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Things you never knew about space Corina Bulgaru.

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1 Things you never knew about space Corina Bulgaru

2 Did you ever knew… That there is no air in outer space. OR… That in outer space people are living since 39 years. But they live only for short periods of time, on the board of space stations. Colegiul National Iasi

3 Jules Verne… In 19 century wrote a book called “From Earth to Moon” where realized that there was no air on the Moon. Because of the gravity astronauts must always use seat.Even when they sleep or go to toilet. Colegiul National Iasi

4 Wernher von Braun is the inventor of the rocket. Colegiul National Iasi

5 Neutron Stars Neutron stars are the walking corpses of the cosmos. But these weird objects, dense beyond belief, can pack a lively wallop. Colegiul National Iasi

6 A big star ends its life in a giant explosion called a supernova.If the star is massive enough -- roughly four to eight times more massive than our Sun -- and the conditions right, the core implodes, forming a very dense state of matter. So dense that electrons are squeezed into the protons, forming neutrons. Colegiul National Iasi

7 The result, a neutron star, can stuff the mass of 1.4 Suns into an area 7 to 12 miles (11 to 20 kilometers) across. Colegiul National Iasi

8 Electrostatic Levitation Astronauts aboard the Apollo missions reported a weird glow on the horizon of the Moon, one that resembled something that might occur in Earth's atmosphere. Colegiul National Iasi

9 This was unexpected since apart from a few rogue atoms evaporated out of the Moon's barren surface, our satellite doesn't have an atmosphere to speak of," says Matthew Genge of the London Natural History Museum. Colegiul National Iasi

10 Moon clouds? Lunar aurora? The Man on the Moon with a lava lamp? "The glow actually came from the reflection of sunlight from dust particles that lift up from the Moon's surface," Genge says. "It's a process known as electrostatic levitation." Colegiul National Iasi

11 The Sun's Hot Atmosphere Likewise, you might expect the Sun to be hottest in the middle, and then get cooler as you moved to the surface and then farther out. Colegiul National Iasi

12 But, in fact, the temperature rises sharply in the Sun's atmosphere, called the corona. And the same is true of other stars. Colegiul National Iasi

13 Space facts trivia questions answers and facts. For more fun trivia questions click here here Colegiul National Iasi

14 What is a black hole? Colegiul National Iasi

15 A black hole is a region of spacetime from which nothing can escape, even light. Colegiul National Iasi

16 What is a supernova? Find now Colegiul National Iasi

17 A supernova is a stellar explosion which produces an extremely bright object made of plasma that declines to invisibility over weeks or months. Colegiul National Iasi

18 What is a neutron star? and…. What is the most common element found in the universe? Colegiul National Iasi

19 Neutron stars are the collapsed cores of some massive stars. and… Hydrogen If you want to listen the sound from space Colegiul National Iasi

20 That was all for today Thank you for your attention! Colegiul National Iasi

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