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VISION MISSION Educate 15,00,000 Needy Students From 15

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1 VISION MISSION Educate 15,00,000 Needy Students From 15
Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education MISSION Educate 15,00,000 Needy Students From 15 Indian States in 20 Years

2 What is India Sudar ? Who We Are ? What We Do ? Where We Work ?
India Sudar Educational and Charitable Trust is a registered non-governmental, secular and non-profit social welfare organization working to provide quality education to the underprivileged children of India. India Sudar was established in 2004 by a group of young Indians with a common vision of developing a prosperous and powerful India by enabling access to quality education for all. Donations to India Sudar are eligible for tax exemption under Sec. 80G of the Income Tax Act, India Sudar (Reg. No.: 454/2004) is audited by Govt. of India. India Sudar team comprises of a strong and dedicated group of young working professionals, especially from the IT sector, who have come together to work towards our common vision and goal.   At India Sudar, we firmly believe that enabling access to quality education to the children in the economically weaker sections of the society will bring about positive transformational change not only in their own lives but also our communities and our nation as a whole. What We Do ? Where We Work ? We partner and work with (Onsite) government schools and hostels, orphanages, educational blocks at village, taluk or district level to implement our program. Our program serves to improve the quality of education by undertaking various activities such as funding hiring of additional qualified teachers, establishing a learning center or a library or a computer center, providing scholarships to students, conducting seminars and science events, providing career guidance and soft skills training etc. Villages, Government Schools, Government Hostels, Orphanages, Educational blocks, Taluks and Districts. Indian State/Union Territory: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pudhucherry, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Assam, Rajasthan, Manipur What We Achieved ? What is Our Target ? 771 projects executed in 190 villages, schools, and orphanages in 11 states and union territories in India 73,131 students reached and benefitted through our projects  1456 registered members in our organization  70,56,572 Rupees raised through donations to support our projects Our goal is to reach and provide quality education to 15,00,000 students in 20 years 14,872 students by 2009 (5th Year) 1,72,041 students by 2014 (10th Year) 6,26,914 students by 2019 (15th Year) 14,78,120 students by 2024 (20th Year) 2

3 Problem Statement

4 Literacy Rate & Educational Status
1 Kerala 93.91 2 Lakshadweep* 92.28 3 Mizoram 91.58 4 Tripura 87.75 5 Goa 87.40 6 Daman & Dlu * 87.07 7 Puducherry * 86.55 8 Chandigarh * 9 Delhi * 86.34 10 Andaman & Nicobar Islands * 86.27 11 Himachal Pradesh 83.78 12 Maharashtra 82.91 13 Sikkim 82.20 14 Tamil Nadu 80.33 15 Nagaland 80.11 16 Manipur 79.85 17 Uttarakhand 79.63 18 Gujarat 79.71 19 Dadra & Nagar Haveli * 77.65 20 West Bengal 77.08 21 Punjab 76.68 22 Haryana 76.64 23 Karnataka 75.60 24 Meghalaya 75.48 25 Orissa 73.45 26 Assam 73.18 27 Chhattisgarh 71.04 28 Madhya Pradesh 70.63 29 Uttar Pradesh 69.72 30 Jammu & Kashmir 68.74 31 Andhra Pradesh 67.66 32 Jharkhand 67.63 33 Rajasthan 67.06 34 Arunachal Pradesh 66.95 35 Bihar 63.82 India Educational Status % Dropouts between class 5 and class 10 70% Attended class 10 or class 12 20% Pursued 3 or 5 Yrs of Higher education after 10th or 12th 8% Pursued Higher Professional Studies 2% 4

5 Solution Beneficiary Owner Assessment
(ONSITE) A beneficiary is selected after thorough assessment and review based on a set of criteria established by the Trust. Several projects are implemented to elevate the quality of education at the onsite. Owner Every onsite has an onsite leader who plans and leads the activities at the site. All work at the onsite is executed, reviewed and assessed by work coordinators (volunteers). Assessment At each onsite ,every project’s impact and benefit are assessed based on examination results, competitions and interactions. This review is undertaken quarterly which is then followed by an annual report.

6 Project Activities 1.TEACHER
Hire qualified teachers to teach and run the established facilities 2.STATIONERY Provide stationeries such as books, notebooks, pencils, pens, school bags, school uniforms and shoes every academic year 3.TRAINING Provide Training at government schools, homes and villages 1.Educational Festivals (quiz, drawing, seminars, competitions, etc) 2.Career Guidance sessions 3.Science Experimental Based Learning & Awareness (SEBLA) 4.Moral Education 5.Teacher Training 6.Teach on Weekends 7.Teach English 8.Vocational Training (motorcycle mechanic, driving, etc) 9.Public Examination Coaching (100% 10th result) 10.Pasion Education (Sports, Drawing, Yoga Meditation, Folk Dance, Music, Singing) 11. Parents Educational Awareness Program 1.IS Learning Center 2.IS Computer Center 3.Government School 4.Orphanage 1.Stationeries for Individuals 2.Stationeries for Gov Schools 3.Stationeries for Homes 4.Note Book Drive (NBD) for select Schools 5.Stationary Drive (SD) for select Homes 6.Bags, Uniforms & Shoes for deserving and needy students 4.SCHOLARSHIP Provide complete financial aid for a student for a full academic year 1.6th to Under Graduate 2.1st to 5th for Dropout Students 3. ITI, Diploma Course 4.Post Graduate-optional 5.COMPUTER Provide free training through India Sudar Computer Training Center 1.IS Computer Training Center 6.LIBRARY India Sudar Books and Digital material based Library 7.FOOD Provide food to students. This will be provided only for summer courses. 8.GREEN Plant trees at our ONSITE locations and ensure that they are cared for by the beneficiary. 9.INFRASTRUCUTRE Although this is not one of our primary project activities, we lend some support to infrastructure projects where necessary and feasible. 1.Library for Gov School 2.Library for Home 3.Library for Village 4.Digital Library

