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Always Coca-Cola [TST Opens Coca-Cola]This is the voice of Coca Cola [TST drinks it] Hayatın tadı Coca-Cola Generation Next, Generation Next [TST opens.

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2 Always Coca-Cola [TST Opens Coca-Cola]This is the voice of Coca Cola [TST drinks it] Hayatın tadı Coca-Cola Generation Next, Generation Next [TST opens Pepsi] Ask for more! [TST drinks it] Hüp diye içine çek beni...

3 My topic is brand personality and brand loyalty, my friends. First of all, let me explain brand personality. Many of the world's most powerful brands spend a great deal of time putting personality into their brands. It is the personality of a brand that can appeal to the four functions of a person's mind. For example, people make judgments about products and companies in personality terms. They might say, "I don't think that company is very friendly," "I feel uneasy when I go into that branch," "I just know that salesmen is not telling the truth about that product," or "That offer doesn't smell right to me." Their minds work in a personality driven way. Given that this is true, then how can a company create a personality for its product or for itself? The answer lies in the choice and application of personality values and characteristics.

4 Imagine a person as a brand. She may be around 28 years of age, have fair features, a small build and be pleasant-looking. These would be similar to a product's features. When you get to know her a little better, your relationship may deepen, and you will be able to trust her, enjoy her company, and even miss her a lot when she is not around. She is fun to be with and you are strongly attracted to her values and concerns. These are emotions similar to the associations which people develop with brand personalities. People, generally, like people. So, if a personality can be created for a brand, it will be easier to attract consumers to the brand. As brands grow, as do human relationships, it is the emotional dimension that tends to become dominant in loyalty. Personality grows brands by providing the emotional difference and experience.

5 AND They are the most famous computer brands in the world. They are rivals to each other but have got different personalities. Let’s meet MR.Apple and MR.IBM... MR.Apple: He's always been super bright about computers, and a high achiever at the University. But he's totally cool and down to earth, with a subtle sense of humor. Not a nerd at all. But witty, fun, and creative. 20, maybe early 30 something years old. Masculine, but sensitive MR.IBM: Formal and professional. Perhaps a bit stiff, or "square." But tops in his class intellectually. He's gone to the best University, with an advanced degree. And he has very polished social skills. 40ish years old. Masculine, perhaps a bit macho.

6 As you see, brands are like people. So they have relationship with target audience; with you. The concept of a relationship between a brand and a person provides a different perspective on how brand personality might work How can we create a brand personality? Brand Personality isn’t a coincidence. Think about Pepsi. What do you think about Pepsi’s image? Of course, famous people like sportsmen, top models like Cindy Crawford and especially music stars like [TST shows their photos] Shakira, Wycleaf Jean, Ricky Martin, Janet Jackson, Kenan Doğulu, Şebnem Ferah, Tina Turner, Madonna, Michael Jackson and the like. Pop stars act in Pepsi’s advertisements. Just advertisements? They give concerts, they make singles for Pepsi. [TST shows a casette and a CD…] Tarkan’s Hüp and Spice Girls’ “Step To Me” are examples for Pepsi Music’s products. Look at the casette and the CD. Pepsi’s colours blue, white and red are used for the single covers. You can see the same colours on Britney Spears Cup. [TST shows it] White and blue blouse, blue jeans, red hook, red and white star…..

7 Pepsi isn’t the only brand which uses famous people. Police sun-glasses use Bruce Willis, because a Hollywood star is the best choice for any sun-galsses’ brand personality. [TST shows Police’s advertisement with Bruce Willis. Then he shows İbrahim Kutluay’s Rejoice advertisement] A sportsman like İbrahim Kutluay doesn’t have much time. He has to have a shower everyday. He washes and go, because he has got a speedy life. However, he has got many girlfriends and must lie when Demet calls him; “I am training Demet. What? Are you training, too?”… He also goes out with his friends everynight and his car needs petrol. He doesn’t have to pay more for petrol, so he uses Bonus Card. Rejoice, Ericsson and Bonus Card used İbrahim Kutluay as a perfect sportsman, because he is adaptable fot the brands’ personalities. [TST shows Turkish Flag] These days, Coca-Cola uses Turkish team’s footballers. Do you know the advertisement? Red-white, red-white… Did you catch the track? [Now TST shows Coca-Cola] Red-white, red-white….


9 I have some more examples for creating brand personality. The success of Marlboro is based on a great brand personality brought to life in the "rugged American cowboy," and the client's discipline to stick with it over decades. Coke has built it's brand by consistently reinforcing the logo, its "face.". McDonald's has done Coke one better by introducing a character that gives the brand a human personality. The energizer bunny brings to life a benefit of the product, that Energizer batteries just keep on going and going and going. Apple Computers found the perfect brand personality in Jeff Goldblum, the man who plays a likable young scientist in the movies Jurassic Park and Independence Day. I want to ask a question to you. Who prefers Coca-Cola? [Class members raise their hands] OK. And who prefers Pepsi? [Just Hakan raises his hand] Hakan, why do you prefer Pepsi? [He answers it “Because it is cheaper] Koray, why do you prefer Coca-Cola? [He answers it “I prefer the original”]

10 These are brand loyalty. What’s the brand loyalty? Let me explain it. Brand Loyalty is the consumer's conscious or unconscious decision, expressed through intention or behavior, to repurchase a brand continually. It occurs because the consumer perceives that the brand offers the right product features, image, or level of quality at the right price. Consumer behavior is habitual because habits are safe and familiar. In order to create brand loyalty, advertisers must break consumer habits, help them acquire new habits, and reinforce those habits by reminding consumers of the value of their purchase and encourage them to continue purchasing those products in the future. Here are the results of consumer research into how people feel about two companies. When they asked the question: “If these two companies were people, how would you describe them?”, the people’s replies were this:

11 The closer the brand personality is to the consumer personality (or one which they admire or aspire to), the greater will be the willingness to buy the brand and the deeper the brand loyalty. To make you have any idea about Turkish people’s brand choice, I want to show an inquiry from a Turkish newspaper. [TST shows it] As you see here, %79 of Turkish people choose Coca-Cola as cola drink. %76,9 of girls choose Orkid as hygienic ped. Ha ha ha. %47,5 of fast-food lovers’ choice is MC Donald’s. As a Fanta fan, I feel proud of Fanta, because the most famous fruit drink is Fanta. In my house, all of our televisions, videos and music sets are Sony and as you see here, people choose Sony as TV and music set. Smokers, %74,7 of you prefer Marlboro as foreign cigarette and %33,1 of you prefer Samsun as local cigarette. My mobile phone is Nokia and I didn’t become surprised when I saw Nokia’s name as the most famous mobile phone brand.

12 To make it clear, I want to deal handouts about Top 7 Techniques to build incredible Brand Loyalty/Brand Equity. You have given your time for me. Thank you!!! [TST deals handouts. Class acclaims him and TST finishes the presentation… PRESENTATION DATE: 26.04.2002

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