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Leda Swann Writing Great Sex Charmed and Dangerous 2006.

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1 Leda Swann Writing Great Sex Charmed and Dangerous 2006

2 Lets get some things out of the way right now Cock Cunt Fuck Pussy If any of these words are offensive to you, close your ears for the next hour. Were going to get you to string a few words together using words like this. If that overly embarrasses you, nows a good time for a cup of chamomile tea.

3 What are we going to be doing for the next hour? Were going to talk a bit about why you might want to write erotic romance, what is erotic romance, and just what can you write about? Then well get you to write some great sex and well discuss what you wrote. Next well look at how to write great sex a bit more detail. And you get to have another go. We have arbitrary prizes, so dont hold back.

4 Why write erotic romance? Its hot right now – an emerging market. Which translates to: lots of markets to try lots of money (well, a reasonable amount, anyway) if youre successful You can write in almost any sub-genre - historical, paranormal, contemporary, western. Probably anything except for inspirational, and even that, well, who knows? Its a lot of fun. You get to think about sex all the time. Your colleagues look at you sideways in the elevator and wonder how much better your sex life is than theirs.

5 What is erotic romance anyway? How does it differ from ordinary romance, or from pure erotica? Erotic romance is romance with really hot and graphic sex. Erotica is lots of really hot and graphic sex between characters who do not have any emotional connection, or who have minimal emotional connection. Or to put it another way: Romance:What is thing called love? Erotica:What is this thing called, love?

6 How far dare you go? What kinds of sex can you write about in erotic romance? Just how far can you go? Be bold – how brave are you? And your readers? But not too bold. Every publishing house has its taboos. Learn them. Dont break them. Ever. You can get away with more in romantica or erotica that you can get away with in other romance novels. Be inventive.

7 Okay sex Oral sex Sex with multiple partners, e.g. threesomes Masturbation Anal sex Voyeurism Bondage Role-playing Sex with (humanoid) extra-terrestrials Sex with shape-shifters And the plain old missionary position

8 Not Okay sex Anything including underage people – over 18 is essential Sex with non-sentient animals (its amazing though what some writers have been able to get away with when writing about sentient animals!) Sex with dead people (unless they are the walking dead like vampires) Golden showers Anything to do with icky violence And, funnily enough, the American market doesnt care for its heroines to have sex with other people when they have an emotional attachment to a different partner.

9 What is great? (Part 1) Its subjective What I find flowery you think is lyrical What arouses me you find icky Write for your target audience. Decide on a style that you think will work for both you and your readers. Read your sex scenes. Do they turn you on?

10 Your turn! Weve got some scenarios here to get you started on your very own sex scene. Theres two different sets, each with two scenarios outlined. The first is fairly simple, while the second is a bit more complex. Have a go at the first scenario, you have 10 minutes to scribble some erotic romance. After that, while we talk a bit more, think about what we are saying with respect to the second scenario. A bit later well get you to write again.

11 Erotic Language You Gotta use words with the right flavor! Heres some fun words- CockPussy ShaftCunt ErectionNipples Penis (maybe)Clit BallsAss SacCum ButtBuds

12 Erotic Language And heres some silly words- WienerLove button JohnsonCavern of luuurve ManrootPink canoe RodBearded axe wound Giant meat hammerMan in a boat WillyTitties Love truncheonJugs Pork swordRack Hot beef (injection)Bacon bazooker

13 Erotic Language And our favourites! Treasure trove of heavenly delights Purple pulsating pillar of passion

14 Larry entered the dimly lit bar, with a feeling in his bone that it was his lucky night and there would be some chick who'd like the cut of his gib and who would be sufficiently pissed that she'd have a quickie in the loos. As he walked in he spied a hottie and said to her, "hey tasty laaaaaaaaady, i gotta schlong like a german salami, wanna root?"… What is great? (Part 2)

15 …Man, the chick was out of it; she was none too flash- looking but hey, he thought to himself, i got my beer goggles on and anything looks alright when you are as desperate as a dingo in the desert without a tree to piss on. He hitched up his beer belly over his fawn slacks and followed her into the Ladies for a little Larry- lovin'. …maybe not What is great? (Part 2 cont.)