7 Achievements and Beneficiaries
Academic Year States Covered No of IS Members No of Projects Benefited Students Amount Spent (INR) TN 99 7 1,338 74,500 46 13 587 1,34,800 AP,TN,KA,KL,PY 100 36 1,959 3,88,271 164 66 2,922 5,45,422 264 117 8,066 10,58,499 AP, KA,KL,MP,MN,PY,TN, WB 239 207 15,378 15,86,517 AP, KA,KL, PY,TN,MP,MN,AS, WB,MH,RJ 365 188 32,061 20,91,640 AP, KA,KL, PY,TN,MP,MN,AS, WB,MH,RJ,BR 314 208 21,452 18,94,704 Total 12 1593 842 83,763 Rs.77,74,353 India Sudar Achievements (2004 to 2012) 0 No Administrative overhead 1 Educational and Charitable Trust 12 Indian states/union territory in scope 11 Computer centers 18 Active India Sudar teams 30 Libraries for government schools 33 Partner Organizations 190 Villages, Gov Schools, Orphanages and Educational Institutions covered 343 Teachers deployed in IS learning/computer centers, gov schools & homes. 842 Projects executed 1593 Registered members 83,763 Students reached and benefited 77,74,353 INR raised through donations.

8 … Governance (Organizational Structure) 8 MANAGEMENT Layer (Central)
THE MANAGING TRUSTEE TRUST BOARD (Trustee) Finance Team IT Team Branding Team Strategy & Audit Team India Funding Team USA Team Singapore Team CEO (Chief Executive Officer) CFO (Chief Financial Officer) PROJECT Layer (State) MEMBERS STATE PROJECT TEAM (President, Vice President, Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Treasurer, District Lead, Project Lead, Onsite Lead, Work Coordinator, Volunteers) (ex: KA Team, TN, RJ etc) PARTNER ORGANIZATION (Open Charity Platform - OCP) NGO Partner Corporate Partner University/College Partner BENEFICIARY Layer ONSITE Government School, Orphanages, Panchayat, Village, Educational Block & District NEEDY STUDENTS (Individual) 8

9 States - Ongoing Projects & States - Targeted for Future Projects
# State Name Population Literacy Rate States where India Sudar projects are currently active 1 Andhra Pradesh 84,665,533 67.66 2 Karnataka 61,130,704 75.60 3 Kerala 33,387,677 93.91 4 Tamil Nadu 72,138,958 80.33 5 Pudhuchery 1,244,464 86.55 6 Madhya Pradesh 72,597,565 70.63 7 West Bengal 91,347,736 77.08 8 Maharashtra 112,372,972 82.91 9 Assam 31,169,272 73.18 10 Rajasthan 68,621,012 67.06 11 Manipur 2,721,756 79.85 States targeted for future India Sudar projects Jharkhand 32,966,238 67.63 Uttar Pradesh 199,581,477 69.72 Himachal Pradesh 6,856,509 83.78 Orissa 41,947,358 73.45 Chhattisgarh 25,540,196 71.04 Chandigarh  1,054,686 Gujarat 60,383,628 79.71 Haryana 25,353,081 76.64 Punjab 27,704,236 76.68 Bihar 103,804,637 63.82 Uttaranchal  10,116,752 79.63 9

10 Our 20-Year Plan YEAR AYEAR STATE MEMBER PROJECT BENEFICIARY EXPENSE 2004 1 99 7 1,338 74,500 2005 46 13 587 134,800 2006 4 100 36 1,959 388,271 2007 164 66 2,922 545,422 2008 264 117 8,066 1,058,499 5th Year 5 673 239 14,872 2,201,492 2009 3 207 15,378 1,586,517 2010 323 269 21,529 2,221,124 2011 436 350 30,141 3,109,573 2012 2 588 437 39,183 4,042,445 2013 794 547 50,938 5,255,179 10th Year 15 3,052 2,049 172,041 18,416,330 2014 1,032 601 61,126 6,306,215 2015 1,342 661 73,351 7,567,458 2016 1,744 728 88,021 9,080,949 2017 2,267 800 105,625 10,897,139 2018 2,947 880 126,750 13,076,567 15th Year 12,385 5,720 626,914 65,344,658 2019 3,537 924 139,425 14,384,223 2020 4,244 971 153,368 15,822,646 2021 5,093 1,019 168,705 17,404,910 2022 6,112 1,070 185,575 19,145,401 2023 7,334 1,124 204,133 21,059,942 20th Year 38,705 10,827 1,478,120 153,161,780 10

