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After learning about fireflies children at Headquarters colored their own.

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1 After learning about fireflies children at Headquarters colored their own

2 A chemistry Magic Show presented by UMW.

3 A chance to see how large an ostrich's egg really is!

4 Learning about camping and taking care of nature

5 It turns out nail polish remover will dissolve styrofoam.

6 Children have a chance to have fun while testing their knowledge of earth science

7 Even Tom Kierein is impressed by our weather station.

8 NBC4 weatherman Tom Kierein explains the tools he uses to predict the weather.

9 A weather station on the roof of England Run takes some of the mystery out of the weather.

10 A special exhibit allowed visitors to learn more about the earth.

11 A chance to learn about and even touch some local wildlife, like this corn snake.

12 Intent scientists at work.

13 STEM related resources on

14 Exploring new technology

15 Wind: the key to flight.

16 Porter-What’s going on here?

17 Hosting a science night for Moncure Elementary with hands-on experiments

18 Learning how thunderstorms are formed.

19 Can you make a tornado in the bottle?

20 Learning about water conservation while having fun!

21 Hands on exploration of miniature robots.

22 Uniting with other educational institutions  College of Education of Mary Washington  Department of Chemistry, University of Mary Washington and the Students Affiliates of the American Chemical Society  Hypatia Living Learning Community at Virginia Tech  Stafford County Public Schools


24 Bringing Community GroupsTogether  Explore It! Children’s Museum on the Go  Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation  Friends of the Rappahannock  Mid-Atlantic Girls Collaborative (MAGiC)  Rappahannock Astronomy Club

25 National Partners  American Library Association  Lunar and Planetary Institute  Mid-Atlantic Girls Collaborative (MAGiC)  National Girls Collaborative  National Science Foundation  NASA  Space Science Institute

26 Ready for dusk to fall and the stars to come out!

27 Putting a Smartphone's technology to educational use

28 Robots in action!

29 A chance to learn about and touch a pony.

30 Partnering with a local preschool to clean up around the library.


32 Play to learn about the power of magnets.

33 Bubble Science

34 Magnets are amazing!

35 Learning about engineering from VA Tech students.

36 Bubble Science!

37 Learning about robotics with Cubelets.

38 Playing “operation” with a robotic arm.

39 Yes, you weigh that much more on Jupiter!

40 A taste of what it’s like to operate with a robot arm.

41 Using battery power.

42 A chance to learn about and touch local wildlife—a corn snake.

43 Learning about planet density with fruit-Saturn is the only one that floats!

44 Earthquakes quaking and shaking!

45 Learning about robotics

46 Using engineering to learn how to withstand earthquakes.

47 Learning about emergency preparedness.

48 Using jello to test the strength of their structures.

49 Using magnets to find hidden objects.

50 Hands-on engineering projects

51 Powerful magnets at work.

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