16 Sex must be integral to the story. It must: Increase the tension between the characters, or Complicate their relationship, or Push the plot along Show another aspect of your characters What is great? (Part 3)

17 You cant have a story that would work without the sex scenes in it. That way you get boring sex. Gratuitous sex is not interesting or exciting sex. In erotic romance, as in real life, having sex is not the magic action that resolves a couples differences. Sex is a complication, not a cure. What is great? (Part 3)

18 Sex must always be in character. If your character is a virgin, she wont be saying Gimme some of your hard cock. And if she is an experienced woman, she wont be looking at a mans naked body as if shes never seen an erection before. What is great? (Part 3 cont)

19 Sex is about emotions, not about gymnastics. It helps to get into the heads of both characters so the reader can experience what sex is like for both of them. It not about moving body parts and friction. Its about the emotional connection they forge when they have sex with each other, the parts of themselves they are revealing to the other. What is great? (Part 3 cont)

20 Dialogue helps. It breaks up the action and can be used to reveal character. Sex must fit the characters emotional development. The sex that two characters have in the beginning of your story will likely be very different to the sex they have in the middle of the story or at the end. The sex changes as your characters develop. If you can swap the sex scenes around without losing anything, this is a sign that the sex is not individualised enough. What is great? (Part 4)

21 Your turn (again)! Write a scene using Scenario 2. As you write think about: Conflict Dialogue Motivation Style Context Vocabulary Emotional impact Plus, does it turn you on?

22 Finally Good luck and happy writing! Thanks for being brave and taking part in our workshop. Cathy and Brent

23 Charmed Scenarios Scenario 1 Heres an easy one to start with - pirates are all the rage at the moment, and if Hollywood is to be believed, they have lots of fun too. Captain Blackbird is the meanest pirate ever to sail the seven seas. Despite his reputation he does actually have a few morals. One of these is respect for women. During one of the crews forays they rescue from a sinking ship a fair maiden, Miss Christine. At first she is afraid that she is going to become the sport of the crew, but Captain Blackbird will have none of that. He provides her with safe yet spartan accommodations. She learns the pirate ship is heading in the opposite direct to which she wants to go. One night she is invited to the Captains table to dine, and she decides to seduce the Captain in an attempt to have him change course and take her where she needs to go. Does he resist Christines advances, or does he take advantage of what she is offering? And does he turn his ship around? Scenario 2 This one is a bit trickier, it involves the thought of a threesome. Whats our heros reaction? Does he find the thought of an extra person in their bed exciting? Or offputting? And is that person a man or a woman? Helen and Joe have been married for a few years and are very much in love. Helen is very adventurous in her lovemaking, generally taking the lead in various role plays and games. Hes not shy either, and has never refused her ideas in the past. One sunny Sunday afternoon they are lying in bed and she starts teasing him. As usual their selection of toys is at hand. As their lovemaking progresses she talks to him, imagining another partner in bed with them. She gauges his reaction as she describes what it might be like with another woman, or another man, as they make love. What does Helen say? And do? What is prompting her to make these suggestions? And what does Joe think of the idea?

24 Dangerous Scenarios Scenario 1 Heres an easy one to start off with, its the classic office fling. As usual its the office Christmas party and everyone is a bit tipsy. Why does this always happen? Gordon is a bit shy with the ladies, and while no virgin, is not terribly experienced in matters of sex. Hes had his eye on Marie for a while. Shes pretty and fun to talk to. As it happens Marie is very experienced, sexually speaking, but doesnt present this way. Gordon sees her as very prim and proper, but fortified with cheap bubbly he finds her very interesting indeed. Shes open to his approaches and he amazes himself by leading her off to the stationary room. What happens next? Who takes charge? Whatever happens we know its going to be an hour of wild fucking, thats for sure. Scenario 2 This ones a bit trickier. Raped as a child, Cassie is uncomfortable around men, hiding her terror behind the facade of an ice princess. Pierre is a vampire bad boy who has been seducing women for hundreds of years - and when he meets Cassie by chance at an evening party, he quickly becomes determined to break through the ice princess to the woman beneath and make her his. How does he go about this? What about her attracts him? Why does he feel the need to get through to her? How does she respond to him? And why?

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