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Learning to Leisure: Why Google is not a library and Facebook is not a classroom Presented by Professor Tara Brabazon /

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1 Learning to Leisure: Why Google is not a library and Facebook is not a classroom Presented by Professor Tara Brabazon /


3 Two maxims to consider 1.Too many decisions about teaching and learning have been automated. 2.Fewer media create more meaning


5 Learning to leisure? 1.The bias of communication 2.Paul Willis’s Learning to leisure 3.Digital natives and analogue underemployment 4.From Prensky to Vgotsky





10 How to think about the proliferation of ‘the social’ through work and education Form Medium Content Information


12 Media as translators






18 Conflation of social media and educational media Hi Tara, I am sorry to leave this sort of message on your fb, but I did try to email you and I am not sure if it worked! I am just stuck on the 2nd creative industries assignment, I have no idea where to even start! I wanted to get some kind of a plan going but now I am getting a bit worried about it. :-( X

19 Hey Tara, just a quick thing regarding the second assignment for Creative Industries. :-D I have decided I want to write as a person who is working to organise the 2012 Olympics, but I am having trouble thinking of a specific role! Do you have any ideas? (Sorry, I know it's kind of cheating!) X


21 Hi Tara need suggest,could i write in "assignment 2" in practicing media about How to use the image in the security works,Explained at the outset the importance of visual method in general, the kinds of pictures, then go to the pictures in the security works and how important image is not only a kind of art, but in other way.

22 Hi Ali Pop me a message on the Brighton email - I can probably answer in more depth than FB will let me here! The key with the second assignment for PMR is that you demonstrate that you can use the method. That is the key. Not sure what you meant about ‘security issues’ But the key is to make sure that you’ve got all the key reading from the course and your further reading. Have a look in the course discussion forum. I posted a paper from one of our former students, Venessa Paech who got her work published. Even though it was based on ethnography – use that as a guide. And contact me via email so I can give you advice in further depth!







29 More and more young people are now deeply and permanently technologically enhanced, connected to their peers and the world in ways no generation has ever been before. Streams of information come at them 24/7 … Do such kids need school? More and more of them (almost a third nationally and half in the cities) think not, and drop out. Marc Prensky




33 hey tara! thanks for giving me a pass! i'm very happy, but at to same time it gave me a kick in the arse and now i want to do better. i haven't really been in touch with you before, because i'm a bit shy to speak in front of the whole class. i just want to say that i really enjoy your classes and i'm so happy to know you. You are fabulous! love, tereza

34 This opposition is expressed mainly as a style. It is lived out in countless small ways which are special to the school institution, instantly recognized by the teachers, and an almost ritualistic part of the daily fabric of life for the kids. Paul Willis

35 Sent: 16 September 2011 22:16 To: Tara Brabazon Subject: New student Hello Tara I have just added this course today as I heard its a very interesting class and you learn alot. I have missed only 1 lecture and would like to know if I can still answer the 2 questions in the discussion to get the mark and be involved I have read your powerpoint slides. I'm taking 5 courses and they all require reading and writing and my gpa is low and would like to bring it up, do you think I should be in this course does it require alot of reading? Let me know please if its the right course for me.

36 Subject: Request for help :) Date Sent: November 16, 2011 10:03 PM To: Brabazon, Tara () Hi Tara! I would like to make a request. I am doing this essay for one of courses, which discusses the effects that the 9/11 attacks left on the Muslim community. I needed someone to edit my essay for me, and I thought no one can do a better job than you. Can you please edit my essay for me! I will finish it by tomorrow morning, and if you give me the consent, I'll send it to as soon as I can. Thank You :)

37 “Students from under-represented groups may require more extensive support or more radical changes in teaching and learning strategies if they are to approach completion rate norms … a priority should be to find ways of ensuring more students succeed in completing their course and qualification rather than intensifying the marketing effort to expand recruitment.” Geoff Pugh, Gwen Coates and Nick Adnett



40 The new working-class jobs – coded as forms of ‘professional’ labor – bring with them neither good wages and benefits, nor do they reproduce working-class culture. As the first generation to have earned a post-secondary credential, many working-class kids have been inducted into the value systems and expectations of the salaried middle class, but without acquiring the accoutrements. Stan Aronowitz

41 The problem with online learning: an unfortunate historical synergy Widening participation agenda Managerialism in education Online learning


43 The ideological confusion Technological change efficiency progress






49 “It is very likely that our students’ brains have physically changed – and are different from ours – as a result of how they grew up.” Marc Prensky




53 Findings of the ‘Google Generation’ Report “There are very very few controlled studies that account for age and information seeking behaviour systematically: as a result there is much mis-information.” Not only “the Google Generation” reading less, but academics more generally. ‘The Google Generation’ is not dumbing down: “society is dumbing down” “The information literacy of young people, has not improved with the widening access to technology: in fact, their apparent facility with computers disguises some worrying problems.” “Young scholars are using tools that require little skill: they appear satisfied with a very simple or basic form of searching. ”

54 Information Information Literacy Media Literacy Multimodality

55 The four digital divides Access Economic Opportunity Skills Democratic participation




59 Lev Vygotsky Zones of Proximal Development

60 Moving from experience to expertise

61 There exist devices to aid the teacher in extending the student’s range of experience, in helping him to understand the underlying structure of the material he is learning, and in dramatizing the significance of what he is learning. Jerome Bruner

62 “The belief that all genuine education comes about through experience does not mean that all experiences are genuinely or equally educative. Experience and education cannot be directly equated to each other. For some experiences are mis- educative.” John Dewey

63 Zones of Proximal Development What I can do What I can do with help What I can’t do

64 The key question How do we know what we do not know?

65 Email from a 4 th year university student, within two weeks of finishing her course From: Trish Sent: 14 March 2012 12:14 Hi TB, I feel like you are going to hate me by the end of this. I have a bunch of questions about some of the sources we need. Here they are: - How do you find a scholarly monograph? I get that you don’t want a textbook, but how do I go about finding that? - For the ebook, it has to be strictly online? That's a hard hard find - What in the world is a refereed article? And of course how do you find those and know that they are refereed? - what is the difference between a vodcast and a youtube video (could be a stupid questions) HELP




69 “We need to be teaching about technologies, not just with or through them.” David Buckingham


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