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About hospital Advantages of Oriental Medicine Our services Our doctors Devices Contact information.

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2 About hospital Advantages of Oriental Medicine Our services Our doctors Devices Contact information

3 Korea Kyung Hee University has established as a two-year college in 1949 and began its activity as a four-year university in 1952. Medical Center began its activity from 1971 under the Kyung Hee University, one of the leading educational institutions in modern Korean education. In the result of cooperation between SEBA Association and Kyung Hee University of the Republic of Korea, the Department of Oriental Medical Hospital has established in Baku in November, 2006. In the Hospital offering both traditional oriental and modern medical services, work professional medical staff. Korea Kyung Hee University Oriental Medical Hospital became one of the leading medical centers in our country with its modern equipment, high quality of professional service and perfect sanitary condition for patients.

4 Korean medicine has an ancient history. The main difference of Korean traditional medicine, gained classic oriental medicine traditions in it, is Sasang Constitution, classified human being into 4 types. Necessity of individual treatment for each part of human body avoiding general treatment methods is the main idea of this theory. According to these principles the physician must have conversation with patient about his or her complaints, pains, nourishment, lifestyle, main causes of diseases before the treatment. After the conversation general examination of body - tongue, eye and pulse control provide by physician. After examination the treatment must determine individually to each patient. The physician prescribes the treatment or diet according to patient s age, sex, lifestyle, job, energy balance etc. One of the best advantages of treatment provided via Korean oriental medicine methods is the absence of side effects. For instance, acupuncture prescribed during different type of pains in body has no side effects to other parts of body as opposed to traditional pain killers. That s why the patients suffering from chronic pains prefer this type of treatment.

5 During the treatment different types of acupuncture applies to the patient. According to the patient s complaints the thickness of needles, applied area (ear, hands, feet, abdominal area etc.) are determined. One of the advantages of this procedure is use of infra-red lights. So, the effect of the treatment increases and physicians achieve best results. Moxibustion or Moxa is one of the unique treatment methods. The term, used in old Chinese and Korean medicine means heating, searing. The treatment is provided via burned special herbs in containers having different sizes and shapes. They are placed on special points of the body. It is known that, there are hundreds of points influenced to different parts of body and energy canals. The physician balances the internal temperature via heating these points and energy canals enlarge by this way. So, the physician treats the disease of patient. By this method not only internal organs related disorders, also traumatic, pain syndrome, psychological, epilepsy, and other diseases are treated. It is possible to apply moxibustion therapy to many patients living in countries having cold climate and severe winter. Because cold caused side effects are collecting in few years and prove themselves like different symptoms. In cold periods of the year the moxibustion therapy can apply as prophylactics as well. For people having weakness for cold the role of moxibustion is indispensable.

6 Vacuum therapy is one of the painless, high effective treatment methods influencing to the human body via special vacuum cups. Under the influence of vacuum cups realizes the strong tense exchange. Skin and soft tissue enlarges inside the cup. This time blood circulation, metabolic changes getting better, toxin and other hazardous substances remove and regeneration process of tissues is getting faster. Body is provided with blood, oxygen and nutrition substances. The main difference of the vacuum therapy from the cupping in home conditions is its effectiveness and applying to the special points. At the hospital there are also electrocardiography, ultrasound examination, laboratory, gynecology, otorhinolaringology (ear-nose-throat), X-ray, ophthalmology, uronephrology, and pediatric rooms equipped with modern devices where experienced Azerbaijan specialists work.

7 Doctors-professors and physiotherapists invited for a certain period of time, carry out treatment of musculoskeletal, heart-circulatory, allergic, dermatological, gastrointestinal, respiratory, neurological, psychosomatic diseases. Examinations are provided by unique devices in Azerbaijan and diseases are treated via different methods - acupuncture, vacuum, autotens therapies, and point massage, infra-red light and herbal medicine. It is noticeable that, herbal medicines without any chemical additives prescribed by physicians imported from Korea and their sale is possible only in our hospital. These medicines are used during treatment separated and as bio-additives.

8 There is a balance of positive and negative energy in human body according to the principles of the Oriental Medicine. The equipment of Yandorak examines ratio of positive and negative energy and general energy state of the body. Results are represented in a graphical form. This method enables to have a control over the functions of different organs, blood circulation and vegetative nervous system. This equipment does not only measure blood pressure and pulse, but also checks the work of the heart muscles. The equipment has been supplied with automatic connection system. Results are reflected on wide LCD and printed. The analyzer measures body bioenergy on the basis of the reaction to the weak electrical irritations. The real state of the body: neurological status, blood circulation, functional state of different organs and some other parameters are defined by means of the acquired results. The analyzer gives an opportunity to find out concealed and initial periods of diseases. The analyzer also holds an objective monitoring of adequacy and efficiency of treatment. It is possible to analyze mass of proteins and minerals of body, total body water and body cell, intracellular and extracellular water, edema index, dehydration, mass, percent and area of body fat with the help of BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer) system based on the latest technological achievements. The analyzer sets up a great opportunity in urology (kidney diseases), neonatology (newborns) and dietology (obesity) carrying out these calculations accurately and in a very short time. When applying this method 60 different types of elasticity of blood vessels were found out. The equipment defines these symptoms of a patient and compares them. The power of blood coming into the heart and level of elasticity of blood vessels are defined according to these parameters. Yandorak device: FT 750R Device measuring blood pressure OMD 3000 Bioenergetic analyzer Megchingi device: X-scan Plus II Multi Frequency Bioelectrical Analyzer


10 Korea Kyung Hee University Oriental Medical Hospital Neftchilar avenue Azneft square HEYDAR ALIYEV FOUNDATION SOCAR International Mugham Center FUNİCULAR CHİNAR restaurant

11 65, Neftchilar avenue, Baku, Azerbaijan (next to Funicular) Tel.: (+99412) 437-18-10, 437-18-25 Fax: (+99412) 437-18-30 E-mail:

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