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I Am From By Robin Dickey 1 st Period February 4, 2011.

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1 I Am From By Robin Dickey 1 st Period February 4, 2011

2 Im from pink play houses, Barbies and swings, From yellow canopies, dress-up and little girl things.

3 Im from chocolate chips, chalupas and cotton candy pink – From wild slumber parties and the roller skating rink.

4 Im from girls playing Yahtzee, Monopoly and Life through the night, From the Monkees, The Osmonds, Leif…andTURN OUT THAT LIGHT!

5 Im from peace signs and lava lamps and everything groovy From 6 stations, no cable, and all night drive-in movies.

6 From Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard –TURN THAT CRAP DOWN! Im from Robbin, Lisa and Annie riding all around town, all around town, Turn that Crap down!!

7 …Looking for cute boys where ever theyd be found!

8 Im from Grandmas pink roses and Grandpas duct tape, From Daddys piano and Moms chocolate cake.

9 From crying tears over years after they said, DIVORCE! DIVORCE! Im from Mrs. Land and music restoring my soul - and of course –

10 Eating, working and singing in that room til Im hoarse!

11 Im from reading, and reading, and writing and then, From reading and analyzing, and reading again.

12 from FINISH YOUR MATH HOMEWORK! and all-nighter projects

13 From the first class to graduate and escape THS! Class of 1-9-8-2! Woo HOO! Lets get out while we can!

14 And now look… where Im FROM has become…


16 Poetry of the Present: Express Your Passion!! Poetry of the Present: Express Your Passion!! (Prewriting – Daily / Final Typed Poem – Quiz) Social context has a dramatic impact on ones goals and choices in life. Many of you have had just about enough of one thing or another going on in school…in your neighborhoods…in your city, state, country…world. Passion is defined as an intense enthusiasm; a strong or enthusiasm for a subject or activity. As citizens of this world, what issue enrages and outrages you to the point that it has become a passion? 1. On a separate piece of paper, answer the questions below to explore social issues close to your heart: How are ones goals directed by ones passions? Can you think of examples of people who are passionate about something? Can you remember a time when school/local/world events have influenced your thoughts and/or actions? What about your world grabs your attention and makes you want to speak out? What are you passionate about? 2. Now, write your own free verse poem that speaks to a personally relevant social issue that is a reflection of yourself and your life experience by revisiting the questions above. 3. Poem should be at least 15 lines.

17 Every Little Thought Poetry Sounds like pottery I never much cared for pottery. All that clay and mush, feels gross ! Might try wearing gloves. But that would make you look like a doctor. I hate going to the doctors office. It always smells strange. Biology class smells weird too. All of those dissected animals stored in the closet. Why do some people call it a cupboard instead of a closet ? Like English people. My friends English. But she has good teeth, so that stereo type isnt true. They usually arent I hate stereotypes Like the one about ADD kids. Were not stupid, were not antisocial, We can make good grades, we can make good friends, We can get a good job, we can succeed in life. We dont rely on pills, we dont all go to shrinks, We dont cry ourselves to sleep each night, We dont need sympathy. We can do... anything. If you feel that you must spread these false stereotypes, its ok-- You have our permission. Just be aware that if you do, youre just scared Of our unlimited capabilities. When you see that little boy Sitting in the back of the class by himself, Not understanding that math assignment, beware. For that little boy will grow up in a cold, hard world, And he will persevere...and become a hero to those jus t like him Hero movies are kind of boring. Especially the ones made from cartoons like Spiderman or Batman. How can a spider be a hero anyway? They are so small... BEEP...BEEP...BEEP...BEEP There goes the bell for my next class, and yet again There is nothing written on my paper...

18 Poetry for the Future : Back to the Future Poetry for the Future : Back to the Future (Prewriting – Daily / Final Typed Poem – Quiz) For this assignment, you will write a poem about your future selfthe person you will become and the life you hope to lead in 20 YEARS. Be sure your poem is very specific in terms of where you are, what you do, what you look like, what you feel, etc. Try to show how this future self compares and contrasts with the self you are today. You may choose any poetic style you like that you feel best reflects the ideas you want to write about. You must write about yourself in the third person. Refer to yourself by name and by the pronoun he orshe. Poems should include the specific material generated through the questions listed on the next slide.

19 Poetry for the Future : Back to the Future Poetry for the Future : Back to the Future (Prewriting – Daily / Final Typed Poem – Quiz) Consider where you will be (or hope to be) in 2031. Look into your crystal ball… what do you see? On a separate piece of paper, answer the questions below in specific detail: 1.Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Name and describe a specific place. 2.What are you doing with your life in 20 years? How do you see yourself spending your 9–5 time (work hours)? 3.What is the biggest physical change in you from your high school self? In other words, at your high school reunion, what will people notice first about you? (how have you changed) 4.What is your general attitude toward life? Are you happy? depressed? confused? dissatisfied? And WHY? 5.What do you miss most about your high school self and/or your high school life?


21 A FUTURE POEM::Where, Oh Where Where, oh where have those little ones gone Oh where, oh where can they be? Oh where, oh where can they be? Her house is the same,but with several upgrades Like her room and a new library And her backyard – of course – Now has a deck and a porch; But still, something is missing, you see Oh, she still teaches English at her old high school, Even sold a few books of her own, And her garden is heavenly, just like her moms – My, you wouldnt believe how its grown! She and hubby go out more on romantic dates, Now they finally have time for themselves; But still, somethings missing, and if you look up, You can see what it is, on her shelves – Theyre covered with pictures of two little boys Who used to live here, in her house. What a loud crazy place this once was! But looking around, theres no trace of them now; Nothing stirs here, not even a mouse – Yes, her home is quiet, calm, peaceful and CLEAN, And she and hubby seem quite satisfied; But there still are those moments when she looks around around And longs for those loud messy guys – So she keeps herself healthy and fit as she says, Patience Robin…you know whats around the next bend... next bend... Oh Where, oh where have those little ones gone? Here they come! Here they come! Now they call her Now they call her GRAND-mom! GRAND-mom!

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