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Helping Ligas Members learn about options! 1. 2 This program will initially focus on Ligas class members within the areas served by three Independent.

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1 Helping Ligas Members learn about options! 1

2 2 This program will initially focus on Ligas class members within the areas served by three Independent Service Coordination agencies: Community Service Options Inc., Developmental Disabilities Services Metro East and Suburban Access. Ligas Family Advocate Program Our Advocates are working with the State of Illinois to ensure that information about all available options for services reaches consumers and their families, according to the requirements of the Consent Decree. Our advocates will work closely with a designated representative from within each of these agencies, sharing information with families. Two of these agencies serve the greater Chicago area and the third serves the St. Louis metropolitan area.

3 3 Purpose The Ligas Family Advocate Program has one purpose – to connect recipients of Ligas award letters seeking Home Based or CILA services and their families with family advocates who are knowledgeable about creative ways to utilize their Ligas funding to build successful lives in the community. Ligas family advocates will work to provide information to award letter recipients and their families about options. A primary goal of the program is to connect families with other families so they can share their unique perspective as stakeholders in the system. Our advocates will provide consistent information across the state early enough in the planning stage that award letter recipients and their families have a chance to consider choices that may be outside what is already familiar to them.

4 4 What Information will be shared with Ligas Class Members and How? Information will be shared through in person meetings, out reach presentations, trainings, brochures and documentation. Information about the Ligas Consent Decree and the rights of class members, and information about choices for living and receiving services The history of and current parameters for Home-Based Support Services Program and CILA; information on Illinois’ Employment First legislation and resources for employment assistance; effective advocacy strategies and resources. Potential questions for use in choosing a service provider; and person- centered planning and self-determination information/resources.

5 5 What We Hope To Accomplish? Collect data that identifies: Services needed but unavailable Observed trends Barriers to employment Barriers to successful development and implementation of an individual’s service plan Level of consumer/family satisfaction with the Home-Based Support Services Program or CILA as implemented Descriptions of successful strategies used to reach individuals/families The end result of this data collection will be the ability to provide program data summaries and recommendations to both the Ligas Court Monitor and the Illinois Department of Human Services that will ultimately result in systemic change.

6 6 Information that will be shared with Ligas Class Members Knowledge is Power!

7 Small or large? 7

8 Apartment or House? 8

9 In a city or small town? 9

10 Lots of shops or a park? 10

11 Who would you live with or near? 11

12 What supports would you want? 12

13 Right now, 13

14 Ligas v. Hamos 14 Picture from

15 Homes in the Community 15

16 Home and Community Based Waiver 16

17 17

18 Your rights Have a say in where you liveHave information to make a choice Take the time you need to make a choice Be listened to Live and receive services where you want Change your mind 18

19 You can make a choice to… Continue to live where you live now Explore services in another home Explore community supports and services through the HCBS waiver Take more time before you make a decision Ask for more information before you make a decision 19

20 Basic Needs and More… 20

21 Supports and Services Living Options Day and Employment Options Support Services 21

22 CILA as a Living Option Day or Work Options CILA Services Everyone who receives CILA services also day or employment services… Employment Day Program Adult Day Care In Home Support May receive other supports based on Service Plan and 22

23 Home Based Supports as a Living Option Choose from a menu of services and supports Live with family, friends or independently May choose day supports May choose supports at home May choose other supports to enhance success All based on personal needs and within budget 23 564 23 1

24 Service Planning 24

25 Residential Services 25 Group Home Host Family Home Family Home Intermittent

26 Group Home 26

27 Host Family Home 27

28 Support and Supervision 28 24 hours a day 7 days a week

29 Family Home 29

30 Intermittent 30

31 Licensed CILA Providers 31

32 Home Based Services 32 Home Based Services

33 Menu of Services Services at Home Employment or Day Support Services 33

34 Employment and Day Work in the Community Supported Employment Sheltered Workshop Developmental Training Adult Day Care In Home Day Services 34

35 Support Services Services at Home Personal Support Training and Counseling for Unpaid Caregivers Transportation Emergency Home Response Health Care Supports Nursing Services Therapy Services Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech and Language Therapy Behavior Therapy Equipment and Modifications Adaptive Equipment Assistive Technology Home Accessibility Vehicle Modifications 35

36 Decisions If you decide to… Then… Choose options you are familiar with Explore options outside of what you now know Get more information Take more time You do Talk with Family Advocates and other families We refer you to the PAS agency 36

37 Acknowledgement The Family Support Network/Arc Ligas Family Program would like acknowledge that to ensure that consistent information is shared across the State - some of the slides/information used in this PowerPoint was created by and is used with the permission of: CQL Outreach Project Cathy Yadamec, Project Manager 866.662.2225 or 217.718.4029 PO Box 53, Woosung, IL 61091-0053 37


39 39 Contact Information: Shirley A. Perez, Executive Director Family Support Network 708-331-7370

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