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By Nicole Age 10 For Mrs. Fischer Grade 4

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1 By Nicole Age 10 For Mrs. Fischer Grade 4
The Fibonacci Sequence By Nicole Age 10 For Mrs. Fischer Grade 4

2 Introduction The Fibonacci sequence was created by Mr. Bonacci. It was made in the Middle Ages. Everything in nature includes Fibonacci numbers. The Pascal triangle also has the Fibonacci sequence in it. In my PowerPoint you will learn about the basic facts and more! I hope you enjoy my report!

3 Who Was Fibonacci? Mr. Fibonacci’s real name was Leonardo of Pisa. We know him today as Fibonacci which is short for fillus Boncci. His title was “The Greatest Mathematician of the Middle Ages.” His Numbers increase by adding the last two numbers and decrease by subtracting the last two numbers.

4 What Are The Fibonacci Numbers?
The Fibonacci numbers are when, starting with 0 you add the last 2 numbers to get the next number, so 0+1=1, 1+1=2, 1+2=3, 3+2=5, and so on and so forth.

5 Fibonacci in Nature Fibonacci numbers appear in nature everywhere! The most obvious things are bunnies and trees!

6 Now For The Trees!

7 More Nature You may be wondering what bunnies and trees have to do with the Fibonacci Sequence. Well, the rabbits mate and have babies all in 2 months! (The first month is to mate and the second is to actually have the babies.) As we saw in the fifth slide, they all double like the Fibonacci Sequence.

8 More Nature continued As we saw in the sixth slide, some trees grow in the Fibonacci sequence, the branches that is!

9 The Number Devil The Number Devil is a book we’re reading about Robert and the Number Devil. The Number Devil tries to help Robert solve his math problems with his annoying math teacher, Mr. Bockel, which led us to the Fibonacci research.

10 Some More Info Fibonacci was born around 1175 AD. He was born in North Africa.                     

11 Who Was Pascal? Mr. Blaise Pascal was the creator of the “Pascal Triangle.” He was born in approximately 1623 and died about 1662, making him about 41 years old. This is one of many pictures of Blaise Pascal. He was a great mathematician. He also made the first calculators.

12 More Pascal Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician, physicist and religious philosopher.

13 The Pascal’s Triangle You can make your own “Pascal Triangle” All you need is: 1) A sheet of paper, (or something to write on!) 2) A pencil (or something to write with!) and possibly 3) A calculator. Start with 1 and add that to what’s beside it, which is a 0, and you get a 1. Do that on the other side. Now with the two 1’s you have, add the 1 to 0, (because nothing is beside it.) and put the 1 below in triangle form. Then add 1 plus 1 and you get 2. Put that below beside the other 1 and add 1 to 0 and put the 1 beside the 1. You can go on for ever if you follow this pattern! But be careful, if you mess one line up the lines below it will be wrong too!

14 Conclusion I hope you enjoyed my PowerPoint about The Fibonacci Sequence, Mr. Fibonacci himself, the Pascal triangle and Mr. Pascal. Thank-you very much for your time and your presence. If you have any comments I will now take them.

15 Bibliography www. mcs. Enzensberger, Hans Magnus. The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure. Henry Holt and Company, NY, 1997

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