11 What Beneficiary and Experts Say
Dr. S.Raghavan , Professor, Electronics and Communication Engineering, NIT Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. India Sudar which works for the education of poor children and orphan deserves all encouragement and admiration. Motivating talented youngsters, bringing awareness and helping the needy are a very great task and service. I wish and confident that the vision of the INDIA SUDAR will get materialized year after year. Mr. Bibhuti Ranjan Mishra, West Bengal National Youth Awardee Their work with utmost dedication and commitment specially in the field of education for students belong to marginalized, oppressed and down trodden community must be the example for those working in the field of community development. Honoring India Sudar is nothing but to honor a highest degree of good work. Aravind, 11th Standard Student Sir, I am Aravind studying in c.k school cuddalore. I have been your career guidance book, before I am seeing this book, I did not knew what to to after finishing the school. My father brought the book to home. I just turn the book I was very pleased. That day onwards my ambition is to become I.A.S Shanmukavadivu K, Teacher, Govt Higher Secondary School I wish and pray Indiasudar to become GLOBAL SUDAR and be persisting for ever for its high ideals and spirit as a MARATHA race of an Olympic Torch which is honoured ever for its noblest ideals even after their objectives fulfilled. Obed Haokip.S, Founder, Hope Trust, Manipur For me, coming to know India Sudar is like discovering great hidden treasure and partnering with them is like being a part of creating new life for those poor and down trodden children in Manipur.   Mr.Natarajan Raman, Founder, Managing Trustee, Dream India (NGO), India. India Sudar to me is an organization that shows the way for other similar organizations on how to stream line the project activity and maintain 100% transparency. I am proud to say that DI learned a lot from India Sudar and would continue to learn. Proud and happy to have found like minded life long friends at India Sudar. C Sudhakar, Director Placement Siva Sivani Institute OF Management, Hyderabad IS is doing a very good Job of encouraging education. Lot of people are doing good voluntary service in this organization.   11

12 Eenadu, Telugu Daily News Paper from AndhraPradesh
What Media Says Eenadu, Telugu Daily News Paper from AndhraPradesh 1.About India Sudar activity 2.Parents awareness session to avoid dropout Prajavaani, Samyukta Vijaya, Kannadaprabha - Kannada Daily News Paper from Karnataka 1.About India Sudar activity 2. Note Book Drive Dinamani, Dinamalar, puthiya thalaimurai, Tamil News Paper and magazine from Tamil Nadu. About India Sudar and Educational Activity The Times Of India, Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle – English News Paper About India Sudar and Educational Activity 12

13 We with Our Beneficiaries
Our Learning Center in Rajasthan Scholarship project in Manipur Learning Center in Madhya Pradesh School Adoption in Andhra Pradesh Educational Festival in Karnataka Note Book Drive in Karnataka Career Guidance session in Tamil Nadu Teacher for West Bengal Stationery Drive in Pudhucherry 13

14 How You Can Participate!
Join as a member Join as a Partner (NGO, Corporate, College) Introduce your friends Work as a volunteer Donate monthly/periodically Help us in creating an Educational Model Teach and motivate the students on weekends Bring a potential beneficiary to our attention Verify and Review requests for new funding and projects Fund Raising 14

15 Backup Slide for Member Reference
THANKS Backup Slide for Member Reference 15

16 India Sudar Solution for Government Schools © Copyrights 2010-2020
Smarter School India Sudar Solution for Government Schools © Copyrights 16

17 Smarter School Solution

Smarter School Solution WHAT is Smarter School Solution ? WHAT is the Duration and Cost of this project ? India Sudar will asses the government schools and select the school based on need to implement this project. This project will provide smarter teaching to educate academic, soft skill, value based education, career guidance, science awareness program, sports, drawing program to provide quality education. This project will be implemented phase wise and will continue minimum 3 years to achieve Smarter School Status. This solution contains training methods with teacher, material, computers, library, infrastructure, digital education to make Smarter School. But the solution will be applied based on the assessment and phase manner. Cost of the project will be calculated based on school, number of class/students, current school status. This is not constant amount. IMPROVE ACADEMY Asses and identify poor performing class and subject to deploy teacher for improvement. Identify poor performing student and subject for special training program. Identify the key factor to reach 100% result in 10th Standard. TRAINING Provide career guidance program for the student. Provide science awareness program. Provide Moral education for the students. Provide Teach English program Provide passion education. PASSION EDUCATION Promote and guide more students passion based education. DROPOUT ISSUE Monitor and identify dropout issue in the school and handle it. Adopt dropout students to continue their education. DIGITAL EDUCATION Provide CD and Computer based education to improve academic and soft skill. LIBRARY Setup library for the school to increase reading habit. Setup Digital Library for the school. COMPUTER Setup computer centers to provide regular computer training for the school. EDUCATIONAL STATIONERIES Provide educational stationeries to the school and students. MORAL EDUCATION We will provide 15hrs of moral education program under 10 topics through material and teacher. GREEN ENVIRONMENT Setup green environment in the school campus. We will plant the trees and students will own the project. SCHOOL INFRASTRUCUTURE Optional – Provide Drinking Water and Sanitation facility. 18

19 Smarter School Cost Proposal
** Following proposal is given for one school and with the consideration of the classes from 6th to10th standard. Project cost will go up/down based on school selection and number of class and students in the school. ** Project cost will go up/down based on number of program we are applying in the school as part of the assessment and need. # PROGRAM QTY COST TOTAL COST 1 Educate academic specific subject for improvement. Number of teacher will be decided based on assessment only 30,000 2 Moral Education, 15 hrs training program 10 4,000 3 Career Guidance Program (material cost + presentation) 1 Ses 22,000 4 English Program 9,000 5 Library setup 14,000 6 Digital Education System with Digital Library 3,000 7 Education Stationery 300 75 22,500 8 Green Environment 9 School Infrastrucuture Computer Center (Based on used computer) 24,000 ** Very basic Smarter School solution implementation cost will be Rs.1,07,500 per annum, this project should continue for 3 years (minimum) ** Complete implementation cost will be given based on school selection, number of student and need of the projects. 19

