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Dan Coviello Leah Carney Vinny Mistretta John Loiodice.

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1 Dan Coviello Leah Carney Vinny Mistretta John Loiodice

2 BACKGROUND INFORMATION College shootings and school violence in recent years Recent acts of violence at Rowan Is our campus safe? What safety precautions do we have here at Rowan? Help find a solution to prevent further occurrences.

3 SIGNIFICANCE Directly affects us as college students Colleges sh0uld be safe environments Parents and students keep in mind when picking colleges Raise awareness and be knowledgeable about subject Students should be able to have a voice on campus

4 SOME ARTICLES TO DISCUSS Colleges making situations seem less serious Roark discusses most common types of violence 1. harassment 2. hazing 3. assault 4. rape New setting, away from parents, stress, drinking, etc. Knowledge and awareness

5 Back to our question…… Do students feel that Rowan University takes necessary precautions for preventing violence and injuries on campus? How did we go about answering our research question and getting the results we needed?

6 SURVEY 100 random students from all over campus Background info; On or off-campus, gender, year, major, and extra-curricular activities Campus safety and campus injuries questions Open-ended responses Get an idea of how safe Rowan is and what areas need to be improved upon to prevent future acts from occurring.


8 How safe do you feel about walking around campus during the day? Males Females

9 How safe do you feel about walking around campus at night? Males Females

10 Do you feel that the campus is well lit at night? Males Females

11 How safe do you feel having the blue light emergency poles around campus? Males Females

12 How do you feel about the white smoke coming up from the ground around campus? Males Females

13 Do you feel Rowan has prepared you properly for dangerous situations? Males Females

14 Are you comfortable with the amount of Public Safety Rowan offers? Males Females

15 If there was a class on campus safety would you attend? Males Females


17 How well do you feel Rowan University’s campus is maintained? Males Females

18 How do you feel about the snow removal job done by Rowan? Males Females

19 How do you feel about ongoing construction on campus? Males Females

20 Do you feel prepared in the event that an injury took place on campus? Males Females

21 How accessible are public safety to injured students? Males Females

22 Have you ever been injured on campus? Males Females


24 Males Violence Witnessed Guy bleeding from nose and mouth Cars broken into Soda thrown at someone Female mangle a male individuals face Drunken fights IIII Fights III Robbery Jumped III Knives being pulled II Man spanking child Recommendations Remove ice from sidewalk More parking Police stop busting parties and become more concerned with people committing real crimes Faster response time Separation of local residents and rowan No spanking policy Have security cars in parking lots throughout night Safety Class More lights IIIIIIIIIII Better the area around campus More security IIIIIIIIIII Injuries Hit by golf cart ridden by ropo

25 Females Violence Witnessed Purse Stolen Verbal Abuse Fight with Glassboro kids Bloody Aftermath of Events Fighting II Drunken Fights IIII Theft Harassed by lady because someone was turning around in handicap zone Recommendations More Lights IIIIII Easier Access to public safety Undercover Cops Blue lights “out of order” should be fixed IIIIII Better snow removal More Blue Lights More safety officers III IIIIIIIII More safe walk and ride II Cameras II Classes and awareness Better instruction to keep students safe II Get rid of white smoke II Injuries Fell in parking lot when it snowed II Passed out during soccer


27 What questions need to be answered Do students have an overall feeling of safety? Is there any discrepancies result i.e. (males vs. females)? Does Rowan do enough to ensure safety? What does it all mean?

28 How to make sense of it all If more than 25% of the answers were below neutral the issue was red flagged Red-flagged issues are compared to experiences and suggestions Help gain an understanding of student population as a whole

29 What was discovered We found students as a whole are  Comfortable walking around campus  Feel there is adequate campus security  happy with the way campus is maintained  Concerned about construction and smoke coming out of grates on sidewalks  Feel unprepared in instances of injury or violence

30 Does Rowan do their part? Emergency poles give students a feeling of safety Students are happy with amount of campus security Feel comfortable with accessibility of public access in the case of an injury Students are happy with the maintenance of the campus

31 Rowan dropping the ball Students are very concerned about  Construction on campus  Snow removal problems  Smoke coming up through grates throughout campus  Personal preparation in events of violence or injury

32 Discrepancies As a whole students are happy with amount of campus security however, increased public safety was also one of the highest suggestions for improvement Also students feel personally unprepared despite the comfort in public safety  Why?

33 Surprises Many students fell unprepared in a case of emergency however would not take a class on public safety and was to improve personal safety The opinions of males and females did not have a large discrepancy on most of the questions

34 What can we do? Overall Rowan is making strides to keep a feeling of overall safety, however there is much room for improvement Making strides towards giving all students peace of mind about safety Has increased public safety, lights on campus, and added things like safe walk and ride, but there is still much to improve

35 Rowan can go back to the student body and ask for new suggestions and ideas Students would still like to see Lights Maintained and additional emergency poles Increased response time More Public Safety

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