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Or “How not to go crazy in Denver”. Pre-Interview Calls for interviews will start coming usually after thanksgiving. Get Organized! Schedule for the meetings.

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1 Or “How not to go crazy in Denver”

2 Pre-Interview Calls for interviews will start coming usually after thanksgiving. Get Organized! Schedule for the meetings (1/2 hour blocks, starting at 8AM every day) Hotel locations (it takes time to get there, elevators are VERY slow) Interview codes (write them DOWN) Ask who will be interviewing (and look them up). Most Interviews last about 30 min. But be careful about scheduling back to back.

3 Attire Men: Interview Suit (grey, blue, brown), white shirt, red tie (or purple, or possibly green). Women: Interview Suit (grey, blue, brown), colored shirt (or white?), possibly a scarf (or tie?), matching shoes? (are you kidding me…I’m giving fashion advice to women???) Look professional. Now is not the time to exert your individuality.

4 Preparation Your Spiel: Research summary for GENERAL AUDIENCE 1-2 min version (short abstract of JMP, why important) 5 min version (Longer discussion of JMP, major contribution, why important, cool metrics, cool data, brief statement on other chapters) 15 min version (more detail on JMP, other chapters, future research) They should build on each other. Teaching: what can you teach (upper division) Basic format Book?

5 The Interview: Basics Get interview rooms/codes as soon as possible. Be yourself (only better??) Relax (as much as possible, see 1 above) Get organized every morning: extra CV’s, JMP’s, look at schedule, plan lunch. This is actually “fun”, so relax and enjoy it.

6 What they are looking for Fire in the belly. Engaged. Is the research yours or your advisors? Are you an economist? Will you fit into their program? Can you carry on a conversation, or is the flyback going to be painful. Can they get along with you. Are you interested in them?

7 Perspective It’s a conversation. Be a part of it. In fact, try to be the center, without being rude and dominating. Look at people, not the floor. Not the ceiling. Not your notes. You should be able to be interrupted from you spiel, give an answer, and then get back on track. Remember, you are claiming you are ready to be their colleague. Act like it. Don’t be arrogant or a jerk. Don’t be a wuss either.

8 Structure 1: The Knock Knock on door, introduce yourself to the person who answers it, and ask if they are ready for you. Don’t be late, don’t be early. Shake hands etc with everyone in room, try to remember names (you’ve researched them). Let them lead introductory chit-chat etc (how was your flight, it sucks that it’s raining) etc.

9 Structure 2: Research Question “Tell us about your Research” This is where you launch into your spiel Start with 5 min one, but be prepared to keep going for up to 15 min (they may tell you, they may not). Be prepared to get interrupted and answer questions. It’s a conversation, not a lecture, be polite and responsive. I don’t know is acceptable, if followed up with “it seems like…” NEVER EVER put down another’s research. This will probably be the majority of the interview. They will probably ask you what your research plans are. Preempt: at the end of your spiel (one interesting question raised by my work is…I’d like to tackle that next)

10 Structure 3: Teaching “What courses would you want to teach?” Well, of course I can teach principles (duh at least one). My research area is ________ so I’d like to teach _______. I also have interests/expertise/coursework in _______ so I’d like to/could teach _______. My dream course is __________. (maybe)

11 More Teaching “If you taught ______, what would that course look like?” You should be able to cite a book. Talk about major topics. A little bit of teaching philosophy (don’t wax philosophical…)

12 Structure 4: They Talk “Let us tell you a little bit about our program” Listen, but stay engaged. Ask a question …maybe two? It’s a conversation. Listen (because they may answer questions you are about to ask). “Oh, cool, that was one of my questions”

13 Structure 5: Last Questions “Do you have any questions for us?” You should: “tell me about ….” Place to live Faculty interests Computers Time line Etc etc etc (you’ve looked these people up during Christmas…you should have some). You are trying to show interest.

14 Tough/Tricky Questions How many interviews/with whom You should be nice and give some kind of answer, make them think they are competitive, you don’t have to give away the farm though. Are you married. It’s illegal, I will be stunned if you actually get this. “Is there anything else we should know about you” is code for that. It’s not really nefarious. Usually, they want to know if there is a trailing spouse/joint search issue. You don’t have to tell them. You could. Make them think it works to their advantage. Weird questions. (what kind of tree?) Be friendly, laugh if appropriate…etc Be nice. Give an answer, don’t be a jerk. Shrug it off, don’t freak out. Oak tree is always a good answer, maple is OK too.

15 Preparation is Key Get your Spiel going NOW. Do it for friends and family until they hate you. Do it for strangers while Christmas shopping. Do it at parties. Talk to your advisor about likely questions (vis a vis research). Prepare the outline for a few classes (not a syllabus, but an idea, complete with book). Research the people and place a little.

16 Safety Net: There will faculty at the meetings and we’ll give you cell phone numbers. We will do practice interviews: let us know when you get interviews at the meetings. Help each other. Room codes Moral support Logistical support (grab a sandwich for a friend) Ken will schedule a dinner near the end of the ASSA meetings, including booze (his/our treat).

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