20 Science Experimental Based Learning & Awareness
(SEBLA) Science Experimental Based Learning & Awareness 20

21 Nof Experiments per Phase
About SEBLA: Explaining the fundamentals of science through the science experimental models for government schools students. This program is applied for 6th to 8th standard students in selected government school. We select 15 schools as one batch. This project will run minimum 3 years in same schools. Phases in SEBLA: 1. Science experimental based learning 2.Conducting yearly science quiz and talent examination 3.Conducting yearly science exhibition Long term Plan: 1.Science experimental based book will be published in regional language. 2. Permanent Science lab will be created for education block 3.New science experiment model will be created. Phase wise Training approach Time table for classes WORK DESCRIPTION NOS Number of Schools in one batch 15 Number of Students 1000 Number Teacher required 2 Number of Experiment will be Educated 60 Number of Months per year for this project 10 months Number of phases per school 5 Number of experiments per phase 12 Phase No Months Nof Experiments per Phase No of Schools per Phase 1 Jun & Aug 12 15 2 Sep & Oct 3 Nov & Dec 4 Jan & Feb 5 Mar & Apr 60 Experiments 15 Schools # EXPENSE AMOUNT NOs TOTAL 1 Teacher Training 2 15,000 Teacher Salary 4500 1,08,000 3 Science Book Printing 25 30 750 4 Scientific resource 28,000 5 Exhibition Expense 20,000 Total 1,43,750 21

22 India Sudar Learning Center 22

23 Cost Estimation Assessment Learning Center Types 23 1 10 1,500 15,000
About: India sudar will setup learning center for village students. We provide regular training on selected academic subjects (mostly on English, Match’s and Science) in the evening ( 2 hrs ). This will run for 5 days per week. Some centers mainly work for 8th to 10th standard students, Some centers mainly work for poor performing students. Targeted students for this center will be from 1st to 12th,std.Based on the need, center will be categorized. But each teacher will handle maximum 30 students only. Cost Estimation Assessment # ITEM QTY AMOUNT TOTAL 1 Teacher Salary 10 1,500 15,000 2 Register, Black Board, Pen for teacher 1,200 3 Stationary for students 30 100 3,000 Total 19,200 # Assessment 1 Based on examination results 2 Based on interaction with students Learning Center Types # Learning Center Type Targeted Students 1 Primary Center 1st to 7th Standard 2 Secondary Centers 8th and 9th Standard 3 Center for 10th 10th Standard Only 4 Center for 12th 12th Standard Only 5 Center for Slow Learner 10th & 12th Standard Only 6 Literacy Center Anybody 23

24 India Sudar Library 24

25 Library setup About Project: Libraries are needed to increase the reading habits. It motivates the students. This will help them to prepare for competitions. Students get exposure. They can get a good friend (book). Even if 50 students from each school get benefits from our Library, we can say it is 100% success. What We Provide: 1.One Wooden bookshelf with a lock 2.Books (No of Books-232)3.Register Note book 4.Periodicals Subscription, Cost Per Library: Rs.14,000 14000 Rs is a onetime investment only. It is a permanent set up to motivate many students. If one teacher utilizes our library, he/she may share the information to many students. We select schools based on their interest only. We have the procedure to run and monitor. We have established 27 libraries in three states (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal). More than 2,400 students are utilizing our library regularly. # Particulars Cost (Rs) 1 Books 6900 2 Periodicals 791 3 Book Shelf 6100 4 Nameplate 90 5 Library Division Stickers 15 6 Register Note books and Miscellaneous 104 Total 14,000 25

26 Computer Training Center
India Sudar Computer Training Center 26

27 India Sudar Computer Training Center
About: To provide free computer education for rural students, we created computer training centers using our available resources. We provide course based training and certificates. Implementation: We collect new and/or used computers from the corporate companies. We provide basic infrastructure such as furniture, wiring, board etc to start a computer center. In general Panchayath of the concerned villages provides the room for the computer centre & we appoint teacher to teach the computer courses and pay the salary. Cost Estimation # ITEM QTY AMOUNT TOTAL 1 Optional - Computers (We will get free computers) 5 20,000 1,00,000 2 Computer tables 1,200 6,000 3 Sitting stools for students 15 120 1,800 4 Power supply setup (Cabel, etc) 400 2,000 Board with Marker pen 1200 6 Teacher Salary (Rs.2,000 per month) 12 24,000 List of courses 1. Computer Self Sufficiency Course: Computer Basic, MS Office, Internet 2. Language Course: Linux, C with Data structures, Tally 3. DTP (Desk Top Publishing): Photoshop 7.0 to CS4, Coral draw 11.0, Page Maker 7.0, Tamil Typing 4. Hardware: OS Installation (Partition), Format, CD Read and Write, Scan, Trouble Shooting, System Assembly, Soft Ware Installation 5. Web Designing: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Java 6. Database Course : MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server Cost Analysis: A centre with 5 used computers For the first Year: Rs. 35,000 From 2nd year onwards : Rs.24,000 only A centre with 5 new computers Purchasing cost for a new system: Rs.20,000 For 5 systems: Rs.1,00,000 For the first year: Rs.1,35,000. Course Structure, Duration & Schedule: No of batches per slot: 2 No of students per batch: 15 No of classes per batch per week: 3 (3 days per batch; 2 hrs a day; Sunday-optional) No of weeks per slot: 15 (15 x 3 =45 days) No of hrs per batch per slot: 90 hrs. No of students to be benefited in a year from a centre: 30 x 3 = 90 students. 27 27

