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Can I Help You Now? How About Now? Providing Roaming Reference Without Becoming a Stalker Librarian.

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1 Can I Help You Now? How About Now? Providing Roaming Reference Without Becoming a Stalker Librarian

2 Presenters Allison Ringness, Glendale Community College Nicole Sandberg, Glendale Community College

3 Project Background LSTA Collections Category Grant o Develop library services and provide all users access to information o Roaming reference a useful expansion of library services Grant Guidelines o Pre-test o Tie outcomes to needs o Measurable outcomes o Grant guidelines contributed to project success

4 Literature Review Lotts, Megan, and Stephanie Graves. "Using the Ipad for Reference Services." College & Research Libraries News 72.4 (2011): 217-220. Academic Search Premier. Web. 29 Oct. 2013 McCabe, Kealin M., and James R.W. MacDonald. "Roaming Reference: Reinvigorating Reference Through Point of Need Service." Partnership: The Canadian Journal Of Library & Information Practice & Research 6.2 (2011): 1-15. Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts. Web. 29 Oct. 2013. International M-Libraries Conference, Ally, M., & Needham, G. (2010). M-libraries 2: A virtual library in everyone's pocket. London: Facet. Ask us upstairs' : bringing roaming reference to the Paley stacks. Fred Rowland, Adam Schambaugh MacDonald, James, and Kealin McCabe. "Iroam: Leveraging Mobile Technology To Provide Innovative Point Of Need Reference Services." Code4lib Journal 13 (2011): 1-7. Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts. Web. 4 Nov. 2013.

5 Definitions Alternative names o Roving reference o Mobile reference o Point-of-need reference Roaming reference at GCC o Additional to reference desk

6 Stalker Librarian Getty Images Can I help you now?

7 How about now?

8 Survey Design Establish the need o Measure whether service removes barriers to access Short and sweet o Fast for students to complete o Fast for librarians to code Coding o Service received o Location returned

9 Survey Delivery Advertise in high-traffic areas Low-tech tools o Colored paper o Paper boxes o Coffee! Allison Ringness

10 Roaming: When November 12-23, 2012 Day and early evening 34 shifts total Shifts covered class change Observed at desk that this is a busy time

11 Roaming: Where GCC Library layout o Service desks o Computer commons o Stacks Route Through stacks Reference backup l

12 Roaming: Who Full-time librarians Available to attend planning meetings Small group easily trained Able to gather feedback immediately after pilot Involvement in planning resulted in high buy-in

13 Roaming: What 34 Roaming shifts One librarian per shift Continue regular reference desk service Look for lost, confused students Greet If student refuses help, move on! Technology Statistics Modified version of desk statistics Measure student reaction IntelFreePress via Wikimedia

14 Did Our Service Meet a Need? 101 Interactions Plus normal Reference Desk traffic Although students had been to desk, not en route to desk when met in stacks

15 Did Students Really Want Roaming Reference?

16 Yes!

17 When do students need help? Confidence not equal to competence Students thought they needed help finding books But librarians answered more reference than directional questions

18 Where do students need help?

19 Were we stalkers?

20 No!

21 Project Conclusion Implementation Need was established Stakeholder buy-in Unexpected learning opportunities

22 Questions

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