Hippocampus

20 The Should I be Scared? Center And if you saw him in your rear view mirror? If Your Amygdala is soaked in THC, you might invite him to dinner, unaware that you were going to be the dinner. The Amygdala Amygdala The amygdala warns you of potential dangers

21 The Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia The Reaction/Coordination Center or the How fast can I react & run from a snarling dog with my ankles tied together? brain parts Cerebellum Basal Ganglia Okay, youre thinking, How often will I face a vicious dog? BUT, there are other times when keeping alert and coordinated are very important, like…

22 OR What if You Smoked Dope and MISSED THE TACKLE ?


24 The Nucleus Accumbens The Feel Good Center Nucleus Accumbens Hi! My name is Dopamine. Im a really important neurotransmitter. Im in charge of about 9 brain functions. One of my functions is to make you feel good when youre doing something pleasurable or fun like eating, being with friends or listening to your favorite music; stuff like that. I also help you remember those good feelings so you want to repeat those pleasurable activities again and again. How do I do this? I hang out in the Nucleus Accumbens and together we get that natural feel good job done.

25 Feel Good Center THC THC causes an unnatural increase in dopamine (10 to 1000 times). The body cant maintain this increase on its own. This artificial flood of the feel good neurotransmitter is why marijuana, like other drugs, can become addictive. The body desires more dopamine than it can naturally produce so marijuana may be used more frequently to get that feel good response again. Users can become dependent on pot to feel good and experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop using. Yes! A Preview of Coming Attractions to YOUR Brain – WITHDRAWALS!!! The Intruder is IN Ill Just keep those Little dopes comin

26 The Wonderful World of Withdrawals Agitation Price of Admission: Continuous Marijuana Use

27 YES! A Preview of Coming Attractions to YOUR Brain; WITHDRAWLS!!!

28 So MUCH to remember about how marijuana affects the brain… Anything else I should know? OH YES!!!

29 Intelligence is the ability to learn or understand things or to deal with new or difficult situations. IQ is a number that represents your intelligence and is based on your score using a special test. 1 to 24 - Profound mental disability 25 to 39 - Severe mental disability 40 to 54 - Moderate mental disability 55 to 69 - Mild mental disability 70 to 84 - Borderline mental disability 85 to 114 - Average intelligence 115 to 129 - Above average; bright 130 to 144 - Moderately gifted 145 to 159 - Highly gifted 160 to 179 - Exceptionally gifted 180 and up - Profoundly gifted A study tracked 1000 individuals beginning at age 13 and followed their marijuana use until age 38. IQ tests were given at age 13 and again at age 38. Participants who used marijuana heavily in their teens and through adulthood had an average drop in their IQ of 8 points. This means that a person of average intelligence (100 pts. on the IQ test) could fall into the lowest third of the IQ range. Those who started using marijuana regularly or heavily after 18 also showed drops in IQ, but… those who never used marijuana showed NO DROPS in IQ. ** ** How smart do I need to be in order to be successful in life? Do I want to give my smarts away to a WEED?

30 Marijuana (Cannabis) contains over 400 chemicals THC is the chemical that gives the high Marijuana smoke contains many of the same toxic and cancer causing chemicals found in tobacco smoke Kids and experts report reasons for marijuana use are peer pressure, curiosity, and escape from personal problems Marijuana interferes with the brains ability to function normally Continuous and heavy use can change brain structures permanently Continued use of marijuana in adolescence delays the psychological and social maturing process The earlier marijuana use begins, the higher the risk of dependence– some use the word addicted Research shows an average IQ drop of 8 points in users who began before 18 and used heavily through adulthood.


32 Marijuana is ILLEGAL!

33 You Qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card. Can You Answer Yes to the Following Questions? #1 – Are You Over 18? #2 – If You Are Under 18 – Do You Have a Qualified Caregiver? #3 – If You Have a Qualified Caregiver, do You Have Any of the Following Debilitating Medical Conditions? Cancer Glaucoma Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Hepatitis C Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Crohn's disease Agitation of Alzheimer's disease A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or the treatment for a chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition that causes: Cachexia or wasting syndrome; Severe and chronic pain; Severe nausea; Seizures, including those characteristic of epilepsy; Severe or persistent muscle spasms, including those characteristic of multiple sclerosis

34 Then Possessing Marijuana is:

35 About Using Marijuana

36 Im not the nice guy You thought I was And I like it that way.


38 We Know Youll Make the Right Decision and Choose NOT to Use

39 nida/directors-page/messages-director/2012/09/marijuanas-lasting-effects-brain nida/directors-page/messages-director/2012/09/marijuanas-lasting-effects-brain Cermak, Timmen L., M.D. Marijuana, Whats a Parent to Believe? Center City: Hazelden, 2003. Print.

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