28 India Sudar Training 28

29 29 MORAL EDUCATION 1.Power Of The Mind 2.Character Building
About: India Sudar runs multiple training programs in our onsite and some of the selected districts and education blocks. This training program will change based on the state’s need and resource availability. MORAL EDUCATION 1.Power Of The Mind 2.Character Building 3.Self Discipline, Self Confident, Self Motivation 4.Health, Food, Cleanliness and Sports 5.Goal Setting 6.Our Culture, Our History 7.Time Management 8.Decision Making 9.Leadership Practice 10.Entrepreneurship CAREER GUIDANCE PROGRAM: We provide career guidance program for rural government school students. We published career guidance book and material for students reference. CIVIL SERVICE PREPARATION GUIDANCE: We provide guidance program for civil service preparation. VOCATIONAL EDUCATOIN 1.Motorcycle Mechanic 2.Driving PASSION EDUCATOIN: Provide training and required materials. 1.Sports 2.Drawing 3.Yoga & Meditation 4.Dance (Folk ), Music & Song SEBLA: Science experimental based education for rural students (6th to 8th) to create science awareness and models. PARENTS EDUCATIONAL AWARENESS PROGRAM: We conduct parents awareness program to reduce dropout issue. TEACHER TRAINING: Provide teacher training on computer literacy, skill to handle dropout issue and soft skill. EDUCATIONAL FESTIVAL: 1.Quiz competition 2.Drawing competition 3.Essay writing competition 4.Extempore competition 5.Seminars TEACH AT WEEKEND: Our volunteers educate the students on week ends. This service is available only in cities in limited numbers. TEACH ENGLISH: Teach English using CDs,model sand teachers. PUBLIC EXAMINATION TRAINING: Running training program using works sheet, movies and teachers to make 100% pass in 10th standard. 29

30 Our Structure and Process 30

31 Our Organizational Structure

32 Non Project Team Structure
Trustee, Country PRESIDENT Secretary India Sudar Volunteer’s Team (Example: Finance Team, Branding Team, India Sudar Funding Team, etc) Non Project Team Guidelines: The President is the top most leader and owner of the team. The board of Trustees has the power to direct the work of the President. Secretary has to report the President. Every team contains volunteers of India Sudar, who will work towards a team goal. Raise funds for India Sudar projects. Create awareness about our organization and bring new members to support our mission. Identify funding organizations to implement new educational projects in India. 32

33 India Sudar Volunteer’s Team & Coordinator
Project Team Structure (Flat) Trustee, State PRESIDENT, State Secretary, State Treasurer, State India Sudar Volunteer’s Team & Coordinator (Example: India Sudar KA team, India Sudar TN Team, India Sudar RJ Team, etc) State Project Team (Flat) Guidelines: A state team will be lead by the “PRESIDENT” with the support of the State Trustee, the Secretary and the Treasurer. The Board of Trustees has the power to direct the work of the President. The President will provide the guidelines to the Secretary and the Treasurer. Every team will have volunteers of India Sudar. They will participate in the IS projects based on their interest and the requirements of the project. Every project has to be approved by the President, Secretary, Managing Trustee and one State Trustee. All decisions on a project are made by the President and the Secretary. The decisions made by the President will be final, as it helps in resolving conflicts and contradictory views. If there is a conflict in decisions made between the President and the Board of Trustees, then the Managing trustee’s decision will be final. 33

34 Project Team Structure (Project Lead + District Lead + Onsite Lead)
Trustee, State PRESIDENT, State Secretary, State Treasurer, State PROJECT LEAD (PL) Ex: Project Lead for Teacher Deployment Ex: Project Lead for Career Guidance Ex: Zone Lead for North Karnatka Ex: Project Lead for Computer Center Ex: District Lead for Karur ZONE LEAD (ZL) DISTRICT LEAD (DL) ONSITE LEAD (OL) Ex: Project Lead for Library India Sudar Volunteer’s Team, Coordinator (Example India Sudar KA team, India Sudar TN Team, etc) 34

35 India Sudar Roles India Sudar Divisions Managing Trustee Trustee
CEO, Trust CFO, Trust President, Team Vice President, Team Secretary, Team Deputy Secretary, Team Treasurer, Team Project Lead, Team District Lead, Team Onsite Lead, Team Zone Lead, Team Member Non-member Volunteer Work Coordinator Partner Onsite Accountant India Sudar Divisions India Sudar Trust Board India Sudar Project Team (State) India Sudar Non-Project Team (Central) India Sudar Open Charity Platform

