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Who are the coaches and what are their responsibilities? What are some of the expectations of the players? When will my son be able to attend tutorials?

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2 Who are the coaches and what are their responsibilities? What are some of the expectations of the players? When will my son be able to attend tutorials? When do all of the teams practice and play? What are some important events I need to know about? How can I receive updates about Santa Fe Basketball? Can my son ride home with me after the game? What is the schedule over Thanksgiving and Christmas? What does my son do if he does not come to school or has to miss practice? What happens if my son gets hurt during a game or in practice? What type of communication should I expect from the coaches? What type of communication do the coaches expect from me? What can we discuss at a meeting? How do I voice an issue or concern I am having? What can I do to help the program? What are some potential fees? What if my son wants to participate in another sport? What will my son learn as an Indian Basketball player?

3 Head Coach  Ryan Campbell Coaching Stops  Joshua ISD  Santa Fe High School Contact Information   409-927-3145

4 First Assistant  Chris Hayes Coaching Stops  Waynesville High School (MO)  Dickinson High School  Clear Creek High School  Santa Fe High School Contact Information   409-927-3145

5 Varsity Assistant/ JV Head Coach  Matt Riley Coaching Stops  Santa Fe High School Contact Information   409-927-3145

6 Varsity Assistant/ Freshmen Head Coach  Mark Tucker Coaching Stops  Santa Fe ISD Contact Information   409-927-3145

7 1. Be on time. 2. Be of good character on the court, in the classroom and throughout the community. 3. Give maximum effort. 4. Be a team player, accept your role in our program and EXCEL AT IT! Four simple rules to abide by to be a member of our basketball program. Three simple rules that you will hopefully continue to follow even after you leave us.

8 1. Be on time Consequences Players will push towels and initial their discipline log every time they are late to a practice or team function. Our definition of on time is dressed and ready to go on the start time.

9 2. Be of good character on the court, in the classroom and throughout the community. Consequences If we receive a negative report from a teacher you will be required to push thirty towels and we will report it in their discipline log. All other character issues that arise in school, at school functions, practice, games, locker room, etc that are not covered in our policies.....These will be up to the coach’s discretion and dealt with in a consistent manner. Some violations may include, but are not limited to; truancy, skipping, insubordination, violence, cheating, D-halls, ISS.

10 3. Give maximum effort. & Be a Good Teammate Consequences We want to be the hardest working team in our district, during games and practices.  If we don’t give great effort in practice…….we will have additional running at the end.  If we don’t give great effort in games……we will not be successful that night.  If we pout about things not going our way we will have unrealistic expectations about our basketball career and eventual careers in life.

11  Tutorials will be mandatory for some student athletes that don’t keep their grades high enough.  Tutorials are to get extra help on topics and subject matter that you are not grasping during the class period.  Tutorials are NOT for completing assignments or projects that should have been done at home or during class.  During the typical week our (JV/Varsity) players will have three or four opportunities to attend after school tutorials for additional instruction from their teacher.  The only days they won’t be able to attend tutorials are Wednesdays (because we will begin practice right after school), or if we have to leave right after school for an away game.  Academics are our number one priority, but we don’t want players missing practice because they are not taking care of their responsibilities in the classroom or at home.

12 All practice and game schedules can be found on our website. Players are required to be at practice and games on time with all of the appropriate equipment on or with them.

13  November 11th All players need to have their athletic fee paid.  November 19 Teacher Appreciation Night  January 7th Junior High Night/Youth Night  February 4th Elementary Night/Josh Butler Night  February 7 Parent Appreciation Night

14 FACEBOOK Search for Santa Fe Hoops TWITTER Search for @SantaFeHoops EMAIL LIST If you or a family member would like to be added to our distribution list please email Coach Campbell and let him know.

15  All players will be required to ride the bus home from our away games.  In case of emergencies players will be allowed to ride home with THEIR parent/guardian if they follow the proper procedure.  Those players must turn in a Travel Release Form during the class period the day of the game. (Form can be found in the Handout section of our website.)  No player will be released to leave with anyone else’s parent/guardian.  All players are required to stay through the Varsity game when we play at home.

