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Indiana Works Council Orientation October 4, 2013.

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1 Indiana Works Council Orientation October 4, 2013

2 Governors Roadmap Works Council Governance The Challenge The Opportunity Career Pathways and Sector Strategies Legislated Priorities and Deliverables Topics

3 1)Increase private sector employment 2)Attracting new investment in Indiana, with emphasis on manufacturing, agriculture, life sciences and logistics 3)Improving the math & reading skills of elementary students 4)Increasing graduation rates 5)Improving the quality of the Hoosier workforce 6)Improving the health, safety and well-being of Hoosier families, especially children Governor Pences Roadmap for Indiana

4 Every student deserves the same opportunity for success, whether they want to go to college or start their career right out of high school. This is not about a Plan A and a Plan B – this is about two Plan As. It advances the principle that all honest work is honorable work. -Governor Mike Pence Two Plan As

5 Indiana Works Councils Appointments announced September 18, 2013 Industry/business leaders represent at least half of Councils Other appointees: secondary, postsecondary, economic development, workforce development and community partners

6 Center for Education and Career Innovation (CECI) staffs the Works Councils and also staffs the following: Education Roundtable State Board of Education Indiana Career Council CECI partners closely with CHE, DOE, DWD and other state agencies as well as philanthropic organizations and other statewide non-profits. Governance Structure

7 The Challenge

8 1 in 6 Hoosiers do not have a high school diploma 1 in 3 do not have the postsecondary skills needed to achieve a self-sustaining wage Indianas workforce is less prepared than 40 other states and 15 other countries Indiana is 40 th amongst states in per capita income and educational attainment beyond a high school diploma The Challenge in Indiana

9 9 Unemployment, Earnings, and Education

10 CTE in Indiana

11 53 pathways established by IDOE across 11 Career Clusters ~ $108M allocated to 47 CTE districts according to state and federal statutes In 2011-2012 190,322 Enrollments in 2011-2012 34,707 CTE Concentrators 4148 Certifications Earned IDOE Report on CTE in March 2013 CTE in Indiana

12 Indiana College and Career Pathway Plan – State Model Cluster: ManufacturingPathway: Advanced Manufacturing Core 40 with Honors High School Graduation Plan* * This is a SAMPLE plan for schools to use in planning. Course sequences and grade level in which courses are offered may vary according to local policies, practices and resources. 12 SECONDARY Grade English/ Language Arts MathScience Health/PE Social Studies CTE/Career Preparation Courses for this Pathway Other Elective Courses for this Pathway 9English 9Algebra IBiology Health & Wellness/ Physical Ed Preparing for College & Careers; Digital Citizenship, Personal Financial Responsibility World Language 10English 10GeometryChemistry Geography/History of the World or World History/Civilization Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics Computers in Design & Production or Intro to Engineering Design or Principles of Engineering World Language 11English 11Algebra II3 rd Core 40 ScienceUS History ** Advanced Manufacturing I World Language 12English 12 Math or Quantitative Reasoning Government Economics ** Advanced Manufacturing II Fine Arts State specified Pathway Assessment: Dual credit assessment from Ivy Tech or Vincennes University or MSSC assessment Industry Recognized Certification: MSSC

13 A series of connected education and training strategies and support services that enable individuals to secure industry relevant certification(s) and obtain employment within an occupation and to advance to higher levels of future education and employment in that area. Career pathways – a definition U.S. Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, and Labor (2012). Interagency Letter on Career Pathways. Career Pathways - Defined

14 Illustration courtesy of National Governors Association

15 15 Career Pathways Graphic courtesy of the Center for Law & Social Policy

16 Career Pathways System Graphic courtesy of the Center for Law & Social Policy

17 Sector-based strategies take a comprehensive, broad- based approach to identifying and addressing skills needs across key industries within a region rather than focusing on the workforce needs of individual employers on a case-by-case basis. Sector strategies often result in the formation of industry partnerships, which are employer-led partnerships with support from workforce development, economic development, and education partners. ECO15, Northeast Indiana Partnership, Advancing Manufacturing Initiative, etc. Sector Strategies - Defined

18 Sector strategies harness industry intelligence to identify industry needs and design education and training resources to meet needs. Industry partnerships create plans to: Identify key skill needs of sector: certifications, credentials, degrees required for entry and promotion within sector Provide input into the development of training programs to meet skill needs of sector Establish and support career pathways within sector Identify and align resources for education and training to support sector Establish strategies for measuring success and impact of sector-defined education and training strategies They serve to guide efficient investments of public resources and leverage private resources Focus of Sector Strategies

19 Illustration courtesy of National Governors Association

20 Sector strategy partnership members Illustration courtesy of National Governors Association

21 Career Pathways & Sector Strategies Illustration courtesy of National Governors Association

22 State/Regional/Local commitment to: Share vision and overarching strategies Respond to local/regional employer needs in key sectors Establish metrics toward specific indicators & outcomes Align financial/other resources to incentivize coordination across systems Contextualize instruction across pathways from secondary (including CTE) to postsecondary education & training Offer multiple entry and exit points amid stackable credential continuum for clients of all ages Support student transitions and reduce barriers to completion through support services, assessments and counseling Career Pathways & Sector Strategies

23 Career Pathways development by DOE Indiana Career Explorer CHE Focus on Degree Maps and Advising Education Roundtable/CELL: EWIN Grants WorkINdiana program within DWD Indianas Recent Efforts

24 Make Recommendations to Indiana Career Council Evaluate CTE Opportunities Propose Alternatives to Meet Industry Needs Leverage Partnerships Legislated Priorities

25 Strategic plan to align and improve education and workforce training systems Seeks input from many partners including the Works Councils Deadline is June 30, 2014 Indiana Career Council

26 Works Council will review the following: Talent Pipeline Demand Framework for evaluating CTE opportunities report due to Education Roundtable on November 1 Analysis continues beyond that date Evaluate CTE Opportunities

27 Utilizing data analyses of current CTE opportunities and industry data, propose new ideas for CTE curricula at a regional level Internships/apprenticeships Industry certifications Dual credit Approval through State Board of Education Associated Deadlines and Funding Propose Alternative CTE Curricula

28 Department of Education Service Centers, high schools, and CTE centers Education Workforce Innovation Network Skills2Compete Coalition Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) College Success Coalitions Ivy Tech, Vincennes, and other higher education institutions Adult Education Regional Consortia Industry Partnerships Partnerships

29 Questions? Jackie Dowd Special Assistant for Career Innovation 317.232.0204 Marie Mackintosh Director Works Councils and Adult Education 317.233.6792 Dan Clark Executive Director of the Education Roundtable 317.697.6141 Dana Carter Assistant Director Works Councils 317.232.7662

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