36 Project Team Structure (Project Lead + District Lead + ONSITE Lead)
Project Team (Matrix) Guidelines: A State team will be lead by the “PRESIDENT” with the support of a State Trustee, Secretary and Treasurer. The Board of Trustees has the power to direct the President. The President develops the strategic plan for the Secretary and the Treasurer to execute. Every team will have volunteers of India Sudar. They will participate in the IS projects based on their interest and the requirements of the project. Every project should be approved by the President, the Secretary, the Managing Trustee and one State Trustee. All projects require four levels of approval. Activities of all teams should be reported to the President and the Secretary. All decisions on projects should go through the President and the Secretary. The decision of the President will be final, as it helps in resolving conflicts and contradictory views. The President, the State Trustee and the State Secretary will decide the project matrix level based on the needs of the project. They will appoint a Project Lead (PL), District Lead (DL) and Zone Lead (ZL) based on the needs of a team. No approval is required from the Board of Trustees for this appointment. The President, the Treasurer, the Secretary and the Board of Trustees determine the annual team budget and subsequently find ways to raise funds for activities. The Team will use the trust fund for projects. Also, they should conduct team level fund raising activities to fulfill their state’s project needs. Treasurer should take the lead in this activity. The President, the Board of Trustees, the Secretary and the Treasurer should initiate activities to bring more volunteers and leaders to the team. The President, the Board of Trustees, the Secretary and the Treasurer should identify local partners like other NGOs, Corporations and Universities/Colleges to expand our projects under OCP. The President, the Board of Trustees, the Secretary and the Treasurer should share their team experience with both project teams as well as non-project teams. 36

37 Guidelines 37 Prerequisites for project approval:
A state-wise team should have an annual project plan with an estimated project budget for each financial year. For example, the number of projects they are going to execute in a specific year (10 learning centers, 25 career guidance programs, 1000 students education materials, 15 students scholarships, 10 libraries , etc.) A state-wise team should have a funding plan based on the annual budget. For example, 50% funding from India Sudar, 25% funding from local fund raising activities, 25% funding from partners, corporate, etc. Every project should have two types of approval 1. Project approval 2. Funding approval. Project approval guidelines: Every project requires four levels of approval and should be approved by the President, the Secretary, the Managing Trustee and one State Trustee. Funding approval will be made by the Treasurer . Team strategy plan, the yearly project plan and the yearly budget plan will be used as important references to approve a project. A project should have a work coordinator to approve the project. Any India Sudar member can own the project as a coordinator and start the work. An in-person visit to the site for verification (ONSITE visit) will be mandatory for approval. High importance should be given to ensuring the project is implemented in a sustainable manner. An analysis has to be carried out to determine the duration of time the project should be run to bring about measurable improvement in the quality of education at the selected site (village/Govt. School, etc). The project should be reviewed at regular intervals. To audit and control the project, the availability of volunteers is crucial. Higher priority should be given to projects in rural areas than those in urban areas. However, the necessary workforce of volunteers should be available for approval of the work. Renewal of existing projects gets a higher priority over launching of a new project. However, the impact and the need in continuing the existing project have to be analyzed prior to approval. While approving individual student projects, importance will be given to family background status & dropout rates rather than marks scored in examinations. The decision of the President will be final, as it helps in resolving any conflicts/contradictory views. If there is a conflict between the President and the Board of Trustees, then the Managing trustee’s decision will be final. 37

38 Guidelines Project Team (State) Guidelines:
Visit to Villages, orphanages, government schools etc., to identify their educational needs and assess alignment with our mission. Plan and execute India Sudar projects as a Work Coordinator. Identify/Initiate project, plan, co-ordinate and execute the project based on requirements. Frequent visits to local sites to monitor the progress and guide the execution of ongoing projects. Raise awareness among the public about the need to educate children. Plan and implement new or existing projects based on the needs and requirements of the beneficiary. Prepare/Create presentations, and write-ups about the organization. Refer and enroll new members in our organization thereby increasing the contributors to the organization. Raise awareness about our organization. Develop more leaders within the team to expand our projects and support more students. Non-Project Team (USA, Singapore, India Funding) Guidelines: Raise funds for India Sudar projects. Create awareness to enroll more members in India Sudar to elevate India. Build new offshore team(s) to bring more funds for IS projects. Identify funding organizations or fund owners to implement education projects in India. Use new technology and innovative educational models to support our services and implement our projects. IT Team Guidelines: Build India Sudar’s web portal for our projects, open charity platform, MOM, activity list, team list, etc Maintain India Sudar’s web site on a daily/weekly basis. Administer India Sudar blog, Facebook page, photo albums on picasa web service and videos on youtube. IT team is responsible for all our IT system backups. Branding Team Guidelines: Initiate and execute fund raising activities. Initiate and execute activities to add new members/volunteers and increase participation. Initiate and execute organization promotion and branding efforts.

39 Guidelines Finance Team Guidelines:
Prepare and publish monthly account balance sheet. Prepare and post tax exemption certificate to member and non-members. File taxes and renew tax exemption status on a yearly basis. (Note: This team won’t be involved in any fund raising activities) Open Charity Platform(OCP) Guidelines: OCP is used to share India Sudar and Partner organization’s experience, projects, site, fund, work coordinators etc. will be used for all communication between partners. IS partners may select any project from IS and can execute it on their own or in partnership with IS. IS partners can support IS project(s) either by funding or monitoring. IS and partners will work together on a selected project(s) to achieve our common vision. IS members will get first priority in selecting projects from OCP. India Sudar Trust board’s decision will be final in resolving conflicts. India Sudar partners do not have any legal power over India Sudar Trust. Member Guidelines: To become an IS member, a person has to provide his Name, Address, Phone, ID and IS member reference name. India Sudar will assign a unique member code for each member. There is no registration fee for membership. India Sudar trust has the power to accept or reject any membership, if it does not meet India Sudar’s guidelines. India Sudar members can donate on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis or on a project specific basis. Any India Sudar member can initiate an activity to raise funds for projects provided trust’s approval has been obtained. India Sudar member can join a team to execute an educational project and must obtain the president approval. Established team rules should be followed in executing the project. An India Sudar member can work as a coordinator or volunteer in any existing team (Indian state-wise team) provided the team lead’s approval has been obtained. India Sudar members can post requests for project funding, on behalf of any beneficiary, to (or) directly inform the corresponding team leads (or) Trustees. The project will be assessed, selected and executed as per the established team guidelines. An India Sudar member can recommend any village government school (or) orphanage-home (or) individual who needs educational support. The project will be assessed, selected and executed as per established team guidelines. India Sudar trust board has the power to remove a member at any point, if they violate organization rules. The Trustee Board’s decision will be final.