16 Thanksgiving Holiday Christmas Holiday SundayMondayTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFridaySaturday 24. OFF (All Teams) 25. OFF (All Teams) 26. OFF (All Teams) 27. OFF (All Teams) 28. OFF (All Teams) 29. OFF (All Teams) 30. OFF (All Teams) SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday 20. GAME @ Columbia HS 3:00-8:00 (All Teams) 21. OFF (All Teams) 22. OFF (All Teams) 23. OFF (All Teams) 24. OFF (All Teams) 25. OFF (All Teams) 26. Open Gym 3:00-5:00 (Mandatory Varsity Practice) 27. OFF (9 TH /JV) El Campo TOURNEY (Varsity) 28. OFF (9 TH /JV) El Campo TOURNEY (Varsity) 29. OFF (All Teams) 30. Practice 10:00-12:00 (All Teams) 31. Game Friendswood 11:00-4:30 (All Teams) 1.Practice 10-12:30 (All Teams) 2. Practice 10:00-12:00 (All Teams) 3. GAME @ Ball High HS 4:30-9:00 P.M. ( All Teams)

17 Any student athlete that will not be at practice will be required to contact one of their coaches directly before practice. You will not be allowed to send word with a teammate. Coaches contacts can be found on the previous slides and on our website All players will be required to complete a practice make-up at with their coach. Make-up practice will be completed no matter what the absence is for (funeral, sickness, etc.) Any player that has an unexcused absence will also be required to initial their discipline log.

18  Notify the coaching staff first.  Visit our training staff before going to the doctor.  Visit your doctor after speaking with our athletic training staff. All players that get held out by a doctor must provide a doctor’s note to get cleared to begin practicing again.  Training Staff Contact Information David Silva and Stuart Jackson 409-927-3146 or 409-927-3147

19  Coach’s Philosophy  The expectation he has for your son and all the other players on the team.  Location and times of all practices and games.  Team requirements (fees, special equipment needed, important dates)  Procedures to follow when your child is injured during participation.

20  Concerns about your student athlete expressed directly to the coach at the appropriate time and place. Please follow the 24 hour policy and don’t attempt to talk to a coach directly following competition.  Specific concerns about the coach’s philosophy or expectations.  Notification of any schedule conflicts well in advance.

21 Issues NOT appropriate to discuss with a coach.  How much playing time athletes are getting.  Team strategy.  Issues or concerns about other players. Issues that are appropriate to discuss with a coach  The mental and physical treatment of your child.  What your child needs to improve.  Concerns about your child’s behavior.

22 All parents need to follow the proper procedure when handling concerns.  Have your child try to resolve the issue with their coach at the appropriate time and place first.  If that does not resolve the issue the you should call the coach to set up a meeting. Again, please follow the 24 Hour Policy.  Think about what you want to accomplish during the meeting.  Make sure that we stay on topic during our meeting. If we cannot come to a healthy solution to the issues or concerns you have then you can contact our Campus AD.  Jay Buckner-Campus Athletic Director

23 Join the Santa Fe Boys Basketball Booster Club  Our Booster Club is a terrific organization that helps us get the things we need to be successful.  Contact our Booster Club Officers for more information; President-Brenda Vasek- Vice President-Kimberly McDouglald- Historian – Angela Wilks - Treasurer-Cathy Claunch-Scott- Secretary-Delilah Owens- Sign up to work in the concession stand  Contact Angela Wilks or Dawn Belcher for more information. Sign up to help out during our Robert “Coach Bob” Galkowski Freshmen/JV Tournament  Various volunteers will be needed to make this tournament run smoothly.  Contact Angela Wilks for more info.

24  Concession Stand Hours: Over the last two seasons we’ve had a difficult time getting parents to volunteer to work the Concession Stand. Inevitably, what happens is 3-5 parents work regularly, and miss portions of their son’ s game. With that problem in mind, while working with our Booster Club, I have come up with a reasonable solution.

25 We ask that you either: A) Work a scheduled two hours in the concession stand at some point during the season (you can sign up with Angela Wilks or Dawn Belcher) B) Purchase a $50 Buyout that omits you from having to work the Concessions this year. So that you’re aware, this option does present the possibility that for some home games, the Concessions may not be available.

26  Athletic Fee-$50 All athletic fees must be paid through our athletic office  Home Game Today T-Shirt-$10  Team T-Shirt-$10  You may buy the T-Shirts tonight if you wish.

27 DO IT!!!  All athletes are encouraged to participate in any sport they are able to make at Santa Fe High School.  Your son is welcome to work out and participate in other sports during our season whenever that participation does not conflict with his obligations in basketball.  If you choose to practice another sport during our season you MUST make it back to our practice on time.  Anyone participating in basketball will be given an opportunity to try out for any sport after the completion of our season.

28  He will learn the importance of an education.  He will learn how to communicate effectively.  He will learn how to be responsible for his own actions.  He will learn how to treat the people around him.  He will learn how to develop a strong work ethic.  He will develop into a young man that is ready to compete at a high level in our society.


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