40 Guidelines Trustee Guideline:
Trust means “Public working for public to achieve a common vision”. Trustee is the legal owner and legal leader of the organization The Indian Trusts Act should be followed by the Board of Trustees. India Sudar trust board has the power to remove any trustee at any time, if they violate the trust act or guidelines established by India Sudar. Every trustee should associate himself with a primary state team to PLAN and EXECUTE the activities of the organization. Also, the trustee should initiate the Trust board and country level activity to realize the vision of India Sudar . Trustee should be involved in and guide activities such as A. Identifying new onsite projects. B. Creating new project models. C. Identifying and adding new partner organization under OCP. D. Building new teams. E. Raising funds G. Advertising to expand our services H. Adding members, work coordinators. I. Monitoring and reviewing the ongoing projects of existing teams. 5. A Trustee should review and approve a project before a team starts work on the project. The Trustee should discuss the project with the appropriate state president before approving it. The joint decision of the trustee, president and secretary is required for project approval; However, trustee’s decision will be final and only the trustee can sign-off on the project. 6. A Trustee is approved to represent India Sudar while interacting with potential beneficiaries and government officials. 7. A Trustee may represent India Sudar to the Media provided Managing Trustee’s approval has been obtained. 8. One 2 One work theories for Trustee: Every trustee has to IDENTIFY and INITIATE new work to achieve India Sudar’s vision. They are the owners of the work and need to plan, organize and complete their work by engaging members of their team. 9. Trustee should develop more leaders within the organization to expand our services. 10. The Managing Trustee’s decision will be considered final in all matters.

41 Trust Board Contact Detail
ROLE NAME PHONE Managing Trustee Udhaya Kumar.V Trustee Athitha Nadarajan.S Balamanikandan.K Karthikeyan.M Parthiban.E Raghavendra Prasad A R Rajveer Singh Sargunan.T Suresh.R Vinod S Murgod CEO, TRUST CFO, TRUST TEAM PRESIDENT SECRETARY TRUSTEE Finance Team Suresh.R IT Team Parthiban E Prem Kumar O M, Strategy & Audit Team Trustees Branding Team India Funding Team Udhaya kumar V USA Team Sriram Raagavan Sathya Padmanaban Singapore Team Senthil Nathan 41

42 Project Team Contact Detail
PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER TRUSTEE Andhra Pradesh Hanumanth Rao.E DS Ravi Kumar Naresh Lakhawath Udhaya Kumar V, Vinod Karnataka Raghavendra Prasad A R Ramaseshan S, Vinay N, Vinod, Ragu, Suresh Kerala Ashraf Hameeda , Athi Pondicherry Senthil Kumar.P , Sargun Tamil Nadu Karthikeyan.M Sargunan.T, Athitha Nadarajan S, Athi, Balamani, Sargun, Suresh, Karthi Madhya Pradesh Ravi Dhanwani Udhaya Kumar V West Bengal Radhakrishnan.R Vinod, Udhaya Kumar V Manipur Udhaya Kumar.V Assam Sivanarayanan P Maharashtra Ganapathy Subramania Rajasthan Rajveer Singh Radhe Shyam Vaishnav Rajveer Bihar Pankaj Kumar Jha, Rajveer, Udhaya Kumar V Uttar Pradesh Pankaj Kumar Sharma, 42

43 Karnataka Project Team Contact Detail
KARNATAKA CHIEF Trustee Vinod S Murgod Raghavendra Prasad AR Suresh R President Secretary Ramaseshan S Treasurer Vinay N PROJECT LEAD Learning Center/Deploying Teachers Vinay G Rao Education Stationaries Harish S Kumar Career Guidance Anand P.H Education Festival Priyanka Rao Volunteer based Learning (Bengaluru) Shilpashree BS Scholarship (Education for Individual) Sriram PK Computer Training Center Bhargava Shekhar Library Thejaswini AR Creative Learning Sowmya DISTRICT LEAD Bengaluru Sachin PB Chickballapura Sheshadri Sir Tumkur Mahesh Bellavi Koppal Bhuvaneswari Kolar Nagaraj G Gulbarga Prashanth Gane Shimoga Surendra Chitradurga Nagaraja Tippeswamy 43

44 Tamilnadu Project Team Contact Detail
TAMIL NADU CHIEF Trustee Athitha Nadarajan.S Balamanikandan.K Karthikeyan.M Sargunan.T Suresh.R President Vice President Secretary Deputy Secretary Mohan Raj.K Treasurer Athitha Nadarajan S PROJECT LEAD Learning Center/Deploying Teachers Shanmukavadivu.K Education Stationaries Prabhakaran Career Guidance Elango R Volunteer based Teaching Sachin Ravindran Science Model Awarness Dinesh Scholarship (Education for Individual) Dr.Malarvizhi.T Computer Training Center Sureshkumar M Library Sangeetha.B DISTRICT LEAD Coimbatore Ganapathy Subramanian Dharmapuri Mr.Kumar (Teacher) Erode Arun. Karur Ramkumar.P Kanchipuram Srinivasan S (1208) Krishnagiri Maniganda Prabhu N Madurai Narendran T Namakkal Jagadeesan Kovalan Theni Ananthan.P, Gov Teacher Thirunelveli Sivasailam Amirtha Ramalingam (613) Tirupur Sadeesh Kumar M N Thiruvallur Gopinsth.S (209) Vellore Archna S Virudhunagar Arumuga Perumal 44

45 Donation Process 1. Web Banking
Step 1: Register to transfer funds using following trust account Information (One time registration) Bank Name: ICICI Bank Branch : Nungambakkam Branch, 110, Prakash Presidium, Nungambakkam High Road, Chennai , India. Account No : Account Name : INDIA SUDAR EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST Account Type : Saving RTGS/NEFT/IFSC Code : ICIC Step 2: Net banking transaction Description: IS/<Member Code>/<Member Name> Step 3: After Successful Transaction, Please send the following information to Member Name : Member Code :      Amount : Transaction Date : 2. Money or Cheque can be directly deposited in India Sudar’s Account. Step 1: you can directly deposit Money or Cheque in INDIA SUDAR’s Account. Bank Name : ICICI Bank Branch : Nungampakkam, Chennai, India. A/C No : A/C Name : INDIA SUDAR EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST Step 2: After deposit, Please send the following information to Deposited Date : Cheque Information : 3. DD or Cheque can be directly posted to India Sudar’s address. Step 1: Cheque or Draft should be in favor of INDIA SUDAR EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST, Payable at ICICI Bank, Chennai. Step 2: Cheque or Draft should be posted to following India Sudar Office Address INDIA SUDAR, Suresh R, 467/3, Papamma Layout III Cross, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore , KA, India. Step 3: After posted, Please send the following information to Cheque or Draft informaiton : 45

46 Donation (FAQ) What donation schemes are available?
India Sudar carries out its activities from the funds donated by the donors. We have various donation schemes that the donors can choose from. However, donation is not mandatory for India Sudar members. Members can donate anytime. Members need to donate a minimum of Rs.100/-.every month if they choose to donate Members can opt to donate on a periodic basis such as Quarterly, Half yearly and Yearly. Members can also opt for a Lifetime Donation. Members can fund specific projects (work). Do I get tax exemption for my Donation?  Yes. India Sudar Educational and Charitable Trust will provide INCOME-TAX EXEMPTION Certificate. All donations will be Tax exempted as per section Sec.80G of the Income-tax Act, 1961. How to receive my 80G Certificate? Member will get 80G through monthly . We will send 80G certificates through India post for Non-member donations on monthly basis and receipts for member donations will be posted on an yearly basis. How to receive duplicate 80G Certificate ? If you do not receive your original 80G certificate, you can send a request to along with your member code to obtain a duplicate certificate. Where I can see my donation Report ? Visit -> Accounts , Enter your member code and get consolidated donation report. Where I can see monthly balance sheet ? Visit to -> Accounts & Click on corresponding month to get monthly account sheet. Donate 46

47 Volunteer (FAQ) How do you participate as a volunteer?
The core state-wise volunteer teams undertake several educational programs ( If you are interested in volunteering for any activity (conducted mostly on weekends) in the state of AP, AS, TN, KA, PY, KL, MP, MN, WB, OR, MH or RJ, please How do you post a request for new project funding? If you come across a government school or a home for children in a poor or deteriorating condition, you can bring it to the attention of India Sudar Team either by mailing or by communicating with an India Sudar team lead. We will make arrangements to visit the site and evaluate the needs of the site. The same may be followed for requesting funding for individuals. What state-wise teams can I be part of as a volunteer ? We have the state wise teams to execute India Sudar education projects. You can participate in any of these. You have to communicate your interest to and join India Sudar as a member. 47

48 NON-PROJECT TEAM (Outside India)
Team Wise IT Groups Detail SNO PURPOSE APPLICATION HOW TO ACCESS PROJECT TEAM 1 Andhra Pradesh(AP) Team Yahoogroups 2 Bihar(BH) Team 3 Karnataka(KA) Team 4 Tamil Nadu(TN) Team 5 Madhya Pradesh(MP) Team 6 Maharashtra(MH) Team 7 West Bengal(WB) Team 8 Rajasthan(RJ) Team 9 Uttar Pradesh(UP) Team 10 Kerala(KL) Team 11 Orisa (OR) Team 12 Puducherry(PY) Team 13 Manipur & Assam Team NON-PROJECT TEAM (Outside India) USA Team Singapore Team NON-PROJECT TEAM Finance Team Branding & Promotion Team IT Development and Maintenance Strategy and Audit Team India Fund Raising 48

EDUCATE A CHILD If not now, when? If not you, who? Take Part, Take Pride! BE an INDIA SUDAR MEMBER to ELEVATE INDIA THROUGH EDUCATION !! Published by India Sudar Educational and Charitable Trust

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